It was a cool gray, November afternoon. I was walking
down the quiet, suburban street I lived on, on the way to
Gloria’s house. It was fairly windy, a gust whipped up and I
had to reach down to hold my skirt. I suppose my modesty
wasn’t really in jeopardy but the skirt was considerably
shorter than what I was accustomed to wearing.
Gloria had asked me to assist her with a party she was
throwing for Dave’s boss. He had just started a new job she
really wanted to impress him. Part of his new
responsibilities included entertaining customers. She was
going to hire several college girls to serve food and drinks
but she suggested that maybe I would want to help and in
return she would forget the $65.00 I had borrowed earlier
that month. I readily agreed, the party sounded like fun.
Gloria thought about renting maids uniforms for us but
decided against it, she then asked us to all wear matching
skirts and blouses. Continue reading Dull

Bar pickup smut story

Ted and I were college buddies, both going through the same exams,
profs and (you guessed it) girls. He was always an ass man, getting
his kicks from ‘bumping’ up behind chicks anywhere he could find them.
In shopping malls, in elevators, in the subway, anywhere.

My thing is getting head.
Anywhere, anytime is fine as long as the girl doesn’t mind. Ted and I
knew of each other’s sexual preferences and became a tag team almost
by accident.

Sandy was a tall and healthy brunette with big blue eyes that always
seemed to be sparkling. She had a habit of wearing loose fitting
oversize jerseys and faded and stitched Levi jeans. Her pants were
always tight fitting even if we could see only from mid-thigh down.
Always flirting with the guys, she tried to see how far the guys would
go with her. Some were lucky and some were embarassed. Continue reading Bar pickup smut story