Dana was David

Some girls are lucky, and are allowed to dress as they please,
and be as feminine as they want. This girl had a little problem
with that, and of all things, the rigors of college helped her out
of her situation, and allowed her the freedom to be the girl she
really was down inside.

Dana, formerly David, was accepted as a Computer Science major at
a stuffy, prestigious New England College. David heard that they
“help to make a man out of you” there. Having heard that, the New
College was the last place he wanted to be, but the Compu-Sci dept. was

a great one; a world renowed one, that once graduated, would allow David
the freedom to be Dana….FULL TIME!! So, David decided to endure the
eight semesters of straight “boy” life, and get it over with. Continue reading Dana was David