Amys Sex Toys

Amy was an attractive blonde with a big secret: she was obsessed with sex toys. She loved having sex with men and women, but when she was all alone, she liked nothing more than to take out her adult toy vibrators and dildos and play with her sexy body.

Even more thrilling for Amy was shopping for sexy toys. She would visit online stores and while she browsed, she couldn’t help slipping a hand down into her panties and fingering her wet clit. As she looked at all the pictures of dildos and lingerie and other erotic toys, she grew so excited that she thrust her own trusty rabbit vibe into her pussy and came so forcefully that her toes curled up in pleasure.

Amy was dreadfully afraid that her friends would find out about her obsession, and fortunately, they never did. She played with her toys every night, and spent thousands of dollars on batteries and vibrators, and no one who knew her ever found out.