Ram My Asshole

A month ago, my girl friend Jill and I got to talking with a waitress at a
local restaraunt and we really hit it off. Her name was Chris and she said she
had two hung guys who were coming over to her place when she got off work..and
we were welcome to join them. We accepted her invitation quickly and met her
when she left the restaraunt.
About a half hour after getting to her place, Chris disappeared to get out
of her “work clothes”. I was sitting right next to Jeff on the sofa, while Jill
and Pete were making out across the room. Jeff’s finger touched under my chin
and I turned to look at him. I kissed him, feeling his lips slowly part, and
his tongue gently stroked my lips. I parted my lips and let his tongue enter
my mouth, eagerly swirling my tongue around his. I chased his tongue into
his mouth when it withdrew, and that excited him, his hands now sliding
urgently down my back. We kissed and kissed for a long time, his hands
and tongue making me so hot that I was sure my pants were visibly wet. Chris
announced the snacks were ready, and Pete disentangled from Jill to help her
bring out the food and some drinks. She sat down, and started telling some
jokes, most of them raunchy. Continue reading Ram My Asshole

Seduced By Coworker

I was seduced yesterday, and I just have to tell someone about it!
His name is Fred. We work together.
I am thirty-six and married, with two children. Fred is twenty-three,
single, and a real dreamboat, with wavy brown hair, big blue eyes and a
well-shaped, muscular body. We have been flirting ever since he started
working with me about four months ago.
We’ve been having lunch together nearly every day for a couple of
weeks. Yesterday we got our day’s work done early. Over lunch he asked me
if I would like to join him in his apartment for a drink. After we arrived
at his place, I excused myself to the bathroom while he made the drinks.
While inside the bathroom I slipped out of my panties and sprayed perfume
on the insides of my thighs. Continue reading Seduced By Coworker

Groupsex Story

Working as a male go-go dancer from Key West to
Providencetown, I learned firsthand that often women can
become pretty daring. While dancing, rotating my buns as
I thread my way between the tables, I’ve had even the most
prim-looking gray-haired ladies grope my crotch and go as
far as to slip their nimble fingers between the elastic of
my briefs.
Recently, I was enjoying some well-earned time off
when a friend asked if I’d be interested in earning some
easy money posing for a women’s art club. Sure, I said,
expecting anything but what happened. Continue reading Groupsex Story