Perfect Teen In Suspension Bondage

She was the most beautiful and desirable woman I had ever
come across in my whole life. I took great delight in watching her
struggle against the bonds that held her exposed and captive to my
every pleasure. Her dainty wrists were cuffed together and held
above her head, her arms pulled uncomfortably high and tight by
strong nylon ropes. Her long, shiny black hair cascaded about her
shoulders, partially obscuring the dildo gag that was jammed into
her mouth, and swayed from side to side as she hopelessly tried to
escape the cruel bondage that held her firmly in place. Her breasts
were unusually large for such a young woman and it was those special
features that attracted me to her in the first place. Continue reading Perfect Teen In Suspension Bondage

Ample Pair of Boobs

I was in one of those moods where nothing is really wrong, but yet nothing
is really right either. You know the feeling. I didn’t have any firm plans
for the week-end and all the things I should have been doing were most
unappealing, like cleaning house, washing the car, writing long overdue
letters, and all the other things that I seem to allow to wait forever.
Just when I had almost decided that nothing was going to help perk me up I
remembered that I had promised to meet Janice at the museum to see the new
exhibits. I really enjoy her company and we always find things to laugh about.

We met as scheduled and enjoyed the painting and sculpture and then
decided to go somewhere for a drink. We ended up at a small bar near her
apartment that neither of us had ever been in before. we sipped our drinks
and caught up on each others lives. Neither of us paid much attention to the
surroundings until the pianist started playing. He was very attractive and
played extremely well. He ran through lots of songs from the 60’s and 70’s
and then people started to sing and make requests. Between Janice and I we
knew practically every song he started after just the first couple of bars,
and it turned out to be lots of fun here. Continue reading Ample Pair of Boobs

Sex on the beach

The breeze from the ocean gave the night air a fresh
salty scent. As we walk out of the restaurant it rejuvenates
us both from the stylish cigarette smoke that a few still
insist on breathing. We both breathe in deep, then cast an
anticipating glance at each other. An eager smile forms on our
faces simultaneously. “We’ll come back for the car later,” I
remark as we head towards the beach. The evening’s events were
unfolding perfectly.
You often told me how much you enjoy the beach, walking
from your house on evenings when you just need to relax. It is
so convenient to have such a recuperative place to use at your
leisure. Sitting alone to collect your thoughts in one of the
lifeguard stations. I always thought the situation had
definite possibilities. Continue reading Sex on the beach

Midnight Fantasy

Lustful Lorna lay on the sandy beach, clad only in a string
bikini of sky blue. The moonlight shone down upon her
voluptuous body. From the distance came a mournful call.
She sat upright and listened for a hint of what or whom was

Suddenly there appeared on the moonlit horizon a shape, his
muscular form glistening. She gasped as he moved closer.
As she gazed upon the curve of his masculinity, her heart
skipped. Suddenly, he appeared, a vision of power.
He approached her and suddenly stopped, leaned near, grabbed
her face with his powerful hands, bent low and kissed her long
AND HARD. She moaned with expectation of pleasure yet to come.
His tongue darted in and out. She met it with enthusiasm. Continue reading Midnight Fantasy