Smut bondage story

Stacy was then lead in front of Katrina, and the two were taken
around the corner to a cell that had a strong solid iron door, with only a
small rectangular opening near the base for food. Stacy began protesting
wildly, as wildly as she could with her hands so tightly strung together,
but both she and Katrina were pushed into the cell. Their eyes, already
adjusted to dark, saw a dank cell with tile flooring and two steel beds
with thin mattresses. The guards lay them each down on the bed and with a
cord tied their legs. Stacy’s legs were drawn up to her hands and tightly
tied off. The cord around her neck was then tied, leaving little slack to
the heavy iron railing of the bed she was hogtied onto. Katrina received
much the same treatment, but Stacy noticed that the guard who tied her was
somewhat careless and did not tie her neck cord to the bed. Continue reading Smut bondage story

No Names Needed

I like to dance. Going out to a club to hear the latest music
is a good way to spend a Friday night for me. The dance floor is
always packed with guys and girls just doing their own thing. Some
of the girls are really hot while others are not. But it’s fun
just to be there.
The last time I went to the local club (the only one anywhere
near the small town I’m from), a peculiar thing happened. The
music had just ended for the night and all the patrons were filing off the
dance floor toward the exits. I was walking with my arms down at
my sides. All of the sudden, I felt a hand pinching my ass.
Instinctively, I swiped back with my hands to catch whoever it was.
Since this has happened twice before, I’m really curious to find
out who keeps groping me. I caught a wrist and held on tightly.
I didn’t look around at who it was right away, but I dragged her
with me despite her protests. When I finally came to a place that
I could confront her, I stopped and wheeled around, still holding
onto her wrist.
What I saw surprised me. Totally. I looked down into the
greenest eyes I have ever seen. She was about 5’6″, had long blond
hair, and she was really tan. Her face was totally hot. I was
almost mesmerized by her eyes. But I couldn’t forget the business
at hand. Continue reading No Names Needed

Wife With Other Guy

I’m going to keep a dairy of my emotions tonight. I plan to write
a little something at least each hour. I’m doing this because it
does two things. First it gives me something to do and secondly
many people have asked how I feel at such times.

You see my wife, Dena, and I have an open marriage. At least it’s
a one sided open marriage. Throughout our 14 year marriage I have
remained monogamous while Dena has had many lovers. I don’t mind
her affairs, in fact I was the one who suggested she date other
men. Continue reading Wife With Other Guy