Jim Carol Dominate Wrestling

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As Jim rode the Metro North train from the Connecticut
suburbs into New York’s Grand Central Station, he was
eagerly anticipating the coming hour’s event. The previous
night he had telephoned in a response to an ad in Screw
Magazine’s “Hells Belles” section. Along with the myriad
ads for mistresses and dungeons, promising to do all sort of
unspeakable things to one’s body, was one featuring “total
physical domination” and wrestling. Jim had long fantasized
about being physically dominated by a strong, attractive
woman, being forced to submit repeatedly to painful
submission holds. After talking to Carol, the placer of the
ad, Jim felt that he had just found the answer to his
fantasies. Carol promised that she could easily make him
beg to be released. She especially liked to work scissors
and choke holds, and really got off on totally dominating
her “victim.” Even more than her more “normal” trade,
dominating men by bondage and spanking, she really loved
using her body to punish them. After hearing all that, Jim
immediately made an appointment with Carol for the next
afternoon. Now his dream was about to be realized.
The walk from Grand Central to the 27th Street address
Carol had given Jim seemed to take forever, Jim was so
anxious for his match to begin. As he walked along, Jim
dreamed of being held by Carol in various holds, but failed
to understand how a girl who sounded so sexy on the phone
could manage to squeeze a submission out of him. He had
watched many videos of mixed matches where the women had the
men yelling out agonized submissions, but it was always
obvious that the holds were staged and the men were
submitting “for the camera.” Although Jim was slightly
built, at 5’8″ and 140 pounds, he felt he was strong enough
to take any woman. Carol’s promise to make him beg for
mercy seemed remote.
Finally he reached the address. He rang the doorbell,
and someone buzzed him in. He climbed the two flights of
stairs promised by Carol and knocked on her door. After a
minute the door was opened by a very tall pretty blonde
wearing an electric blue housecoat. “Hi, you must be Jim,”
she said pleasantly. “I’m Carol. Come on in.”
Jim walked in to a pleasant apartment, dominated by
several large wrestling mats placed on the floor. What
furniture there was was pushed to one side. “As you can
see, I have everything ready for our match. Do you have
something for me, Jim?” said Carol.
Jim fished in his pocket and found the $200 they had
agreed on. Carol took it into another room and quickly
returned. “While you strip down to your shorts, I’ll go
over the ground rules. Ok?”
Jim readily agreed and started to undress. Carol
slipped off her bathrobe. “Wow!” Jim thought. Carol was a
“10” in anybody’s book. About six feet tall, she was
wearing a tightly-fitting one-piece shiny blue bathing suit.
Her breasts were were nice-sized, but not overly large. The
shiny fabric of the bathing suit was stretched so tightly
over her luscious body that he could see her erect nipples
outlined. Her legs were long and “ran all the way to her
ass.” They were very shapely, but Jim could tell that they
were well-muscled. Carol struck a biceps-flex, revealing
arm muscles that would make many guys proud. “This may not
be as easy as I thought!” raced through Jim’s mind.
Carol outlined the ground rules for their match.
“Number 1. No biting, scratching or hitting with closed
fists. Slapping and spanking are ok, but judo chops are
out. Number 2. You can only win a hold by a pin, but I can
win by either pin or submission. Number 3. None of this
silly three-second pin stuff. We declare a pin when the
loser agrees that he is helpless to get up. Number 4. After
a pin or submission we have a one minute rest break, then go
again. Number 5. The match goes for one hour or until one
of us gives up totally. Number 6. If we roll off the mat,
we break and start again. Agreed?”
Jim nodded his assent and told Carol he was ready
whenever she was. Carol set a wind-up timer for one hour
and started it. She stepped to the center of the mats and
motioned for him to follow. Taking a slight crouch, she
said “Let’s wrestle, sucker!”
The two circled warily, each looking for an opening.
Jim made a lunge for Carol’s head, but she deftly spun away,
twirling around so quickly Jim could scarcely believe his
eyes. He was still recovering his balance from this lunge
when Carol jumped him, taking him in a side headlock. She
locked her hands and quickly rolled him over her right hip
onto the mat. Pivoting around, Carol tightened the headlock
and spread her legs for stability. She was arranged at a
right angle to him, with most of her weight on his chest and
head, one beautiful fabric-clad breast thrust in his face.
Normally Jim would love to be under such a well-built
beautiful woman in such a position. However, it was quickly
apparent to Jim that her well-muscled arms were indeed
strong, for the headlock was painful! She worked the hold,
twisting and flexing her arms, sending spasms of pain
through Jim’s neck and head. She countered any move on his
part by pivoting to keep their 90-degree arrangement. Jim
was in real trouble, and the match was only seconds old!
Carol continued to work the hold, and before long Jim could
sense some dizziness creeping up.
Finally he managed to jam his right arm between his neck
and her arms. Forcing against her grip with all his
strength, he managed to break the hold. Rolling away from
Carol, Jim shook his head, trying to shake off the pain and
dizziness. He didn’t have long to think about it, though.
Carol jumped him from behind and quickly took him in a
sleeper. Her right arm was around his neck, her hand
nestled in her left elbow. With her left hand she pressed
firmly against the back of his head, driving his head deep
into the crushing vee of her right arm. “I’ve got you now,
sucker! Do you give?” she taunted.
“Never!” grunted Jim. “Ok,” she retorted. “Say good
night, little boy.” She increased the force with both arms,
and Jim quickly began to feel the pressure. His ears were
ringing and he was having real problems breathing. Carol
was pushing so hard against his head that he toppled
forward, enabling her to bring her weight into play.
The last thing he remembered was her legs sliding
against his sides and back. Then he was flat on his
stomach, trying to figure out where he was. As he tried to
get up, his muscles jerked spasmodically in a “chicken
walk.” Gradually he came to his senses and realized that
her sleeper hold had really “put him out.”
“That’s one for me,” boasted Carol. “You get one minute
before we go again!”
Jim tried to make the most of his minute’s rest, but he
still felt shaky when Carol said, “Let’s go.”
This time, as the two circled, Jim was careful not to
make such a rash lunge for Carol. He made several cautious
moves toward Carol, but she was always a split second ahead
of him, spinning out of the way ready to pounce a second
later. Finally Carol lost her concentration for an instant
and Jim was able to get his arm around her neck in a side
headlock. He wasn’t able to flip her smoothly onto the mat
as she had done him, however, and he two wrestlers fell down
together. Although he managed to keep his headlock, Carol
was able to snake her legs around his his left leg and lock
her ankles, scissoring his thigh. She immediately tightened
her leg grip and started working out of his headlock. A
sudden jolt from her legs made him flinch, giving Carol the
opening she needed. She pushed up on his arms and pulled
her head down, escaping his grip. Quickly she snared his
left arm in a half-Nelson. The pair grappled for several
minutes, as Carol gradually asserted more and more control
over Jim.
Finally, as he tired, Carol was able to pin his other
arm and mesh her fingers behind his neck, establishing a
full-Nelson. She tightened the leg scissors and the Nelson,
twisting him painfully. “How you doing, big boy? Wanna
give?” she taunted. Jim was determined to ride this
through, however. “Never!” he grunted once again.
Carol maintained the pair of painful holds for several
minutes more. His leg ached from the constrictive pressure
of her muscular thighs, and his neck hurt like hell from the
tight Nelson. Still he wouldn’t submit.
Eventually Carol decided that this attack wouldn’t be
successful. She released his leg, using the Nelson to keep
Jim sprawled on his stomach. Suddenly she let go of his
arms and spun around, keeping her full weight squarely on
the center of his back. She scooped up his feet and firmly
tucked each ankle under her armpits. Squatting, she pulled
down on his legs and leaned back, executing a perfect Boston
Crab. The pressure on his back and legs was instant and
excruciating. “Let me know when you’ve had enough.” she
Jim tried his best to press up with his arms to relieve
the pressure and to force his legs back, but it was to no
avail. Carol had the hold too well established and was now
increasing the pressure. It felt as if his back were
breaking. Suddenly he saw bright lights flash in front of
his eyes as his back muscles spasmed. At the same time an
intense pain shot from his spine. Instantly he screamed “I
submit! I submit! Just let me go!!”
Carol released his legs and sat down on his sore back.
Jim was totally out of breath, and her weight made it more
difficult to breathe, not to mention get up. “Gotcha again,
didn’t I!” she crowed, and spanked his bottom hard four or
five times.
She stood up and helped Jim to his feet. “You took a
lot of pain in that round, Jim. Let’s rest five minutes.”
Jim didn’t argue, just groaned in agreement and sprawled
on a nearby sofa. After a few minutes his breathing had
returned to normal, but his back still hurt fiercely. Carol
was back in the middle of the mats, motioning for Jim to
join her.
Finally Jim drug himself over to the mat and warily
approached Carol. Carol played with him, dancing away from
his clumsy attempts to engage her. Finally she took him in
a front neck grip, turned her back to him, and vigorously
threw him over her head. Jim landed roughly on the mat.
Carol was all over him. She slipped her shapely legs around
his waist, establishing a perfectly placed body scissors,
and took him in a side headlock. Carol’s legs were
beautifully shaped, but their muscles were deadly. She
tightened her grip around Jim’s waist, painfully
constricting him. He flailed at her legs but couldn’t
affect her python-like grip. After struggling against the
two constrictive holds for a few minutes, he collapsed,
offering no resistance.
“You’re mine now, buddy-boy,” Carol hissed into his ear.
She tightened her scissors grip rhythmically, driving the
air from his body. “Let me know when you’ve had enough.”
Jim was in absolute agony. Carol’s deadly legs were
painfully crushing his waist, just below his rib cage, and
made breathing nigh onto impossible. Just as soon as he
could manage to take in a small gasp of air she would
tighten her legs, expelling it for him. He finally tried to
gasp out a submission, but he had too little air to do more
than croak. “What’s that, Jim? I can’t hear you!” Carol
growled through gritted teeth, as she bore down on his waist
once again.
This routine continued for a few more minutes, Jim
growing steadily weaker. Finally he was no longer moving,
his face a reddish-purple. Carol released the headlock and
lifted his arm. When she let go, it flopped limply on the
mat. She had squeezed Jim totally unconscious. Carol
patted his cheek and disengaged her legs.
After two or three minutes Jim came around, looking like
something the cat had dragged in. “I’ve had enough,” he
coughed. “You’re just too much for me. Where did you learn
all that?”
“Jim, when you called,” Carol smiled, “I told you that
domination was my business, and wrestling was my favorite
part. I’ve been doing this for five years now, and seldom
lose a fall anymore. By the way, let me know when you want
to try again. I give a discount for losers! You haven’t
even tried some of my better holds yet. Ever been in a head
scissors or a camel clutch?”
It was another few minutes before Jim was able to get to
his feet and dress. He had certainly realized his fantasy,
in spades. Before he left, however, he made another
appointment to wrestle with Carol in a few weeks. Once a

Laundry Sex Story

I had just finished toiling over my dirty clothes at the laundromat, and had
piled my stuff together to take home. I live only a few blocks away, and
usually walk when it is as nice outside as it was last night.

I must have looked like I was overloaded, carrying my laundry, because a
car pulled over next to me. “Do you want a ride?” said the girl behind
the seat of the purple VW Bug. Well, who am I to say no, right? So I
got in her car. “Thanks,” I said, not thinking of much else appropriate
at the time. She said, “I’m Andrea–where are we going?”

I gave her my address and of course within moments we had arrived. Andrea
asked if she could help carry anything. Well, it seemed to me like she
was already carrying herself really well. Pretty face, sandy blond hair,
a white t-shirt and denim mini-skirt, she looked pretty nice. But, who am
I to say no, right? So she carried a few of my shirts. Continue reading Laundry Sex Story

Married Old Man and Sexy women

Exotic dream
By: m
Although I’m happily married for over 20 years, I have a strong sexual attraction to another woman. A married co-worker ‘ forbidden fruit ‘ especially this day in age. For over a year I have suppressed my feelings for Jane, but now the urge to tell her is growing stronger. So strong in fact that I find myself dreaming often about her in vivid explicit detail and waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning with a raging hard on. Sometimes I masturbate in order to go back to sleep, other times I fall asleep only to continue dreaming and wake up yet again with strong sexual images of Jane in my mind and the hard on still raging. I have this dream so often that I don’t know what part of the account below is from the dreams and what is from that semi-awake state when I can’t sleep due to the hard on. Here is my remembrance of our entire first sexual encounter (from my dreams). This encounter I called “erotic dream ‘ 69″ is a recurring theme and some nights certain pieces are more memorable and clear than others. Like many of my dreams, this one seems to start in the middle of an event, completely out of context. I never have any remembrance of what led up to this point or how we got here or even where we are specifically.
It starts like this: We are in a very romantic hotel room or Bed & Breakfast with a Jacuzzi. We brought all the essentials; candles, wine & cheese and bubble bath. I drew the bubble bath and you slipped in to the tub first while my back was turned, so fast I hardly noticed your naked body which disappointed me as this was the first time I had seen you without clothes. Romantic music was softly playing in the background. I quickly removed my clothes and immediately felt my cock becoming slightly erect. Most of the time, my cock is rather compact and up close to my body, as I become stimulated it will quickly grow into a semi-erect state and lengthen a few inches, dropping slightly as if it were freed from some imaginary harness. As I take a step it swings from side to side a bit. It feels good. I wanted to sit down quickly in the tub but the water was hot and as I paused I noticed you checking out my package. I liked the look you gave me. After a glass of wine and some cheese, I took the soap and started to wash your body, wow, it felt so good to run my hands all over your body. After washing your entire body you started washing mine. We were both careful to wash but not stimulate each others private parts, lest this turn into a quick fuck in a Jacuzzi (which can be kind of nice, but just not part of this dream).
It had been more than 25 years since I had seen or touched another naked woman other than my wife, in real life anyway. I lay on top of you in the tub and you open your legs and wrap them around me. It was then that our lips met for the first time. How strange for our first kiss ever to occur after being totally naked in a Jacuzzi. During that first kiss, my cock accidentally brushes up against the outside of your pussy causing you to moan slightly and you wonder if I am planning on entering you without any foreplay. You instinctively thrust your pussy up closer to my cock and for a brief moment my cock actually enters you about an inch before I quickly remove it. There is much to do before real sex begins. After deep passionate kissing I get out and put on a really nice soft comfortable robe and light a few candles and lay on the bed with my robe on. I was totally erect at this point and it looked a little funny, pushing the robe straight up in the air although over the next few minutes my erection diminished somewhat making it more comfortable to lie there and wait for you.
About 15 minutes later you emerged from the bath in your robe and lay on the bed beside me. I remove your robe immediately and then mine and lay on top of you and we begin to French kiss passionately. 30 years ago, I would have been rock hard since the moment we entered the room an hour ago and by now I would be ready to pop. Now, my cock retreats to a semi-erection when not being stimulated and wants to be brought back to life by your skillful mouth and hands. But lets not rush things. I offer a massage and you roll over on your stomach. I sit on your legs and my cock naturally falls in your ass crack. I proceed with a back massage, starting with your shoulders and moving down to your lower back. My semi-erection makes things difficult to manage physically ‘ it kind of gets in the way. It is either pointing down and touching the outside of your pussy which you find distracting when I am supposed to be working on a back massage or it wants to lay between your buttocks, which I find pleasurable. If I feel it touch your pussy lips or glance down and notice my cock next to your pussy lips, my cock springs back to life. As I massage your back I find my hard cock naturally slides between your buttocks. It slides slowly and sensually back and forth along your ass crack as I reach up to your shoulders and massage your back. By now, I am so stimulated that I need to be careful because just this sensation can easily make me explode all over your back. Rubbing your ass crack with my cock does little for you but it is driving me crazy.
You roll over and I carefully and slowly massage your breasts and work down from there; touching but carefully avoiding penetrating you with my fingers. I massage the outer area around your pussy lips and notice how soft you skin is between your legs. I brush against the outer portion of your lips with my fingertips and you jump a little from the sensation. I am kneeling next to you on the bed while I do this, my cock easily within grasp of your hands or mouth but you wisely avoid touching me. At this moment, the attention is totally on your massage. Since my cock is not touching your body it starts to calm down and the urge to cum diminishes which is good because I have big plans for the rest of the evening. You look over and notice that on the tip of my cock is a tiny bit of pre-cum, evidence of my high state of arousal which surprises you given that you barely touched me. Now it is my turn and I lay on my stomach and you give me a great back massage, reaching down between my legs occasionally and giving my cock a little squeeze and caressing my balls for just a second. I roll over and you start massaging my shoulders and chest. My nipples are extra sensitive and you touch them lightly and lick them until I can’t stand it ‘ the sensations are both ticklish as well as sensual. You lay on your back, spread your legs and I get on top of you in the missionary position. Instead of entering you, I lift your legs so that your pussy is angled up. You are so wet that if my cock approached at the normal missionary angle it would have slid right inside you. Instead I want to tease you by rubbing my cock between your wet pussy lips and the angle that I adjusted you to makes this possible.
We take turns looking at the action. I see my cock sliding back and forth between your gorgeous pussy lips. As I slide back I see your engorged clitoris responding to the attention as you get wetter. As I slide forward I see your pussy lips opening slightly and wrapping around the sides of my cock. All the while being careful not to penetrate you. I can only imagine that from your vantage point you see the head of my cock appearing and disappearing near your clitoris as I slide back and forth. I can only take the intense sensations for a few moments and I lower your legs and lay on to the bed next to you in the 69 position. Now, for the first time you take my cock firmly in your hands and slide my cock into your mouth while I begin to lick your pussy. The taste of your pussy juice on my cock turns you on as you slowly stroke the length of my shaft and put as much of my cock in your mouth as will fit. You gently cup and squeeze my balls and notice that they seem larger than a few minutes ago. I love the taste of your pussy and it is at this point that you have your first orgasm. I make my tongue hard and push it inside you as far as possible while you grind your pussy into my face and tongue.
Your back arches up and you squeeze your legs around my head as you lurch into orgasm. I pull my head away so that you can cross your legs and intensify the orgasm however I keep my fingers in your pussy and feel your pussy getting drenched. At this point you are totally involved in your orgasm and cease stroking or sucking my cock. I don’t mind as I enjoy giving you a great orgasm with my tongue and fingers. Your pussy gets even wetter and some of your cum drips down on to the sheets. After your orgasm you turn your attention to me and we roll over again in the 69 position but with you on top of me. This is my favorite 69 position because with your legs spread and your ass up in the air I have total access to your beautiful pussy. I can alternate between licking your clitoris, pushing my tongue inside you and fingering you. When my neck gets tired I just lay back and attend to your pussy with my fingers. By the same token, you have free access to my cock and move your head up and down on my shaft. You alternate between sucking and stroking my cock. Occasionally you pause to enjoy my licking and fingering your pussy.
I start to feel the urge to cum however I am stuck, you are on top, and you are in control. I don’t want to cum in your mouth, at least not so soon. I squirm and try to pull back or move my hips to the side to escape your grip. I warn you that I am going to cum. But you suck even harder and your head follows my penis as I try to pull away. You grip my cock tighter and stroke it faster, you feel me getting even harder inside your mouth, ready to explode at any second. I stop squirming and surrender to your control. Then just a split second before I cum you roll on your back and I sit up unable to concentrate on anything other than my throbbing cock. We both breathe a deep sigh and get ready for more. Once again, I get on top of you missionary style, my cock throbbing and me panting trying to catch my breath as I was sure I was going to explode inside your mouth just moments before. I take a deep breath and slowly spread your legs wide and place your feet over my shoulders. We slide a pillow under your ass and raise your pussy up, tilting you to just the right angle. You reach down and guide my cock to your pussy lips. I slowly, deliberately enter you while you reach around and grab my ass and slowly pull me deep inside. I know that if I move too quickly, it would have been all over. You moan as my rock hard throbbing cock gets buried all the way in. Damn, this feels good, I want to do this all night, but my cock is like a hair trigger, one good stroke and ! It could be all over. I slowly pull out and kneel down at your pussy, burying my face in your gorgeous, dripping wet snatch.
Eating your pussy is not only enjoyable for me but also gives me a moment for my cock to recover and as I kneel in front of your raised pussy I totally concentrate on pleasuring you. Your body shakes a bit as I pull my tongue out of your pussy. I briefly lick your clitoris then insert 2 fingers and find your G spot and begin to stroke it by alternating both of my fingers that are now buried deep in your pussy. You start to respond to this new stimulation. With my other hand I begin to gently but firmly massage the area on your belly just above your pussy and within minutes you erupt into your second orgasm. After an even stronger orgasm than the first, you pull me close and whisper in my ear, it is time for you to come inside my pussy. With your pussy still angled up in the air you once again take my cock with your hand and guide it to your drenched pussy. I push gently and your pussy opens to willingly accept my cock This angle allows the head of my cock to hit just the right spot inside you and with no more than 25 or 30 strokes we both cum together in a final shuddering orgasm and collapse into each others arms. As we lie together you tell me that you too had wanted to have sex with me for years but were afraid to admit your feelings to me. You confess that it all started with a dream years earlier you had about taking me to Disneyland. You know what they say about the quiet ones!