Swing hardcore sex story

He spied her in the distance on a cool evening at dusk. She sat on a swing
kicking at the dust where the grass had been worn away from years of
skidding little feet. Her hair, like the finest silk, blew in the breeze
and the setting suns rays shone through it.

The handsome young man felt a stirring in his heart and in his loins as he
looked upon her beauty. He could not help this feeling, and felt he must
approach her. As he approached her quietly, he couldn’t help but notice
the feminine swell of her breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing.
He could also smell her sweet perfume.

She sat on the swing, thinking of the long week she had had at work, and
her thoughts turned to the weekend. She also thought of her lover, who
had recently shipped out with the Merchant Marines. He was a swarthy man, in
his early 20’s, but possessed a certain earthy charm about him. Continue reading Swing hardcore sex story

Gay sex in the shower

Now that he thought of it, he _did_ remind himself not to pack so much this
time. At the curb, an army of bellpersons stormed him like so much smoke.
“I’m fine, really. I’ll handle it myself. Thanks.” In unison, the squadron
turned heel and scattered. Some of them didn’t speak any English, but they
all knew “fuck off” when they heard it.

He liked to dress for travel. His trademark beat-up sweatshirt and jeans
didn’t win him any compliments as he boarded in LA, but that was okay. But
this, this was different. Shlepping his (must be 200 pounds; did I pack an
anvil in here?) luggage across the threshold of the Grand Kempinski’s
entrance doors left him feeling very slovenly indeed. His back spasmed
briefly as he lowered his bags. Use your knees, stupid.

He shrugged off the sneer from the counter help as he checked in. Against
his objections, she rang for a bellhop. No avoiding it now. A uniformed
mule snapped-to and shouldered the bags. A slight rolling of the bellman’s
eyes said it all. Great. Now _everyone_ knows I brought too much shit. Continue reading Gay sex in the shower

Dana was David

Some girls are lucky, and are allowed to dress as they please,
and be as feminine as they want. This girl had a little problem
with that, and of all things, the rigors of college helped her out
of her situation, and allowed her the freedom to be the girl she
really was down inside.

Dana, formerly David, was accepted as a Computer Science major at
a stuffy, prestigious New England College. David heard that they
“help to make a man out of you” there. Having heard that, the New
College was the last place he wanted to be, but the Compu-Sci dept. was

a great one; a world renowed one, that once graduated, would allow David
the freedom to be Dana….FULL TIME!! So, David decided to endure the
eight semesters of straight “boy” life, and get it over with. Continue reading Dana was David

Computer Tutor

My name’s Monique Yates, and I teach programming at a local computer
store. What follows is a little personal story about me. It’s very
private, and definitely X-rated! If that bothers you, don’t go any
further. Erase this file and forget you ever saw it, and no harm is

Some how, women in the computer field have acquired the reputation
of being terribly straight laced and boring. I’ve never understood
why, and I’ve always thought it was my duty to dispel that myth, at
least to the best of my abilities. Continue reading Computer Tutor

Sex at work

I woke up around ten thursday morning with a terrific erection. Today was a
vacation day, and I was sleeping in, dreaming of Christy W—–. Reaching
behind me I picked up the phone, dialed work, and asked for her.

“This is Christy,” she answered.

“Hi Christy, Dave,” I said.

“Hi Dave. How you doing?”

“OK. Say, can you come to see me right now? I live about half a mile from

“What? Now? What for?”

“I just woke up, and I was dreaming about you. I’ve got something here for
you, and I’d love to see you,” I said.
Continue reading Sex at work

Cat fight story

Just about everyone from the whole junior college was there to watch us
fight. Susan had told all her so-called friends to come and watch her
teach me a lesson. I wasn’t worried about them interfering, though. They
only hung around with her because of her money. I mean, she was
beautiful, but what an arrogant, snotty bitch!

She had been on my case ever since I had transferred here three weeks
previous. I guess I was no slouch in the looks department, and the
attention I got from the boys pissed her off. She kept insulting me in
front of everyone, really pushing it… Well, now I was going to push

We squared off in a small clearing in the woods behind the campus. We
were both wearing our gym strip. We circled each other, the crowd
cheering Susan on. She came at me, spinning on her heel to give me a
drop kick. Continue reading Cat fight story

Two chicks posing nude

Deb met her a few
months ago and they hit it off right from the start. They get together
every so often to enjoy the pleasures that only two women can give each
other and from the stories Deb tells me afterwards they do enjoy
themselves. Anyway Deb asked Teresa if she would consider an evening of
fun and pleasure with the both of us. Teresa wasn’t too sure about the
idea but Deb assured her that she would have the final say so and that if
she only wanted me to watch then that is all I would do. So it was agreed
that we would meet for dinner and get acquainted and see where things led
from there. We met at a very nice restaurant in San Jose and spent the
better part of two hours talking and getting to know one another. By the
time we left the restaurant we were all very comfortable with each other
but still no decision had been made about what would transpire once we
reached the hotel. We got to the hotel and the two ladies changed into
their sexy lingerie and then got comfortable on the bed. Continue reading Two chicks posing nude

Smut bondage story

Stacy was then lead in front of Katrina, and the two were taken
around the corner to a cell that had a strong solid iron door, with only a
small rectangular opening near the base for food. Stacy began protesting
wildly, as wildly as she could with her hands so tightly strung together,
but both she and Katrina were pushed into the cell. Their eyes, already
adjusted to dark, saw a dank cell with tile flooring and two steel beds
with thin mattresses. The guards lay them each down on the bed and with a
cord tied their legs. Stacy’s legs were drawn up to her hands and tightly
tied off. The cord around her neck was then tied, leaving little slack to
the heavy iron railing of the bed she was hogtied onto. Katrina received
much the same treatment, but Stacy noticed that the guard who tied her was
somewhat careless and did not tie her neck cord to the bed. Continue reading Smut bondage story


It was a cool gray, November afternoon. I was walking
down the quiet, suburban street I lived on, on the way to
Gloria’s house. It was fairly windy, a gust whipped up and I
had to reach down to hold my skirt. I suppose my modesty
wasn’t really in jeopardy but the skirt was considerably
shorter than what I was accustomed to wearing.
Gloria had asked me to assist her with a party she was
throwing for Dave’s boss. He had just started a new job she
really wanted to impress him. Part of his new
responsibilities included entertaining customers. She was
going to hire several college girls to serve food and drinks
but she suggested that maybe I would want to help and in
return she would forget the $65.00 I had borrowed earlier
that month. I readily agreed, the party sounded like fun.
Gloria thought about renting maids uniforms for us but
decided against it, she then asked us to all wear matching
skirts and blouses. Continue reading Dull

I ll always say yes to ya

Ever since I was thirteen or fourteen, I’ve had a
fascination with innocent girls being dirty. There were
always some girls who slept with anyone, and came to school
in abbreviated gym-slips, flashing their young thighs for
anyone who cared to watch. I’d watch them, and enjoy their
little parades, but I thought they were cheap, and wouldn’t
really fantasize about them.

Much more interesting was a pretty, naive, school-girl, who
looked horny without really meaning to. An example was
Juliette, the little sister of a friend, cute with short
brown curly hair, and aged about 18. She always looked sexy
in a girlish sort of way – maybe wearing a pink woolly
sweater, little miniskirt, white tights, and pixie boots. My
friend once told me that he made her give him blow-jobs… I
never knew whether it was true, but I enjoyed vivid
fantasies about the idea of her pouty lips wrapped around my
school-boy cock. Continue reading I ll always say yes to ya

Bermuda Holidays

A couple of years ago my wife and I were in Bermuda, and
something happened that was both exciting, and surprising.
We came back to the room late one night, slipped into our
robes, and went out to the balcony for a nightcap. These
balconys had a solid wall about waist high, and were large
enough for a table and chairs. Well, my wife was leaning
with her elbows on the wall of the balcony looking out at
the ocean, and I came up behind her and put my arms around
her. My hands worked their way inside her robe, and soon
my hard cock was pressing into the small of her back. Continue reading Bermuda Holidays

Grave slave

The word that most comes to mind for this woman is `grave.’ Not
grave as in place of the dead, but grave as in stillness, gravity, even a touch of the sad and somber. The woman has several
smiles; an evil, knowing smile; a girlish, delighted smile; a
quiet, pensive smile. But in repose, she looks grave, like a
figure on a very old monument, stonecarved eyes forever looking
out and away, at things you or I can’t quite see.

It is this gravity which I will shake.

In body she is a girl still. Long, smooth legs and arms.
A tight, athletic bottom of a totally gratuitous degree of beau
ty. Understated but classically lovely breasts. Strong shoul
ders and an unusually striking long neck, with a very prideful
quality. Her head is graceful and wellset. A mane of long
sometimeslight and sometimesdark blond hair. Continue reading Grave slave

Male domination story

This is the story of one of the strangest sexual experiences I
have ever had. It all began about four years ago when Bridget and I were
going out. We used to fuck all the time and that part of our
relationship was good. However, we both were young, and we both had
roving eyes, and by the time we broke up, we were anything but friends,
in fact, he damned well hated one another.
Bridget was about five foot eight inches and about 125 pounds.
She had long auburn hair and was athletically inclined. Her tits were
not bad, but her ass was magnificent. Every time we’d get naked and I’d
see that ass of hers, it would make my mouth water and my dick get
incredibly hard. She used to suck my cock and tease it, getting me to
the absolute brink of pleasure before finally and mercifully releasing
the flood of jism from my throbbing cock. Continue reading Male domination story

Samanthas boyfriend

Samantha could not stop thinking of her boyfriend ever sence New
Years Eve. Jason was in 11th grade and she was in 10th. They both
went to Billy Ryan High School. They had only been going out for
about a month, but both of them had fallen deep in love with each
other. They could not stop thinking about each other. There
relationship was getting more sexual everyday. They both knew it too.
One Saturday afternoon Jason decided to pop up at Samantha’s house
without her knowing he was going to. At about 1pm he arrived at her
door. Samantha was shocked as she opened the door to find Jason. After
about 45 secounds of pure shock she invited him in. Her parents had
gone out of town for the day so they were going to be alone the entire
day. Continue reading Samanthas boyfriend

Handsome Man

When the two women had returned to their seats, Jan was as hot as
she could ever remember being. If someone had asked, she thought,
she would lie on the table and let them fuck her right there. She
glanced around the room and saw that most of the other members were
busy with each other and gave no indication that they had seen her
“performance” but one older gentleman smiled at her and tipped an
invisible hat. She felt herself beginning to blush and was about to
ask Dan if they could go back to his place when the lights dimmed
appreciably and a spotlight illuminated the center of the curtain
before her. Continue reading Handsome Man