Grave slave

The word that most comes to mind for this woman is `grave.’ Not
grave as in place of the dead, but grave as in stillness, gravity, even a touch of the sad and somber. The woman has several
smiles; an evil, knowing smile; a girlish, delighted smile; a
quiet, pensive smile. But in repose, she looks grave, like a
figure on a very old monument, stonecarved eyes forever looking
out and away, at things you or I can’t quite see.

It is this gravity which I will shake.

In body she is a girl still. Long, smooth legs and arms.
A tight, athletic bottom of a totally gratuitous degree of beau
ty. Understated but classically lovely breasts. Strong shoul
ders and an unusually striking long neck, with a very prideful
quality. Her head is graceful and wellset. A mane of long
sometimeslight and sometimesdark blond hair. Continue reading Grave slave

Sex on the beach

The breeze from the ocean gave the night air a fresh
salty scent. As we walk out of the restaurant it rejuvenates
us both from the stylish cigarette smoke that a few still
insist on breathing. We both breathe in deep, then cast an
anticipating glance at each other. An eager smile forms on our
faces simultaneously. “We’ll come back for the car later,” I
remark as we head towards the beach. The evening’s events were
unfolding perfectly.
You often told me how much you enjoy the beach, walking
from your house on evenings when you just need to relax. It is
so convenient to have such a recuperative place to use at your
leisure. Sitting alone to collect your thoughts in one of the
lifeguard stations. I always thought the situation had
definite possibilities. Continue reading Sex on the beach

Blowjob In Theater

The group was standing near the door and Garolynn and Janis quickly walked
toward them. “Who’s all got cars?” Peter asked. 3 hands raised and they each
collected enough riders that the whole group was accommodated. “See you at
the Rusty Pelican, ” one of the drivers said. Garolynn and Janis got in
Peter’s car along with three other people. Both of the ladies sat in the
front seat, Garolynn next to Peter, in the middle. A cringe of jealousy leapt
into Janis but she tried hard to ignore it.

As the car started to move, somebody from the back seat asked Peter if he knew
where the Rusty Pelican was. “Yes, its really across the street,” he replied,
“But its really easier to drive than walk because of the traffic and the
street here.” “Actually, its about a block down the street but it will take a
few minutes because its next to the freeway and we have to wind around through
a back road or two,” he said. Garolynn leaned over to Peter and whispered
that she thought there was something funny going on near her room. “Why?”
Peter asked. “Well, I thought I heard someone screaming right next door and
then Janis came out of the room next door so it must have been somewhere else
on the floor,” she said. Peter looked over at Janis and saw she was beet red.
Garolynn looked at Janis too and Peter said jokingly, “You have something you
want to tell us about or is this a private matter?” Janis stammered something
to the effect that she had heard some weird sounds also but was not paying a
whole lot of attention. The three in the back seat were having their own
conversation and had not heard any of this. Continue reading Blowjob In Theater

Smut Bedtime Story

Except for its inconspicuous lock, the door at the end of the
short hallway of Miranda’s middle-class home looked perfectly
But the windowless room beyond the locked door was a sexual
Never-Never Land, a fantastic reflection in a kinky Looking Glass.
While Miranda watched, amused, the key dangling from her finger, I
took one step inside, then another — and stopped, staring. My
heart was racing, my eyes wide. I had never seen anything like it
Two walls were mirrored, from the tiled floor to the black-
painted ceiling. An incredible array of whips, restraints, gags,
and harnesses hung from the peg strips which circled the room at
waist height. Pushed into the near corner was a heavy padded
sawhorse; the center of the room was dominated by a wooden X-frame
solid as an oak and seven feet tall. Both the horse and the frame
were dotted with steel eyebolts, some of which sported dangling
chains or cuffs. All of it looked well used. None of it, as far as
I could tell, was for show. Continue reading Smut Bedtime Story

Ram My Asshole

A month ago, my girl friend Jill and I got to talking with a waitress at a
local restaraunt and we really hit it off. Her name was Chris and she said she
had two hung guys who were coming over to her place when she got off work..and
we were welcome to join them. We accepted her invitation quickly and met her
when she left the restaraunt.
About a half hour after getting to her place, Chris disappeared to get out
of her “work clothes”. I was sitting right next to Jeff on the sofa, while Jill
and Pete were making out across the room. Jeff’s finger touched under my chin
and I turned to look at him. I kissed him, feeling his lips slowly part, and
his tongue gently stroked my lips. I parted my lips and let his tongue enter
my mouth, eagerly swirling my tongue around his. I chased his tongue into
his mouth when it withdrew, and that excited him, his hands now sliding
urgently down my back. We kissed and kissed for a long time, his hands
and tongue making me so hot that I was sure my pants were visibly wet. Chris
announced the snacks were ready, and Pete disentangled from Jill to help her
bring out the food and some drinks. She sat down, and started telling some
jokes, most of them raunchy. Continue reading Ram My Asshole

That Comes In Handy

Across Birmingham’s downtown, through the center of the city,
you are topless and smiling. My pants are undone, and a less-than
throbbing penis slumbers in the midday sun. Traffic is all around
us. Your shorts are draped demurely across your lap, hiding fingers
tickling a sparse bush and eager lips. Not so much to go to climax,
more like idling and enjoying the feeling of slick lips and warmth.

“Yes, very. I’d like something to eat, first, though…”

Off the freeway at the next exit ramp is a Roy Rogers. Perfect.
We are fourth in line at the drive thru. Continue reading That Comes In Handy

Jim Carol Dominate Wrestling

Archive-name: Amazon/carol1.txt
Archive-title: Jim vs. Carol

As Jim rode the Metro North train from the Connecticut
suburbs into New York’s Grand Central Station, he was
eagerly anticipating the coming hour’s event. The previous
night he had telephoned in a response to an ad in Screw
Magazine’s “Hells Belles” section. Along with the myriad
ads for mistresses and dungeons, promising to do all sort of
unspeakable things to one’s body, was one featuring “total
physical domination” and wrestling. Jim had long fantasized
about being physically dominated by a strong, attractive
woman, being forced to submit repeatedly to painful
submission holds. After talking to Carol, the placer of the
ad, Jim felt that he had just found the answer to his
fantasies. Carol promised that she could easily make him
beg to be released. She especially liked to work scissors
and choke holds, and really got off on totally dominating
her “victim.” Even more than her more “normal” trade,
dominating men by bondage and spanking, she really loved
using her body to punish them. After hearing all that, Jim
immediately made an appointment with Carol for the next
afternoon. Now his dream was about to be realized.
The walk from Grand Central to the 27th Street address
Carol had given Jim seemed to take forever, Jim was so
anxious for his match to begin. As he walked along, Jim
dreamed of being held by Carol in various holds, but failed
to understand how a girl who sounded so sexy on the phone
could manage to squeeze a submission out of him. He had
watched many videos of mixed matches where the women had the
men yelling out agonized submissions, but it was always
obvious that the holds were staged and the men were
submitting “for the camera.” Although Jim was slightly
built, at 5’8″ and 140 pounds, he felt he was strong enough
to take any woman. Carol’s promise to make him beg for
mercy seemed remote.
Finally he reached the address. He rang the doorbell,
and someone buzzed him in. He climbed the two flights of
stairs promised by Carol and knocked on her door. After a
minute the door was opened by a very tall pretty blonde
wearing an electric blue housecoat. “Hi, you must be Jim,”
she said pleasantly. “I’m Carol. Come on in.”
Jim walked in to a pleasant apartment, dominated by
several large wrestling mats placed on the floor. What
furniture there was was pushed to one side. “As you can
see, I have everything ready for our match. Do you have
something for me, Jim?” said Carol.
Jim fished in his pocket and found the $200 they had
agreed on. Carol took it into another room and quickly
returned. “While you strip down to your shorts, I’ll go
over the ground rules. Ok?”
Jim readily agreed and started to undress. Carol
slipped off her bathrobe. “Wow!” Jim thought. Carol was a
“10” in anybody’s book. About six feet tall, she was
wearing a tightly-fitting one-piece shiny blue bathing suit.
Her breasts were were nice-sized, but not overly large. The
shiny fabric of the bathing suit was stretched so tightly
over her luscious body that he could see her erect nipples
outlined. Her legs were long and “ran all the way to her
ass.” They were very shapely, but Jim could tell that they
were well-muscled. Carol struck a biceps-flex, revealing
arm muscles that would make many guys proud. “This may not
be as easy as I thought!” raced through Jim’s mind.
Carol outlined the ground rules for their match.
“Number 1. No biting, scratching or hitting with closed
fists. Slapping and spanking are ok, but judo chops are
out. Number 2. You can only win a hold by a pin, but I can
win by either pin or submission. Number 3. None of this
silly three-second pin stuff. We declare a pin when the
loser agrees that he is helpless to get up. Number 4. After
a pin or submission we have a one minute rest break, then go
again. Number 5. The match goes for one hour or until one
of us gives up totally. Number 6. If we roll off the mat,
we break and start again. Agreed?”
Jim nodded his assent and told Carol he was ready
whenever she was. Carol set a wind-up timer for one hour
and started it. She stepped to the center of the mats and
motioned for him to follow. Taking a slight crouch, she
said “Let’s wrestle, sucker!”
The two circled warily, each looking for an opening.
Jim made a lunge for Carol’s head, but she deftly spun away,
twirling around so quickly Jim could scarcely believe his
eyes. He was still recovering his balance from this lunge
when Carol jumped him, taking him in a side headlock. She
locked her hands and quickly rolled him over her right hip
onto the mat. Pivoting around, Carol tightened the headlock
and spread her legs for stability. She was arranged at a
right angle to him, with most of her weight on his chest and
head, one beautiful fabric-clad breast thrust in his face.
Normally Jim would love to be under such a well-built
beautiful woman in such a position. However, it was quickly
apparent to Jim that her well-muscled arms were indeed
strong, for the headlock was painful! She worked the hold,
twisting and flexing her arms, sending spasms of pain
through Jim’s neck and head. She countered any move on his
part by pivoting to keep their 90-degree arrangement. Jim
was in real trouble, and the match was only seconds old!
Carol continued to work the hold, and before long Jim could
sense some dizziness creeping up.
Finally he managed to jam his right arm between his neck
and her arms. Forcing against her grip with all his
strength, he managed to break the hold. Rolling away from
Carol, Jim shook his head, trying to shake off the pain and
dizziness. He didn’t have long to think about it, though.
Carol jumped him from behind and quickly took him in a
sleeper. Her right arm was around his neck, her hand
nestled in her left elbow. With her left hand she pressed
firmly against the back of his head, driving his head deep
into the crushing vee of her right arm. “I’ve got you now,
sucker! Do you give?” she taunted.
“Never!” grunted Jim. “Ok,” she retorted. “Say good
night, little boy.” She increased the force with both arms,
and Jim quickly began to feel the pressure. His ears were
ringing and he was having real problems breathing. Carol
was pushing so hard against his head that he toppled
forward, enabling her to bring her weight into play.
The last thing he remembered was her legs sliding
against his sides and back. Then he was flat on his
stomach, trying to figure out where he was. As he tried to
get up, his muscles jerked spasmodically in a “chicken
walk.” Gradually he came to his senses and realized that
her sleeper hold had really “put him out.”
“That’s one for me,” boasted Carol. “You get one minute
before we go again!”
Jim tried to make the most of his minute’s rest, but he
still felt shaky when Carol said, “Let’s go.”
This time, as the two circled, Jim was careful not to
make such a rash lunge for Carol. He made several cautious
moves toward Carol, but she was always a split second ahead
of him, spinning out of the way ready to pounce a second
later. Finally Carol lost her concentration for an instant
and Jim was able to get his arm around her neck in a side
headlock. He wasn’t able to flip her smoothly onto the mat
as she had done him, however, and he two wrestlers fell down
together. Although he managed to keep his headlock, Carol
was able to snake her legs around his his left leg and lock
her ankles, scissoring his thigh. She immediately tightened
her leg grip and started working out of his headlock. A
sudden jolt from her legs made him flinch, giving Carol the
opening she needed. She pushed up on his arms and pulled
her head down, escaping his grip. Quickly she snared his
left arm in a half-Nelson. The pair grappled for several
minutes, as Carol gradually asserted more and more control
over Jim.
Finally, as he tired, Carol was able to pin his other
arm and mesh her fingers behind his neck, establishing a
full-Nelson. She tightened the leg scissors and the Nelson,
twisting him painfully. “How you doing, big boy? Wanna
give?” she taunted. Jim was determined to ride this
through, however. “Never!” he grunted once again.
Carol maintained the pair of painful holds for several
minutes more. His leg ached from the constrictive pressure
of her muscular thighs, and his neck hurt like hell from the
tight Nelson. Still he wouldn’t submit.
Eventually Carol decided that this attack wouldn’t be
successful. She released his leg, using the Nelson to keep
Jim sprawled on his stomach. Suddenly she let go of his
arms and spun around, keeping her full weight squarely on
the center of his back. She scooped up his feet and firmly
tucked each ankle under her armpits. Squatting, she pulled
down on his legs and leaned back, executing a perfect Boston
Crab. The pressure on his back and legs was instant and
excruciating. “Let me know when you’ve had enough.” she
Jim tried his best to press up with his arms to relieve
the pressure and to force his legs back, but it was to no
avail. Carol had the hold too well established and was now
increasing the pressure. It felt as if his back were
breaking. Suddenly he saw bright lights flash in front of
his eyes as his back muscles spasmed. At the same time an
intense pain shot from his spine. Instantly he screamed “I
submit! I submit! Just let me go!!”
Carol released his legs and sat down on his sore back.
Jim was totally out of breath, and her weight made it more
difficult to breathe, not to mention get up. “Gotcha again,
didn’t I!” she crowed, and spanked his bottom hard four or
five times.
She stood up and helped Jim to his feet. “You took a
lot of pain in that round, Jim. Let’s rest five minutes.”
Jim didn’t argue, just groaned in agreement and sprawled
on a nearby sofa. After a few minutes his breathing had
returned to normal, but his back still hurt fiercely. Carol
was back in the middle of the mats, motioning for Jim to
join her.
Finally Jim drug himself over to the mat and warily
approached Carol. Carol played with him, dancing away from
his clumsy attempts to engage her. Finally she took him in
a front neck grip, turned her back to him, and vigorously
threw him over her head. Jim landed roughly on the mat.
Carol was all over him. She slipped her shapely legs around
his waist, establishing a perfectly placed body scissors,
and took him in a side headlock. Carol’s legs were
beautifully shaped, but their muscles were deadly. She
tightened her grip around Jim’s waist, painfully
constricting him. He flailed at her legs but couldn’t
affect her python-like grip. After struggling against the
two constrictive holds for a few minutes, he collapsed,
offering no resistance.
“You’re mine now, buddy-boy,” Carol hissed into his ear.
She tightened her scissors grip rhythmically, driving the
air from his body. “Let me know when you’ve had enough.”
Jim was in absolute agony. Carol’s deadly legs were
painfully crushing his waist, just below his rib cage, and
made breathing nigh onto impossible. Just as soon as he
could manage to take in a small gasp of air she would
tighten her legs, expelling it for him. He finally tried to
gasp out a submission, but he had too little air to do more
than croak. “What’s that, Jim? I can’t hear you!” Carol
growled through gritted teeth, as she bore down on his waist
once again.
This routine continued for a few more minutes, Jim
growing steadily weaker. Finally he was no longer moving,
his face a reddish-purple. Carol released the headlock and
lifted his arm. When she let go, it flopped limply on the
mat. She had squeezed Jim totally unconscious. Carol
patted his cheek and disengaged her legs.
After two or three minutes Jim came around, looking like
something the cat had dragged in. “I’ve had enough,” he
coughed. “You’re just too much for me. Where did you learn
all that?”
“Jim, when you called,” Carol smiled, “I told you that
domination was my business, and wrestling was my favorite
part. I’ve been doing this for five years now, and seldom
lose a fall anymore. By the way, let me know when you want
to try again. I give a discount for losers! You haven’t
even tried some of my better holds yet. Ever been in a head
scissors or a camel clutch?”
It was another few minutes before Jim was able to get to
his feet and dress. He had certainly realized his fantasy,
in spades. Before he left, however, he made another
appointment to wrestle with Carol in a few weeks. Once a

Amys Sex Toys

Amy was an attractive blonde with a big secret: she was obsessed with sex toys. She loved having sex with men and women, but when she was all alone, she liked nothing more than to take out her adult toy vibrators and dildos and play with her sexy body.

Even more thrilling for Amy was shopping for sexy toys. She would visit online stores and while she browsed, she couldn’t help slipping a hand down into her panties and fingering her wet clit. As she looked at all the pictures of dildos and lingerie and other erotic toys, she grew so excited that she thrust her own trusty rabbit vibe into her pussy and came so forcefully that her toes curled up in pleasure.

Amy was dreadfully afraid that her friends would find out about her obsession, and fortunately, they never did. She played with her toys every night, and spent thousands of dollars on batteries and vibrators, and no one who knew her ever found out.