Smut bondage story

Stacy was then lead in front of Katrina, and the two were taken
around the corner to a cell that had a strong solid iron door, with only a
small rectangular opening near the base for food. Stacy began protesting
wildly, as wildly as she could with her hands so tightly strung together,
but both she and Katrina were pushed into the cell. Their eyes, already
adjusted to dark, saw a dank cell with tile flooring and two steel beds
with thin mattresses. The guards lay them each down on the bed and with a
cord tied their legs. Stacy’s legs were drawn up to her hands and tightly
tied off. The cord around her neck was then tied, leaving little slack to
the heavy iron railing of the bed she was hogtied onto. Katrina received
much the same treatment, but Stacy noticed that the guard who tied her was
somewhat careless and did not tie her neck cord to the bed. Continue reading Smut bondage story

Couple and a girl

Several years ago, my husband had to be in Austin and, in order to keep me
occupied, we took along a friend we lovingly referred to as ‘our wife’.
She was a lovely woman whose best features were an insatiable sexual
appetite and an absolutely astonishing bust line. (38 D at the least).
She was a little self conscious about going braless but the effect was so
startling that we encouraged her to do so at all reasonable opportunities.
The drive to Austin had been a show for the truckers with Judy and I
exposing our bodies at various intervals. Continue reading Couple and a girl

Crazy Orgy

There were several vignettes left in the movie. The next one consisted of two
men and a lady. As the scene started, the woman was on her knees, sucking on
both of men’s cocks. When the cocks were hard, one man moved to her rear.
The man in the front got down on his knees and the woman bent over still
sucking on his throbbing hardon, while the man in the back began to fuck her
wildly. Suddenly, the woman said to the man in the back, “I want you to fuck
him in the ass.” The two men got up and walked to a table where the first man
leaned on the table with his arms in a bent over position. The woman spread
his cheeks and began tonguing his asshole. When she felt he was wet enough,
she turned to the second man and sucked on his dick for a little while,
jacking the man off leaning against the table. She then guided the cock she
was sucking to the other man’s asshole and watched as the first man began
entering him. Then she quickly ducked under the man leaning on the table and
began sucking his cock as she played with the first man’s balls. The man
fucking began stroking harder and faster. She kept sucking on the cock of the
man being fucked. As the man doing the fucking started to cum, she jerked his
cock from the first man’s ass and began jacking it off and sucking the cum
leaping out of the slit in its head. She got cum all over her face and in her
mouth as she sucked him dry. Continue reading Crazy Orgy

Caught fucking with Italian

My wife Elaine and I would like to share our sexual experiences
with your readers. This is a second marriage for both Elaine and
myself and when Elaine and I began dating we were also dating
others as well. Elaine and I began sleeping together on our first
date, actually we had returned to her apartment after a movie, and
while I was trying to get up the nerve to try something she
started rubbing my cock. Feeling its swelling she unzipped my
trousers and gave me the best blow-job I’d ever had. And to make
things even better she is not a spitter and swallowed every drop
of my fluid. Continue reading Caught fucking with Italian

That Comes In Handy

Across Birmingham’s downtown, through the center of the city,
you are topless and smiling. My pants are undone, and a less-than
throbbing penis slumbers in the midday sun. Traffic is all around
us. Your shorts are draped demurely across your lap, hiding fingers
tickling a sparse bush and eager lips. Not so much to go to climax,
more like idling and enjoying the feeling of slick lips and warmth.

“Yes, very. I’d like something to eat, first, though…”

Off the freeway at the next exit ramp is a Roy Rogers. Perfect.
We are fourth in line at the drive thru. Continue reading That Comes In Handy

Groupsex Story

Working as a male go-go dancer from Key West to
Providencetown, I learned firsthand that often women can
become pretty daring. While dancing, rotating my buns as
I thread my way between the tables, I’ve had even the most
prim-looking gray-haired ladies grope my crotch and go as
far as to slip their nimble fingers between the elastic of
my briefs.
Recently, I was enjoying some well-earned time off
when a friend asked if I’d be interested in earning some
easy money posing for a women’s art club. Sure, I said,
expecting anything but what happened. Continue reading Groupsex Story