I ll always say yes to ya

Ever since I was thirteen or fourteen, I’ve had a
fascination with innocent girls being dirty. There were
always some girls who slept with anyone, and came to school
in abbreviated gym-slips, flashing their young thighs for
anyone who cared to watch. I’d watch them, and enjoy their
little parades, but I thought they were cheap, and wouldn’t
really fantasize about them.

Much more interesting was a pretty, naive, school-girl, who
looked horny without really meaning to. An example was
Juliette, the little sister of a friend, cute with short
brown curly hair, and aged about 18. She always looked sexy
in a girlish sort of way – maybe wearing a pink woolly
sweater, little miniskirt, white tights, and pixie boots. My
friend once told me that he made her give him blow-jobs… I
never knew whether it was true, but I enjoyed vivid
fantasies about the idea of her pouty lips wrapped around my
school-boy cock. Continue reading I ll always say yes to ya

Perfect Teen In Suspension Bondage

She was the most beautiful and desirable woman I had ever
come across in my whole life. I took great delight in watching her
struggle against the bonds that held her exposed and captive to my
every pleasure. Her dainty wrists were cuffed together and held
above her head, her arms pulled uncomfortably high and tight by
strong nylon ropes. Her long, shiny black hair cascaded about her
shoulders, partially obscuring the dildo gag that was jammed into
her mouth, and swayed from side to side as she hopelessly tried to
escape the cruel bondage that held her firmly in place. Her breasts
were unusually large for such a young woman and it was those special
features that attracted me to her in the first place. Continue reading Perfect Teen In Suspension Bondage

Teen Sex Story

Having just been dumped by my girlfriend of two years, I had to get
used to jerk’n off to Hustler again. It can be pretty frustrating
when you’re 18 and you can’t stop those hormones from pumping in your
balls. It seemed I was always needing to relieve myself at least once a
day (sounds normal to me!).

I was heartbroken and tired of having to turn to the palm sisters each
morning so I decided to start looking again for a good woman who could
satisfy my desires and needs. Continue reading Teen Sex Story