Two chicks posing nude

Deb met her a few
months ago and they hit it off right from the start. They get together
every so often to enjoy the pleasures that only two women can give each
other and from the stories Deb tells me afterwards they do enjoy
themselves. Anyway Deb asked Teresa if she would consider an evening of
fun and pleasure with the both of us. Teresa wasn’t too sure about the
idea but Deb assured her that she would have the final say so and that if
she only wanted me to watch then that is all I would do. So it was agreed
that we would meet for dinner and get acquainted and see where things led
from there. We met at a very nice restaurant in San Jose and spent the
better part of two hours talking and getting to know one another. By the
time we left the restaurant we were all very comfortable with each other
but still no decision had been made about what would transpire once we
reached the hotel. We got to the hotel and the two ladies changed into
their sexy lingerie and then got comfortable on the bed. Continue reading Two chicks posing nude

Old fashioned bondage

Your new lover arrives looking as though he stepped out of the
seventeenth century. He is dressed in a blue velvet suit with
much lace and silk ruffles. His shoulderlength blond hair falls
out from under a large blue velvet hat with a long white feather
in it. He even has on white knee stockings and buckled shoes and
he is carrying a goldtipped cane. He also is wearing a black
mask over his eyes.

He stops still when he sees you. “Enchanting,” he says and bows
deeply. He steps toward you. “Pretty puss, have you done as I
asked?” He slips his cane in the folds of your cloak. You
unfasten the hooks of the cloak and open it. He gazes at you and
smiles. You feel your nipples begin to harden. He licks his
finger and traces the red lines around each one. Continue reading Old fashioned bondage