Computer consultant story

It began one day at a little place I used to work at, just after I
had gotten into the computer consulting business. It was a small
shop with about ten people that did typical office work, mostly
typing. A woman named Margaret managed it for a guy who let her
run things pretty much however she wanted as long as she kept
costs to a minimum. That meant hiring mostly young girls, whom
she could pay peanuts, to crank out the paperwork along with a
couple of men to do the real work – like operating and maintaining
the computers.

I had increased the efficiency of the place tenfold by installing
a microcomputer network to handle their wordprocessing chores. I
set ’em up with a 386 clone and a 100 meg hard disk as the server
running the ever-popular N network with about half a dozen XTs as
stations. Margaret was both thrilled and thankful for my effort.
After the installation of the hard and soft wares I was called
back only for repairs, program updating and new employee training.
The girls were very computer illiterate, as most women are, and I
really had my hands full training them. I could almost hear their
disk heads grinding against the platters every time one of them
began randomly pushing keys in panic.

Still, due to my expertise, Margaret had a nice, tight little
operation going. Two girls, Lisa and Linda, labored full-time and
her two daughters, Diane and Daphne, worked part-time. There was
also one full-time male computer operator, Jeff. And that was it.

I went on consulting status and Margaret was able to save money by
using me only when she needed support, which was on a fairly
spotty basis, but pretty often. I still don’t know whether to
thank God or Satan that she needed me that day. Maybe I should
thank them both.

Here is a brief description of the employees.

LISA – Nineteen years old, just out of high school and with no
intention of going any further, she was the stuff of men’s dreams.
She stood 5’4″ and weighed in at around 120 pounds; a little on
the fleshy side, but in all the right places. Her hair was brown
and wavy and fell to the middle of her back which arched down to
one of those butts a man would give anything to squeeze; a long,
deep crack between round, bulging white globes that stuck way out
and jiggled slightly when she walked. A pouty little mouth was
planted in the middle of her rosy, apple-cheeked face. Her plump
lips were painted a deep, wet shade of red and she wore
rose-tinted glasses over deep-brown doe eyes. Topping this off
was a pair of 48EEE tits with nipples that were, unbelievably,
half an inch across and poked out about the same length from her
tight sweaters when they were hard. A generous layer of baby fat
still cushioned her low-slung hips. Jutting out from a nicely
padded middle, they flanked a soft, round, slightly-raised little
belly. In other words a sweet, young, juicy, wet-dream put on
this earth for only one reason – Man’s pleasure.

DAPHNE – The manager’s older daughter. Also nineteen, she was
more like the girl next door, but with some important differences.
She stood maybe an inch or two taller than Lisa and was skinnier,
almost thin. Her short, curly brown hair framed one of those cute
little cheerleader-type faces in the middle of which was planted a
set of full, wide lips. All of her weight seemed to have gone
straight to her tits and ass because they sure jutted out nicely
in both directions from that thin frame; bottom heavy and top
heavy at the same time, if you know what I mean. Her tits were
the kind that are full and heavy on the bottom and sort of slope
down from the top; real hangers. She always wore these hanging
blouses with no bra and her sloping tits made them hang way out in
front of her. I could see right through to her big, spongy
nipples. Her ass was the real treasure, though. I had seen this
kind on only one or two other girls in many years of watching and
I doubt that many of you will know what I’m talking about when I
describe it because it is so rare. It starts lower down on the
back than on most women and builds downward and out toward the
rear into huge, meaty cheeks that seem to blend right into the
legs and end just above the knee. It was as if her upper legs
were one huge pair of ass sponges. (You see, I said you wouldn’t
know what I was talking about, but I hope you can picture it now).
If Lisa was a wet dream, Daphne was a deliciously gross fantasy.
She seemed kind of innocent, but I sensed something else lying
underneath all of that.

LINDA – Linda was the one girl who didn’t seem to fit in with the
others at this place. First, she looked quite a bit older than
the other girls although she was actually only twenty. And
second, she was built differently. She was the tallest one in the
place at 5’9″ or 5’10″; an inch or two taller than me and she was
big; maybe 180 or 190 pounds. She was definitely approaching fat,
but I would describe her more as chunky and fully packed. Big,
bulging legs anchored a rotund upper body from which hung two
beefy arms. Her rump cheeks were wide and fat and rode high up on
her hips. For a big girl her tits weren’t anything to speak of,
actually just a pretty nice medium set. She had some acne on a
round face from which hung straight, short, very blond hair. Her
clothes were different too. While all the other girls in the
office usually wore some sort of blouse and skirt, Linda was
always in tight jeans and t-shirts. But the thing that really got
me was the look on her face. Not when she was with the other
girls, who she seemed to get along with, but when she was alone.
I’ll never forget that blank, almost obscene stare.

MARGARET – The manager. She was about 38 years old with fiery
orange-red hair like her daughter Diane. Although I could see she
was starting to go downhill, she was still in pretty good shape
for her age. She must have worked out some because there wasn’t
an ounce of fat on her angular torso and her pretty face was still
tight and smooth. But all that excersize had pulled everything in
hard and tight. There were no soft woman parts hanging out.
Small ass, small chest, hard mouth. It just wasn’t for me. I
prefer the young, fleshy bulging stuff I saw on the other girls.
But I liked Margaret and had many good talks with her. She seemed
like your typical middle-aged housewife; a little on the naive
side, but nice.

JEFF – The only full-time male employee, Jeff was about the same
age as the others. He was on the skinny side, about medium height
and already going slightly bald at his young age. He seemed not
to take the slightest interest in any of the girls, except maybe
Margaret’s eighteen year old daughter Diane, being more into his
work than anything else. He seemed to me like any ordinary
american teenager approaching manhood and I got along well with

DIANE – Diane was the manager’s younger daughter who I had seen
Jeff gazing at and I didn’t blame him. She was something to stare
at. Bright red hair like her mother’s swirled down around her
freckled face. It wasn’t dyed red either and it was exciting to
think that all her other hair was the same color. Hotpants-pink
lipstick coated her protruding young lips. She had just turned
eighteen and was barely into womanhood, but one could see that she
was developing fast. She had the same height as Daphne, but
wasn’t quite as big up front. Her budding little tits were like
creamy cupcakes with ripe cherries stuck on top. The saliva
pumped into my mouth at thought of licking them and also feeling
her little butt, which was still forming. It hadn’t quite plumped
out yet, but the parts by the crack were sticking way out. It
made me want to cup one mound in each hand, my fingers meeting in
that deep slot, and squeeze. She was a little tease, too young
and innocent to know what she was doing to me (and Jeff).

THE BOSS – I had never met the guy who owned the place, Gene was
his name, but I heard he was in his early forties and sometimes
paid a visit to his offices. I looked forward to meeting him

ME – I’ll be your narrator for what happened on that incredible
day; your eyes, ears, hands and any other thing you can imagine.
Call me… Roy. Although I’m no great writer, I hope I can
describe it well enough to allow you to become part of the action.
For that to work you are going to have to believe and imagine that
you were there. It won’t work if you just read the words. I want
you to take my place that day and imagine some women you know (or
would like to know) being there too, taking the place of Lisa,
Daphne and Diane. Although it happened years ago, it still burns
in my memory and, if your imagination can put you and your women
into the action, I believe it will burn in yours too.

That day started out like any other. Margaret had called me in to
fix some equipment that the girls had wrecked for the umpteenth
time. I was getting kind of bored with the routine, but I was
more than glad to go in and get another drooling look at those
girls. I couldn’t believe that hot young stuff like this really
existed, let alone that I was close enough to touch them. But
they did exist. And although I hadn’t done anything, I didn’t
know how long I could hold out before I tried something for real.

As soon as I walked in the door I knew this wasn’t going to end up
like any ordinary day. First, Margaret tells me that the boss is
coming in for his first visit to our office and then I see Lisa
standing in the main room with her back to me talking with Daphne.
It was winter but all she wore was a micro mini-skirt that barely
covered the bottom of her butt. Her tight thighs strained at the
sheer material of the red pantyhose that covered her legs as she
turned to say hello to me. I almost dropped my toolbox when I saw
her from the front. She had on a tight red sweater that was
bulging full of her heavy tits like I had never seen them before.
They jiggled slightly just from her turning and her nipples were
so hard and big that I could see the little bumps standing out on
them, even through the heavy material of the sweater.

As she turned around again to resume her talk I started walking
toward them to go into the computer room, my penis stiffening as I
walked. I had to kind of squeeze behind Lisa to get by. I looked
down and her butt mounds were bulging out so far that I couldn’t
even see the floor. The sight was too much for me and as I went
by, without caring if I got caught, I pushed my free hand up under
the mini-skirt and squeezed one buttock, even forcing my thumb a
little way into the crack. The tights gave way as her ripe butt
flesh squished between my fingers and the place where my thumb
pushed the nylon into her crack felt hot and slippery. I gave her
cheek one more squeeze and moved on quickly, sweating a little at
what I had just gotten away with. How could anything so wrong
feel so right!

Lisa must have sensed that I was right behind her because, luckily
for me, she didn’t even move when I felt her. She could have
screamed or jumped or turned me in to the others, but she just
went on talking to Daphne like nothing had happened.

Needless to say, I was very relieved. “The little bitch probably
thought she was doing an old man a big favor by giving me that
feel”, I thought. But it was sure worth the risk and I was hard
as a rock as I went into the other room. I sure didn’t feel like
working on some machine, but what else could I do. Besides, I
wanted to stick around as long as possible and maybe get another
grab later on.

I was still carrying Lisa’s ass grease on my thumb as I entered
the other room, my body heat keeping it just as warm and oily
as when it was inside her. I began to picture her walking by me,
those full, jiggling cheeks slipping and sliding against each
other, lubricated by the stuff in the crack and I could barely
stand it. I bent my nose down to my thumb and sniffed. To my
surprise it didn’t smell bad at all; kind of musky and perfumed.
If we were alone, I would have gone back out and butt fucked her
on the spot, but I couldn’t with all those people around, so I did
the only thing I could think of to cool down until I could make my
move. Licking the oil from my thumb, I went to work.

Besides the usual full-timers, Diane, Daphne and myself also
happened to be working that day. Linda was wearing her usual
heavy denim jeans with t-shirt and was doing some reports in the
back. Jeff sat at his usual station at the desk in the equipment
room. Daphne had come dressed in jeans also; the soft, faded
blue-denim material grossly stretched out in the rear by her
bulging behind. And she had on that loose blouse again, hanging
way out over her melons. Her nipple stalks were long and stiff
due to the cold; so hard that she seemed to be in a little pain as
I watched her talk to Lisa. The sight made my mouth drool a
little as I walked by.

Diane stood in the report room next to Linda. She had on one of
those clinging, tight one-piece sweater-dress affairs that young
stuff like her shouldn’t wear. The way it molded itself around
her showed off all of her young sex parts as if she were naked.
Her apple tits grew straight out from her ribcage, the little
nipples riding high up on them and her tight buns with the jutting
half-moons were snugly molded by the soft, fuzzy cotton cloth. It
had even tightened its way in between her legs in front so that I
could clearly see the raised ridges of her rounded little pube
sausages. I imagined that peach-sized twat softly filling my
hand; my middle finger sliding into her slot like a hotdog in a
bun. “Margaret shouldn’t let her dress like this in public”, I
thought, but I wasn’t about to complain.

As I began going through the motions with the repair, I spotted
Daphne entering the equipment room. I was sitting on the floor,
pretty well hidden behind an equipment rack by the small table and
I gazed hungrily at her as she walked by; her ass cheeks jiggling
violently under the thin denim of her jeans. Jeff didn’t even
look at her, but I sure did as she grabbed her big rumps to adjust
the panties which had ridden up deep into her crack. Her hands
nearly disappeared as they sunk into her soft, buttery butt flesh.
She rubbed and pulled the panties through the jeans until she had
them properly stretched back over her basketballs and then
wriggled over to the table.

I had long since given up working and I gaped up with my mouth
wide open as she stood right over me at the table. Bending at the
waist, appearing to read some paper, she gave me a wide open view
of her bare tits through the bottom of the open, hanging blouse.
She must not have even know I was there because, after looking
around to be sure no one else was in there, she slid her hands up
under her blouse and hefted one of her big melons in each hand.
Squeezing and rubbing, the white breast flesh bulging out between
her fingers, Daphne’s mouth opened and she let out a low gutteral
grunt. “I knew there was something different about this girl”, I
thought as my left hand began to stroke my thickening dick through
my pants. As I gazed up, stroking a little faster now, Daphne
moved her index fingers up and began rubbing her plump nipple
sacks until they began to pucker and wrinkle. Another series of
soft moans were forced from her lips as her nipples began
stiffening outward by themselves like little cock shafts.

I picked up the pace of my jacking, not caring if she heard me or
not at that point, when I saw her begin to rub and pinch those
light-brown puckered nipples. Grunting and groaning freely now,
but only loud enough for me to hear, Daphne began to quiver and
shake slightly. I didn’t think it was possible, but it looked like
she was going to come just from fondling her tits and nipples! I
felt my balls start to tighten and a trickle of pre-cum stain my
shorts in anticipation as I watched Daphne continue to
self-pleasure her tits.

We were both working furiously now. With thumb and forefinger
Daphne was jerking off her nipples like they were a pair of stiff
little dicks. Her breasts had swelled to almost double their
normal size and began flushing to a dull purple color. They
stretched the tit sacks so tight there was no jiggle in them
anymore and they had grown four or five inches in length too.
They looked like the ends of monstrous, erect purple salamis
sticking out of her chest. Daphne had cupped as much as she could
of those tight tubes with the remaining fingers of each hand and
started jacking off her own tits! She worked the skin back and
forth in a hard, fast rhythm in time with the thumb-stroking of
her nipple shafts; the swollen, purple breast meat sliding inside
the tight, transluscent outer skin.

Although she was pumping at lightening speed now, I could see that
her hands were working in unison, both sliding in and out at the
same time over her jugs and nipples. Her back was forced into an
arch and with each stroke her whole upper body and neck jerked
forward not three feet away from my awestruck face. I looked up
into her mouth which was held stretched open in a silent scream as
she jerked off her tits.

Her nostrils flared out and her face flushed a dull, blood red.
She had gotten some lubrication from a liquid that began seeping
out of her nipple holes and her hands became a slippery, sliding
blur as Daphne’s tit climax overtook her. Even as her her body
became paralyzed in orgasm her hands continued to work. As I
stared in shock, her nipples came and began spurting their tit
cream out in gushes, each stroke of her hands squeezing out a
long, steady stream of milky cum-juice from each tit. At that
moment I also exploded, filling my pants with more cum than I had
every shot before, but it was no match for the waterfall flowing
from Daphne’s pumping boobs.

As if they had a life of their own, they continued to pump out
streams of tit-jism, gradually emptying their swollen sacs, while
Daphne stood frozen like a statue in the grip of her orgasm.
The only other movement came from her throat which was spasming up
and down trying to force air into her lungs, but even her
breathing had ceased. Her bulging, staring eyes and grossly
distorted, open mouth showed me the terror inside of her; knowing
she was running out of oxygen, out of life itself and yet also
knowing she was powerless to voluntarily move a muscle.

Her horror increased as she watched her hands continue on their
own to squeeze out more and more; her tits beginning to wobble
again after emptying out some of the pressure. They must have
pumped it out for 30 or 40 seconds! Her fingers were so
completely covered with the slime that each stroke filled the room
with slippery, squelching, slurping noises. Most of the stuff
landed on the tabletop, but much of it streamed down onto my face
and clothes. I opened my mouth and tongue to it, drinking in the
sweet white syrup even as my prick was pouring out its own juice
into my lap.

As she began to come down I thought to myself, “No one has ever
seen what you just have and nobody is ever likely to see it again.
And who would believe it, if I told them!”. Choking, gurgling
noises woke me out of my stupor as I looked up at Daphne. Gentle
spasms racked her body from head to toe, like she was shivering in
the cold, as the last of the cream oozed from her nipples. It
covered her tits, which had come down to their normal size and
color. Gooey, white masses of it hung and dripped from her
fingers and nipples, which she still had hold of. She gave one
last shudder and appeared to come out of her trance, staring at
her chest as if not knowing what she had done.

Somewhat ashamedly, she began to clean herself off (the bathroom
wasn’t in this room). Using her fingers, she scooped up the still
warm, thickening cream off of her breasts in several loads,
licking and sucking it into her mouth each time and swallowing it
down. Her smacking lips made delicious squishing noises as she
tried to swallow and clean the voluminous white goo off her
tongue. It had become thick enough that I could see her gagging a
little as her throat muscles worked hard to move each lump of the
stuff down. She finished the job off by lifting each breast up to
her mouth, suckling her fat nipples and licking the jelly clean.
She looked around, red-faced with embarrassment and, seeing that
no one was around, began to go back out to work in the main

Watching Daphne lick and clean herself off, I felt my dick begin
rising again out of the cold puddle of cum that had accumulated in
my pants. I couldn’t believe I could get hard again that fast,
but she was that hot of a show. I had begun lazily stroking my
slimy pole again when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted
Linda’s large form moving into the room. Daphne must have spotted
her too because she immediately let go of her boobs and tried to
make a dash for the exit. She had a frightened look on her face
that I couldn’t quite figure out as she tried to fly past Linda.
Even Jeff turned his head to look at this. He crawled down next
to me behind the table and whispered “Don’t say anything and don’t
try to stop her. Just watch and you’ll get the show of your
life”. After what I had just seen I couldn’t figure out what he
meant, but I watched and waited in anticipation.

Daphne’s breasts were bouncing violently as she ran for the door,
blouse flying up over her head. She had almost made it when Linda
side-stepped neatly, grabbed one of Daphne’s melons in mid-air
with both hands and used it to yank her back into the room. In
the same motion the door was quietly flicked shut by an
outstretched foot.

I wondered how she could get away with this with nobody in the
other rooms hearing, when in a flash Linda whipped a wad of cloth
about the size of a rolled up pair of gym socks out her pants
pocket and stuffed it forcefully into Daphne’s wide open mouth,
shutting off the scream that was forming there. Daphne’s cheeks
began to puff outward as Linda used her fingers to push in more
and more of the wad. Daphne’s lips, which had been kept painfully
stretched open while Linda was pushing the socks in, collapsed
around it after the whole thing had been forced in.

The bulge immediately began soaking up her saliva and swelled up,
completely filling Daphne’s mouth and throat; allowing only the
tiniest opening in back to breathe. She could just get enough air
in through her nose to keep herself alive if she concentrated on
that; nevermind trying to spit out the ugly plug. Her mouth was
stuffed good and solid. A couple of times, when her concentration
slipped, I could hear her hacking up phelgm as the moist wool
tickled her throat and the gag reflex took over. I’m sure she was
trying to scream, but only soft animal grunts got past the wet
ball. Her lips couldn’t completely close over it, it was so
swollen in her mouth by now.

“Jesus Christ!”, I thought, “Linda must have come prepared for
this. There’s no other reason for carrying such a thing in her
pocket. She must have done this before!”.

Linda pulled her inside using the tit for a handle. Daphne
stopped dead in her tracks as her boob stretched tight in the
two-fisted grip. She had no other choice than to follow along or
have it yanked right out of the socket! I wanted to help her, but
I sensed that this was a ritual that had been performed before and
that I should mind my own business. Besides, I was still pretty
worked up from before and this show was making me hard again
despite the brutality. In spite of my conscience I found my hand
pulling a little faster now at the sight of Daphne’s mouth bulging
with that gag.

She tried to fight back, but it was no use. Besides having to use
most of her effort just to keep breathing, Daphne was no match for
Linda’s bulk. Releasing one hand, Linda used the tit for leverage
as she moved in from behind, twisting her victim around and
forcing her to bend over the table by planting a foot in the back
of Daphne’s knees. Jeff and I could now look up into Daphne’s
tear-streaked face. She was sobbing openly; whimpering and
trembling from the pain and humiliation that Linda was putting on
her. I felt sorry for her, but I was excited at the same time. I
unzipped my pants and released my stiffness into to my pumping
fist as Jeff and I watched Linda take complete control.

Her big belly pressed against those luscious butt cheeks pinning
Daphne’s waist against the table, chunky legs spread wide around
Daphne’s, clamping them together tightly at the knee. There was
no movement possible from the waist down. I could see that
Linda’s tongue had flopped out between her lips and some saliva
had started dribbling down her chin. Her dull eyes were fixed
with that obscene stare as she went to work up top. Lifting the
blouse up to the neck with one hand, she grabbed both of Daphne’s
wrists in the other meaty paw and forced her arms up in back,
bending them at the elbows so that the hands met together up near
the neck. A look of sheer panic crossed Daphne’s face as she
realized her position, but Linda kept on with the precision of a
surgeon. Working the loose ends of the blouse, she bunched and
twisted them until she had one fairly long braid with which she
tied the wrists together tightly in back.

I began pumping rapidly at the sight. Hidden only a few feet
below I could see that Daphne was now completely secured, her own
blouse-collar forming a tight halter around her neck; the other
end stretching into a tight rope to cuff her wrists painfully in
back of her neck. Trying to move her arms brought instant choking
from the collar and any movement of the head, except to stretch it
backwards, pulled painfully on arms already bent to the breaking
point. My breathing started coming in gasps as I kept up a
steady, rapid jacking with my fist, the other hand massaging my
contracting balls. Linda had her tamed and didn’t appear to be in
any hurry. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

In her right fist Linda grabbed both of daphne’s slim wrists at
the point they were tied and wrapped her fingers up around the
blouse-rope going to the neck. It was ingenious and evil at the
same time. Just using the one hand to pull on the rope and
wrists, Linda could force Daphne’s upper body into any position
she wanted by various combinations of neck chokes and shoulder
pain. For now she kept her bent over about halfway down to the
table; tits, still shiny wet from her earlier licking, hanging
down heavily; dull white cloth swelling out of the O formed by her
partially closed lips.

With her free left hand Linda began unbuttoning Daphne’s jeans.
The whimpering stopped and a new look came over Daphne’s face as
she struggled to no avail against Linda’s invading fingers. It
was no use. The blouse harness was working perfectly and the
other girl’s big tree trunk legs had hers locked tightly below.
The tears started flowing again as Daphne realized the
helplessness of her position.

Linda had deftly worked Daphne’s fly open and, with one swipe of
her huge hand, ripped the jeans down to her knees. Daphne’s huge,
pantied, jiggly behinds spilled out all over the place. They
sprung back up hard, as the jean cloth released them, as if
attached to springs at the back of her waist. They ballooned back
down again, the bottom ends of the humps actually bulging below
her knees on their way down, before springing back up again. They
were like those slinky toys I used play with as a kid.

Boinga…Boinga….Boinga…. They had gotten out of sync on the
release, one fleshy mound on the way down bulging past the other
one on the way up; one agitating the other into more violent
jiggling each time they slid past each other. We all stared
mezmerized as they bounced up and down, slowing down a little on
each pass, until they finally rumbled to halt after a full ten

Daphne’s pants must have been holding her buttocks in a little
because they were larger than anything I had imagined when staring
at them through the jean cloth. They WERE the size of basketballs
at the bottom. They were encased in sheer, stretchy pink panties
that were normal in front; snuggly stretched over her brown,
well-padded twat; but the pouch in back was the size of a grocery
bag! The upper half of the thick cylinders were plumped out with
flesh that jiggled at the slighest touch all the way up the thick
slope to her waist. There was no space between her upper legs;
only one long ass crack that looked a little raw from the sliding
friction when Linda had released them.

Linda now had those buttocks out in the air exposed to herself. A
little life even came into her dull, half-exposed eyes for a
moment as she looked down at them sagging and straining that huge,
pink panty-sack to the breaking point. As I continued to pump
myself, Linda sunk her hand into one butt cheek and began to work
on it through the panties. Kneading and massaging, her strong fat
fingers repeatedly clenched closed, squishing Daphne’s panties and
flesh out between them, and then released; butt jello jiggling
back into place. Daphne’s look had changed again. It wasn’t
anything near pleasure, but I could tell that Linda’s fondling
hand was forcing her to heat up in spite of herself.

Tightening her strain on Daphne’s tether, Linda forced her to bend
farther over the table. With her butt hand she grabbed the
elastic band of one leg of the large panties and pulled it back
about six inches, bringing it out and over the cheek. When she
let go, it snapped back into Daphne like a firecracker going off;
sending her rubbery ass wobbling up and down the length of her.
Despite her gag-stuffed mouth Daphne let out a loud muffled cry as
the panties snapped back in the middle of her rump exposing the
bottom of one cheek to the air. Linda repeated the process on the
other side, this time pulling the panty-leg back a foot. Another,
louder groan poured from Daphne’s gag.

Both of Daphne’s behinds were now exposed at the bottom, showing
the whole bottom half of each white, fleshy mound; the rest of her
bottom still tightly filling the underpants. Linda’s hand found
the now slack bottoms of the panty-bag where they had been pulled
up. Twisting them like she had done to the blouse, she formed
about a six inch length of thick, rope-like panty material.
Forcing it under the taut upper half of Daphne’s underpants, Linda
pushed it deep into the crack. The full six inches sunk in
without even reaching Daphne’s butthole, but Linda didn’t care
about that. She must have known from before that Daphne’s ass
crack was as sensitive as the hole itself and began driving the
thick rod of pink material in and out with her hand. Somehow she
knew how to twist it so it was as hard a man’s cock because it
went in and out of Daphne’s ass slot with ease.

Holding it in her fist by the end attached to the rest of Daphne’s
panties, Linda stretched the end around until it looked like it
was a cock growing out of her groin, her hand on the base. She
began a slow grinding with her wide, chunky hips; matching the
rhythm of the panty-cock as it slid in and out of Daphne,
butt-fucking her ass-crack like a man would. All the while,
Daphne was kept bent far over the table with the neck and arm
brace. She was breathing faster now, nostrils flaring in and out
with the effort; a muffled stream of moans and groans pouring from
the gag. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was going to get off
being force-fucked in the rear end by another girl with a dildo
made from part of her own panties, half of which she was still
wearing! She began jerking her hips backward to meet Linda’s
inward thrusts and her tits began to swell again without any help
from her hands this time; erect nipples already a hard deep brown.

I had nearly forgotten about my own dick. My hand had been
jerking like crazy for the past few minutes and my cock was
straining to blast, painfully hard in my hand. But I couldn’t let
myself go yet. Linda was picking up the pace and I wanted to be
around for the finish.

Planting one of her big shoes, Linda forced Daphne to bend in at
the knees. Her rump jutted out farther, giving Linda an even
better angle. Her powerful hips began snapping it in. The pink
rod had actually become thicker and harder, soaking up the oily
secretions from Daphne’s asshole which were lubricating her butt.
Whipping her thrusting hips savagely, Linda let go of the dildo
and leash, the twitching Daphne no longer needing to be
controlled, and rammed her hands down the front of the panties.

Through the sheer material I saw Linda’s hands go down on Daphne’s
mound. Cupping it from the top in one palm, she parted the
engorged brick-red outer lips with two fingers and split the gushy
inner cunt lips in two with three fingers of her other hand.
Daphne nearly jumped out of her skin as Linda’s fingers went to
work inside of her, but somehow she managed to maintain her
position. She continued to hold her upper body over the table,
bending at the waist, her face grossly stretched out toward the
front by the tight blouse-choker fastened to her wrists in back.
Her tits had tightened themselves again into dull purple sausages;
the nipples already beginning to leak fluid. I don’t know how she
did it. Maybe she was already beginning to feel the paralysis
that was coming.

Linda was still fucking her butt hard from the rear without
holding on at all. The straps of panty material attached to the
part still on Daphne’s upper ass were holding the thick, greasy
panty-rope inside. Every backward thrust of her ass cheeks forced
it out of the slot and every forward crack of Linda’s hips drove
it back in, in the process forcing Daphne’s cunt forward to
self-fuck on her fat fingers. A heavy slapping rhythm filled the
room from Linda’s big, lardy stomach slamming into Daphne’s
jiggling jelly buns.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whump! Blat! Blat! Blat! Whomp! Whack! Whack!

I was getting off on those sounds alone!

Linda’s three fingers were a flickering, tickling windmill inside
Daphne’s vagina causing her to sling her butt-bags with even
greater fury onto Linda’s pumping dildo. They were banging so
hard and fast that Daphne’s butt-grease began turning into a hot,
tan foam that began bubbling out from under the remains of her
panties. Linda suddenly jerked up on the swollen mons in her hand
and Daphne’s grey pre-cum juice flooded onto it. I now heard
slicking noises from the foamy dildo in back and slurping
sounds from the sliding hand in front intermixed with the
butt-slapping and Daphne’s groaning. It was too much for me!
I knew she was about to orgasm like never before! I couldn’t miss

Without thinking I hopped up onto the table. I got onto my knees
in front of Daphne’s flushed, upturned, straining face; still
pumping my stiff, red tool wildly in my hand. Linda didn’t even
seem to know I was there! She was too focused on her increasing
fuck-rhythm into Daphne to notice. I thought I saw just a flicker
of obscene approval for what I was doing and then it was back to
the stare. Daphne’s eyes bulged wide open, however, when she saw
me. Her eyes seemed to cry out to me, “You were hiding in here
all along?! you saw what I did to myself? How could
you !!!!!”. I felt like a real heel at that point, but the heat
deep in my testicles made me realize that I couldn’t help myself
no matter what. Her outraged eyes melted into orgasmic horror as
the thrusting instruments in her vagina and buttocks began slowly
pushing her over the edge and I made my next move.

I found myself looking at her shiny tight breasts, almost black
with color now, protuding eight inches straight out from under her
armpits and her arms tied tight behind her upstraining, choked
neck and I knew I had to grasp those eggplants in my hands and
jerk them off like she had done to herself. Latching on to them
from underneath, I could only get my fingers about halfway around
the bottom half of her hard, swollen, deep-purple bazooms.

My palms began working back and forth on the underside of her
jugs. They were hard, but springy on the outside and they gave in
a little to my gripping pressure. I stroked harder and the outer
skin began to move back and forth with my hands, like the sliding
foreskin on a man’s prick. But the inner, blood-tight tubes were
distended hard. As I moved the skin back and forth I could feel
them growing in there, even longer and more erect. The juice from
her nipples mixed into my fingers causing my palms to slip and
slide. White foam began coating my hands as her inner tits
pulsated like dicks about to come. Splacking sounds from my foamy
hands now reeled my senses as I slid them faster and faster over
Daphne’s turgid balloons.

Linda was still pumping like a machine into her slippery behind,
not letting up, maintaining a constant driving fuck. Daphne’s
body began stiffening. I knew it was beginning for her and my
balls twitched in anticipation of her release, when I spied my
still rock-hard penis straining into thin air. My hands weren’t
about to loose their jerking grip on Daphne’s slithering boobs.
My eyes were darting around desperately for a way when they landed
on her puffy, blushing cheeks and the sopping wad protuding from
her round, semi-open lips.

Even with her body partially frozen in semi-orgasm she saw where
my wild eyes were staring and what I was about to do to her.
Could I actually do it? Her panic-stricken eyes and bound neck
were shaking “No..No..Please God No!”. After what I had seen that
day and in my current state it took me about 2 seconds to decide.
Her eyes lit up in agonizing, complete surrender as I moved up on
her and pushed my thick member into her sopping, cloth-stuffed O
just as Daphne’s climax paralyzed her completely.

Her accumulated saliva drooled out all over her glistening,
stretched lips as I jerked my cock into her mouth as hard as I
could. With Daphne’s head now frozen in her horror filled
cum-stare, she was unable to move at all. I pushed three-quarters
of my 6 inches in against the soft, sucking wad of cloth. It
stretched her spit-covered lips wider apart on the way in. Her
inner organs were still working, though. My cock pushed the gag
ahead of it, as I forced myself in, mashing the whole sticky ball
against the back of her throat, an inch-wide plug filling her
windpipe completely. Her body remained still, but a deep rumble
emitted from her blocked throat. Sickening, puking sounds came
out as her involuntary throat muscles tried to dry-heave the
blocking wad out of there.

Oblivious to any of this, I began to fuck her mouth, the oozing
cloth gag sucking and grabbing at my prick like moist cuntlips.
Relief came for her only when I withdrew for the next stroke. She
had only a split second to suck in a sip of air through her nose
before the gag was again forced down into her throat by my next
pumping thrust. Gut-wrenching dry-pukes heaved up from deep
inside her belly as she fought to keep breathing. I didn’t care
at that point. I could feel the hot semen gushing up my shaft
like a geyser as I rammed her gag-stuffed mouth.

Linda, still humping her ass relentlessly, whipped her fingers out
of Daphne’s swollen, sloshy pubes and rapidly grabbed at the end
of her pumping cock-rope. She stepped back an inch and splunged
her fist deep into Daphne’s ass crack, her whole hand and half of
her fat forearm disappearing between the billowing cheeks. I
could see the lump of her fist moving around under there, rippling
out one cheek and then the other. At last she found the dark,
oily inner hole she had been seeking and jammed the whole greasy
rope into Daphne’s anus with one stroke. Just as I began to
spurt, Daphne blew like a volcano.

Cream began spewing out of her tits again as the pistons inside
pushed it from her nipple holes in streams. It covered my hands,
which were still jerking, and ran down my arms, burning on the way
down like a lava flow. Linda was massaging her mons when a bucket
of sex juice flooded out of her inner sex, covering Linda’s hand
completely and pouring into the panty-bag until it began to look
like a pink, bulging water balloon. At the same time I flooded
the gag inside her mouth with my semen, my full sacs rippling with
each forceful contraction. One long, gutteral, gurgling moan
erupted from her paralyzed mouth as my cock cream oozed into the
tight spaces around the gag, soaking into the saliva-filled cloth
until it began to spill out onto her lips and chin. I pulled out,
unable to get any more in, but still coming.

With one tit-cum coated hand I jerked the remainder of my jism all
over the outside of her stuffed face. I thought, “This has to be
the biggest cum of all time!”, as I pumped and stroked and
splashed it onto her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks; even swamping
her nose with the gooey ooze. Her face could barely be seen under
it, so complete was the covering. It began to slide slowly down
to hang in big gobby drips from her chin and nose and eyebrows.
Daphne remained completely motionless in orgasm throughout the
whole thing, mouth gagged and eyes gaped open wide.

After orgasming for two solid minutes, she began coming out it,
shivering like before as if coming out of a trance. But this time
it was different. Her gentle after-cum trembling gradually turned
into great, racking sobs that shook her whole body. Tears poured
into her cum-coated face at the humiliating sex Linda and I had
forced her to enjoy. The shame was too great for her, but Linda
wasn’t though yet.

She moved her cunt-hand back up to the restraining leash and
jerked backward, pulling Daphne almost upright with her head
angled backwards. She was have real trouble breathing now, what
with her nostrils filled shut with my hardening cum and her mouth
stuffed with the even bigger cum-expanded gag. The force of the
pull brought a great gushing heave from the pit of her stomach and
she blew out the gag. It plopped onto the tabletop with a icky

With her mouth now free, I though Daphne would be screaming her
head off, but all she did was continue to sob and gasp for air. I
guess she was too embarrassed to let anyone else know anyway.

As I continued to look on, kneeling exhausted from my own climax,
Linda took a grab on the blouse-leash with her teeth, holding
Daphne’s head strained backwards. With one free hand she grabbed
a paper cup off the desk and held it in back under the panty
remnants tightly gripping Daphne’s legs. Slowly she pulled her
still buried fist from Daphne’s crack, sliding out the
butt-plug-dildo at the same time. Jiggling ass cheeks unrolled
the panty-cock and, as the tight upper panties loosened their
grip, Daphne’s vaginal cum began to thickly seep out. Linda
twisted and worked the creamy panties in one hand, catching the
ooze in the cup. When she was finished, she had almost a complete
cupful of Daphne’s cream.

Still holding the head back with the cord in her buck-teeth, Linda
brought her free hand up to Daphne’s nose and pinched it off
between thumb and forefinger. With the strong pinkie of the same
hand she poked down into the chin, forcing the mouth open. Head
and neck yanked back, throat and mouth forced open, Daphne offered
no resistance as Linda poured her own jism into her from the large
cup. After each lump of cum-pudding had oozed in Linda would hook
her pinkie under Daphne’s chin, forcing her jaws closed. Daphne
had to swallow the gob before Linda allowed her lips open for
another breath. Pouring in too fast for Daphne’s gagging
swallows, some of it flowed out to smear her chin, swirling into a
pearly mixture with my cum. I could see down into her mouth and
thickly coated tongue as her throat spasmed and choked her own
thick juice down into her awaiting stomach.

A sick green tinge appeared on Daphne’s face and series of
shuddering spasms racked her tummy. It looked like she was about
to throw up the whole thing! Linda also felt the signals. As she
poured in the last ounce of goo, she dropped the cup, picked up
the sopping mess of a gag off the table and, still pinching the
nose off, mushed the big, cold, wet wad back in through Daphne’s
struggling lips. Linda now let go with both hands and teeth and
stood back watching in delight.

Daphne, standing in the middle of the room, free except for the
neck truss, arms still tied tightly up in her back, bent forward
at the waist and heaved. As Jeff and I looked on, stunned, her
knees buckled and a torrent of thick cum shot back up from her
spasming stomach, rocketing out her throat tube into the back of
the cloth ball. She almost fell over backwards from the force,
but managed to stay on her feet. Almost half of the wad ballooned
out of her lips from the force of the jolting liquid. I though it
was going to be blown out of her, but it was sucked back into
Daphne’s mouth like it was being pulled in with a vacuum cleaner.

As Linda stood looking on with unrestrained joy, Daphne’s throat
convulsed again. She gulped the gooey mixture of her own and my
cum back down the tunnel and stood, bent slightly, breathing with
relief, when the next shock wave took her off her feet. She
retched her cum up again, beginning to look faint but unable to
stop the spasms, as the oozing gag slipped halfway out again, but
not far enough to come out. Spasm after spasm rocked her; heaving
gut blasting the cum up into her mouth and bringing it back down
again to reload when it splashed against the blocking gag.

Daphne was beginning to weaken. Sweat covered her forehead and
matted her hair down in wet pleats as she was worked over in that
spastic seizure, alternately swallowing and then heaving up her
own cum, throat bulging visibly as it was forced up and down.

After about a minute and a half she looked like she had had all
she could take, when Linda announced, “OK. I think she’s had
enough.”. Daphne fell to her knees, still racking, eyes turning
back inward into her head. Straddling her from the back, Linda
grasped the leash to immobilize her and, bunching all five fingers
of her other hand, pushed the blunt point of her hand tool between
Daphne’s wet lips. Not letting up, Linda continued to push her
fingers in.

Spreading Daphne’s lips so wide that they lost their color, she
let her fingers widen out around the soaked gag-rag. I continued
to stare dumbfounded as Linda worked her mammoth hand, until,
suddenly, Daphne’s mouth resistance gave way. Her jaws snapped
open a further three inches, locked almost straight up and down,
as Linda’s knuckles slid on in through the gaping mouth. I began
to heat up again, hardening at the sight of Linda’s whole fist in
Daphne’s mouth, the lips having sucked closed around her thick
wrist. It looked like she was fellating Linda’s arm like a huge
horse dick. Linda’s fingers squashed around the massive mouth
gag, bulging out Daphne’s cheeks like a monstrous cockhead.
Incredibly, I began stroking my stiff meat again as Linda began
pistoning her forearm.

Daphne’s face was almost lifeless now, but her lips reacted
automatically like any woman’s should when a thick, fleshy pole
slides in and out of them. They latched on to the wrist and began
slurping and sucking as Linda pumped her arm-cock. But it was no
good. Daphne had fainted even while her lips continued to suck
and Linda realized that Daphne had truly had enough for now. With
one yank, she pulled out the fist and gag.

We all froze when Margaret knocked on the closed door and yelled
in, “Hey you guys! Break time was over five minutes ago. Let’s
get back to work! Remember, Gene will be here any time now.”. I
realized that this must be why no one had bothered us. It was
normal routine for people to take their breaks in this room, close
the door and watch TV. But it still made me jump when she yelled
in at us. I couldn’t believe we had been in there for only twenty
minutes. It seemed like a whole day, but there were several hours
to go.

Linda was the only one who thought to answer her. She yelled
back, “OK. we’ll be right out.”. I didn’t know how we were going
to do that. Daphne was still kneeling, fainted, in the middle of
the floor, her blouse, twisted into a rope around her neck, the
only thing holding her upright. Her jeans were pulled down to her
knees; underpants hanging limply now, twisted out of shape,
stained tan on the bottom and sopping white on top. Her hair was
matted down and sweat dripped from her cum stained face and tits.
She didn’t look ready to go anywhere. I was kneeling on top of a
table panting with exhaustion, pants stained with cumjuice, mine
and Daphne’s; my slick, raw, red tool still stiff from my last
abortive jack-off. But, being only part-time and having to work
on the equipment anyway, I could afford to stay in there until I
could figure something out. And Jeff, who had just watched the
whole thing, was supposed to be in there. He just went back to
his desk. Linda hadn’t even broken a sweat and she still had all
her clothes on.

Once again, Linda took charge of Daphne. She moved in front of
her and, with gentle expertise, slapped her face. Daphne awoke, a
little panicky at seeing Linda, but too exhausted to do anything
about it, and closed her eyes in deep shame. Another slap, this
time a backhander, brought her to full attention again. Sarcastic
words were thrown at her, “Come on little Daphne. Margaret says
we have to get you cleaned up so we can get you back to work. But
it won’t be as much fun as the work we just did, huh?!”.

In the space of a minute or two I watched Linda put things back in
their place. She threw the used cum container in the trash can
along with the wad of rolled up socks. She poked me a painful
shot in the arm and whispered visciously, “Get down off of there!
And get yourself cleaned up. I’m going to open that door in
another minute!”. I thought, “Jesus! That was a really hard
punch for a woman!”. Holding my bruised shoulder, I climbed down
and started getting back into my pants as Linda turned her
attention back to Daphne.

Reaching around in back to the leash, Linda yanked her to a
standing position. Then, reaching around with both hands, she
pulled and yanked at the panties, trying to reform them around
Daphne’s butt, but they didn’t have enough elastic left in them
even for her huge mounds, so Linda just ripped them off at the
seams, hitched up her jeans and buttoned them snug. For some
reason I couldn’t understand, Linda balled up the greasy, stained
panties and stuck them in her pocket where the socks had been.
“Yuck! What could she want with those things?”, I wondered, seeing
that they made twice as big a ball as the socks had.

Still reaching around in back, she undid the wrist cuffs. Numb,
yet painful from fifteen minutes of being bent into that unnatural
position, Daphne’s arms flopped down at her sides, limp and
useless. Linda unrolled the blouse and tried to smooth it down
over Daphne’s cum-dripping boobs, but it was so wrinkled that it
wouldn’t quite make it. It looked a royal wrinkled mess and she
could only stretch it down to the middle of her stomach, her cute
belly button showing out above her pants.

Linda let it go at that. No time. Next, she whipped a spike-comb
from her back pocket and hastily drew it through Daphne’s matted
hair. She screamed out in pain as the four-inch spikes scraped
her skull and ripped through the sweaty knots in her hair, but her
mouth was so painful from being stretched by Linda’s fist and the
gag, her throat still filled with sticky cum and phlegm, that it
came out only as a soft coughing gurgle. After raking Daphne’s
hair in to a vaguely presentable do, she grabbed some paper towels
from Jeff’s desk. Dunking them in some cold stale coffee in
Jeff’s cup, she toweled the cum off Daphne’s face, rubbing hard
and fast, and threw the towels in the can.

Linda pulled the door open and, with one chunky arm around her
shoulder, led the weak, trembling girl quickly out of the room.
Shielding Daphne from the others with her bulky body, Linda
half-dragged her rapidly toward the restroom, which was in the
back. I could see through the doorway as she shoved her in and I
thought I faintly heard, “Now get cleaned up good. And hurry. And
no word of this to anyone. Besides, you KNOW you loved it, you
pretty little bitch, and you know you’ll want more later.”.

With that, the bathroom door shut, Linda went back to her reports,
I went back to my repair and things went on as if nothing had
happened. None of the others even suspected what had gone on in
that room right under their noses!

I worked steadily on, still kind of hot and sweaty, keeping one
eye on the bathroom door (it was unisex and I had to go real bad).
Finally, after about five agonizing minutes, Daphne came out. As
I rushed for the john I could see that she had, by some miracle,
made her self over into something pretty close to normal. Her
hair was still a little damp, but drying fast back into those cute
little brunette ringlets. And her face was washed clean, though
still somewhat red and raw from the paper towels.

The look on her face, however, was another story. Although not
crying, her head kind of moped down and from the vacant depths of
staring eyes she looked at me accusingly with a mixture of hatred
and shame. I felt low, lower than a snake in the grass at that
point. Even the sight of that big, bobbling back end failed to
arouse me as she shuffled slowly into the other room. Truly
ashamed of what I had done, I flopped into the john.

Feeling greatly relieved after my piss, I went back to work. This
was going to be a long one. Machines had broken down all over the
place. I knew it was going to take me at least a couple of hours
to fix them. And, what with the big boss coming in, Margaret kept
popping in on me, asking me if I was finished yet. Her dark green
wraparound skirt flounced wildly on her sleek swiveling hips and
small, taut ass-muscles every time she ran in there. And I could
tell from her erect button nipples poking out from her light green
blouse that she was getting excited about the upcoming visit.

A little peeved at her constant interruptions, I told her somewhat
curtly that I’d have a lot better chance of getting done in time
if she’d leave me alone. A blush formed on her high-riding cheeks
that matched her red hair and she immediately began apologizing,
saying that she was nervous about Gene coming. I told her that I
understood and that I would work extra hard to get it all done for
her. I stared at her muscular, tan calves as she walked out and
thought, “Hmmmm. She ain’t that badly shaped after all; kinda
skinny still, but muscular like those iron pumping ladies I saw on
TV, only not as grossly bulked up. And where did that tan come
from. It looks pretty hot on a redhead. I wonder if it goes all
the way up?”. It was like seeing her for the first time.

Shaking the cobwebs from my head, I went back to work again, but
soon found myself talking to Jeff. I said, “Hey man. What the
hell. Does this thing happen all the time around here or what?
And why weren’t you doing anything through all that stuff?”.

He shrugged a little laugh off his shoulders and answered, “No, it
don’t happen all the time. I only seen it twice before. Only I
never seen it this hot before. Linda was like some kinda animal.
I ain’t messin’ around with her though. No way. I’m afraid of
her. And I wouldn’t know what to do anyway. Poor Daphne, though.
I never seen or heard of some of that shit. Linda forced her to
get off but I don’t think she really liked it. I gotta confess,
the most I’ve ever done is bring off this girl at school once with
my hand. I’d rather just concentrate on my work.”.

“OK”, I thought, “but someday your gonna find out what it’s all
about and then work won’t mean a thing.”. I resumed my efforts to
get the machines running right again.

I looked up and saw that it was about one o’clock. I had spent
the last two hours concentrating hard and had just about finished
up, everything back in working order. Apparently Daphne had had
no trouble concealing her morning episode from her co-workers and
Margaret hadn’t been back to bother me either. I packed up my
tools, pretty satisfied with myself, and prepared to get the hell
out of there.

I strolled out in to the main office preparing to leave. Past
Linda, who didn’t even acknowledge my presence; and past Diane,
standing there innocently. Just at the moment I walked by she
bent over to pick something up. As most women do when they think
no one is looking, she bent straight at the waist, not bending her
knees at all; legs locked straight up and down. The tight, white
cotton shift rode up, higher and higher. She wore no nylons and,
for that second or two, I had an unobstructed view up and down
almost the whole length of her soft, young, cream-colored thighs.

Her bending pushed her smooth, round, little behind high in the
air toward me, the widening split between her butts stretching the
cotton to the breaking point. I was beginning to sweat a little
when I saw Linda sneak a leering grin at the young flesh displayed
in front of her. My eyes locked hers in a stare that told her in
no uncertain terms, “I know what’s on your mind. You lay a hand
on her and you’ll answer to me. Over my dead body Linda, over my
dead body.”. She gave me a shrug that said, “We’ll see” and went
back to work.

Shuddering at the thought, I walked into the main office. Daphne
sat at a desk facing away from me. She sat in a typical office
chair; you know, the kind with a small backrest high up on a two
inch diameter stalk set in the seat. The thick shiny stainless
steel pole had worked its way into Daphne’s jeans as she sat.
Part of her butt meats, now unrestrained by panties, had oozed
around the chair rod, gripping it tightly; the rest of the denim
covered flesh sagged out around it and over the sides of the seat.
My sweat increased at the sight, but my cock remained limp. All I
could see was the brutal invasion she had taken from Linda
earlier in the day and I marveled at how she could sit there
working as usual all this time. She might have been able to
regain her composure somehow, but I hadn’t.

I moved past her, gently patting the back of her head in sympathy
as I walked by. Rudely shaking her head away, she lifted her
downturned eyes to mine, remembering my part in her ordeal, and
glared daggers right through my face. I wanted to apologize to
her, to explain that I couldn’t help myself, but there was no way.

Lisa was sitting at the typewriter by the front door. If anything
could have brought me back to life it was her. The heat start to
spread through my dick again as I approached her, gazing hungrily
and openly, but she was too busy typing to notice. I ogled my way
down the length of her, starting with her pleasingly filled out
face and moving down to the tight red sweater filled with her
heavy, bulging tits.

They seemed to fill the entire front of her sweater; so large
that they were plopped solidly down on the typing table, Lisa’s
arms squeezing them together in front of her as she typed. With
one hand in my pocket secretly feeling myself, I stood and stared
at her sweater-bulging pair, which had to be the size of honeydew
melons. The cold metal table had excited her nipples, forcing
those nickel-sized paps to erupt forward nearly three fourths of
an inch!

I ended up in her lap, my eyes buried deep in the dark triangle
formed by her little belly and bulging, red-nylon thighs. The
micro-mini barely covered her bottom, now that she was sitting
down, and I could see the round ends of her butt barely peaking
out, also encased in the tight elastic. I focused in and thought,
“I’ll be damned if she isn’t wearin’ any!”. The white flesh of
her unpantied ass blended into the expanding red material, tinting
it a dull, sexual pink. “What in the hell is she doing dressed
like that just to come to a dull office job?”, I wondered. “She
is ready!”, I decided. “And I’m just the man to give it to her!”.

Not thinking too clearly anymore, I formed the crazy idea that I
would go outside and wait for her to come out. There were only a
couple more hours til closing time. I’d wait for her and talk to
her, ask her out or over to my house or anything. I had to have
her now, today, and I was determined to get her; one way or the
other. “Somehow she knew I was going to be there today and she
dressed that way for me!”, my hormones screamed at me. “If she
plays it cool, don’t let her get away. Follow her and make her
yours!”, my mixed up mind ordered.

In a hot trance I waved good-bye absently to Margaret and began
walking out, my plan now set. But you know what they say about
plans. I vaguely heard her say “No. Stick around. I want you to
meet Gene”, but I too full of the vision of Lisa to pay any

Just as I made it to the exit, the door burst open noisily. I was
nearly bowled over as the boss burst into the office. I guess I
was going to stick around after all.

The room became a mad shambles as everyone ran in to greet him.
Never having met him and him being the boss and everything, the
girls stopped short and shyly huddled together around him, not
knowing what to say. Margaret, who had met him only once herself
when she was hired as manager, took some initiative and offered
him her hand in welcome.

Let me tell ya, I don’t where I got that description of him that I
gave you earlier, but it was dead wrong. He wasn’t in his early
forties. It was more like his late fifties! Let me give you a
little better description now of the man who owned the place, the
man who I worked for, as I saw him for the first time that day
along with the rest of his employees.

First of all he was a big guy. About 6’4″ and maybe 250 pounds.
As I craned my neck up at him I could tell that he dyed his still
thick hair. It was slicked back in a high pompadour. And it was
a poor dye job at that, old-man grey growing out at the base of a
jet black shoe polish bowl on top. Deep crags deeply dented his
jowly cheeks and he wore steel-framed glasses laying heavily on a
large, bulbous nose.

He still wore the tonnage pretty well on his large frame, but he
was definitely on the fattish side. I could hear him wheezing
just from the effort of walking all that weight around and a light
red flush blotched his sweating face. What a sight! Wearing a
heavy black coat over his pin-stripe suit, he looked more like a
sleaze than a boss to me.

Meanwhile, the girls were backing away a little after taking a
good look at him. They didn’t mean to, I’m sure. It was just an
instinctive move on their part and I didn’t blame them. Linda was
the only one who didn’t seem nervous, standing calmly off to the
side behind Margaret, who was still trying to shake hands with

Swallowing her little hand in one of his big mitts, he shook it
briefly, Margaret’s whole body shaking along with it. “Good to
see you again, Margaret. I’m very proud of the way you’ve whipped
this place into shape. I thought it was about time I came and saw
it for myself.”. He turned his gaze in our direction and
exclaimed, “And these must be the people who really deserve all
the credit. Let’s see who we’ve got here.”.

His eyes swept down the line as Margaret introduced him to his
people; me and Jeff, Diane, Daphne, Linda and finally Lisa on whom
his gaze rested for what seemed like an eternity. Her 5’4″ frame
cringed back just a fraction as his eyes bore down on her.
Licking his lips a little, he ogled her obscenely, drinking in her
huge tits, soft round tummy and the pink nylon bulging with her
meaty thighs.

Finally, he turned back to Margaret and shrugged off his overcoat,
taking the suit coat off right along with it. Now I could see how
huge he really was. Man, was he big. His barrel chest had popped
one of the buttons on his shirt and I could see that he wore no
undershirt. His pot belly looked like a big pink beach ball with
a black rug on it. Yuck!

I was so engrossed in staring at this guy, our boss, that I was as
unprepared as the rest of them for what happened next.

He was telling Margaret what a fine looking group we were and that
he wanted to get to know each of us on a more personal level….
“In fact, let’s do away with the formalities and start right

Nodding his head at Linda, who had been standing there as if
looking for a signal, he commanded, “Let’s do it!”. In a flash,
the room became a confused blur of bodies. Linda ran at Margaret
who was too stunned to move. Her lithe, athletic body naturally
fought back, but it was too late. Linda, grinning obscenely at
Gene, easily pinned her arms backward in a full nelson and held
her back from the others.

In the same instant Gene, moving his massive body with surprising
speed, headed straight for Lisa. Looming over her, he wrapped a
length of her long hair tightly around his hand and yanked hard.
A yelp of pain escaped from her lips as her head was snapped back,
stopping her dead in her tracks. With his free hand he reached
down and began crudely fondling her chest, the tight red sweater
rippling and bulging out in all directions as his paw mashed and
squeezed her billowing breasts.

I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I knew I had to do
something. Even if he was old, Gene had a good eight inches and
about eighty pounds on me and I didn’t know if I could take him.
Besides, from the way things were shaping up, I thought I might
not want to stop him. Things were happening so fast and my plan
for Lisa was still warm in my mind. I didn’t want to lose her,
but the idea of seeing this huge old guy do her was pretty hot
too. I decided to play it cool for now. Besides, there was
someone else I also had had thoughts about.

Jeff, finally showing some life, must have seen his chance too.
His glazed eyes turned to young Diane, who was beginning to wake
up and move to the aid of her mother. “Let her go! You fat
bitch!”, she screamed, jumping full tilt at the struggling pair.
Linda, laughing in her face, expertly stuck out a boot and sent
her sprawling, still clamping onto Margaret with both arms. Jeff
and I both reached her at the same time.

We heard a loud thud and then WHOOMPH! as the wind was blown out
of her by the fall. Stunned, she instantly struggled to her feet
in a daze, the cotton dress shifting all the way up, bunching
around her little bottom, showing us a glimpse of white satin
panties. Jeff reached her first, helping her up and, at the same
time, greedily groping her ass. I got there an instant later and
yanked him off of her. “Uh uh. This one is mine.”, I glared at
him. “You want some, you go get that.”, I said, pointing in the
direction of the door.

He turned where I was pointing. Daphne, as if knowing what was
coming, was sprinting toward the door in panic. She had her hand
on the knob and was making her break to freedom, when Jeff slammed
it back and locked it. Seeing that she was again shut in, Daphne
collapsed, cringing in utter despair at her situation. I guess
Jeff, remembering the scene in the back room, figured she was a
pretty good piece after all. Daphne was grabbed by the back of
her blouse for the second time that day, but all the struggle had
gone out of her. Jeff’s juices were flowin’ now and he began to
eagerly feel her up.

Diane was fighting me all the way, but she was no match for me now
that I had committed to going all the way with her. Her
struggling pushed the shift over her waist, quivering buttocks
squirming softly against my pants. I reached around in front, now
in full sexual heat, and cupped her plump young sex, feeling and
rubbing the mound through the thin white satin. In a trance now,
I half dragged her over to a chair and sat down, pulling her from
behind down into my lap, my middle finger beginning to stroke in
her slot. She was still squirming, but not so hard now, as I
clamped my other arm around her. I pressed hard, forcing her ass
cheeks down into my lap. They spread out around the bulge of my
hardening dick and I began to lightly dry hump her while steadily
working her fuzzy, red-haired mound with my finger.

From where I was sitting I could see the whole office with its row
of three bolted down desks lined up in front of us. Linda pulled
Margaret over to the one on our left. Letting go with one hand,
she maintained her hold and cranked up hard on Margaret’s wrists,
forcing her face down onto the desk, just as her daughter Daphne
had been forced onto the backroom table. I thought, “No. She
wouldn’t dare do that.”.

Margaret’s skirt was ripped off, revealing tan, supple legs and
frilly blue briefs over her tight behind. Whipping out daughter
Daphne’s wad of soiled, cum-soaked panties, Linda tightly bound
her wrists in back with the waistband. Bringing the rest up in
front through Margaret’s crotch, she stretched the pink elastic to
the breaking point and squeezed one of the leg loops over
Margaret’s head. With a little relief I realized she was only
using them for better control. The pink band dug into Margaret’s
vagina, pulling down tautly on her neck and wrists at the same
time, while Linda straddled her waist and sat heavily, pinning her
down. Grabbing under Margaret’s chin with both hands, she pulled
her head up painfully and spat in her ear, “Now we’ll see who’s
the real manager around here. I’m in charge now and your
employees are going to work like they never have before. You just
sit back and watch the show. Look at Daphne over there. She
seems to be enjoying it.”. Margaret couldn’t help but look, her
head bent back by Linda’s vice-like grip on her chin.

It was hard trying to see all the action in this three ring circus
all at once and keep my control on Diane. She still fought me,
but I had her arms pinned good and continued to work my bulge into
her squirming bottom. She shook her head around and tried to bite
me, red mane flying into my face, but she stopped cold when I
popped my finger into her snatch, the white satin pushing in with
it. Even through her panties I could feel that she was getting
warm and wet in there whether she wanted it or not. I got another
finger in and slid the panties in and out, the increasing friction
heating the material and also building up a static charge on the

My eyes followed Margaret’s over to the desk on my right. Ripping
the blouse up over Daphne’s head, Jeff exposed her bare breasts.
Having surrendered completely by now, she didn’t fight him as he
grabbed a jug in each hand and began squeezing. He had made the
grab close in by her ribs and with each squeeze her mounds
ballooned out in front, flushing red in his tight grip. Her brown
nipples began pushing themselves out a little at a time, growing
stiffer and longer each time, as if being inflated by her pumping
breast bags.

Daphne went along meekly as Jeff dragged her to the desk. He let
go, twisted her around and leaned her back. Jeff’s eyes were big
as saucers and fully dilated as he began twisting open the buttons
of her fly. With both hands he made short work of it and soon
worked her jeans down over her hips. Head bowed in shame, her
dull eyes watched him slide her pants down to her ankles.
Nevertheless a gasp came from her lips as he reached under her
legs. One hand cupped her mound from the front while the other
groped in from behind. Jeff jammed a finger of his cunt hand
straight in, “UNNNH!”. In back he bunched his hand into a full
fist and began pushing steadily against her still slick ass crack,
“OOOOOOOW!”. In spite of herself, Daphne began to respond to the
intruding fingers and fist. She tried mightily to keep her butt
shut, but then she shuddered and raised up on her toes as her
gluteous muscles gave out. Jeff’s balled fist forced her cheeks
apart and his arm lunged into the slimy, tan tunnel.

Maintaining her in this upraised position by pushing up on her
pubic bone, he forced his fist in deeper still. Daphne moaned
again and then suddenly snapped her head up in shock. I watched
transfixed as Jeff’s arm went in farther and farther, Daphne’s
cheeks now butting up against his elbow. He was in deeper than
Linda had been earlier and I knew from the girl’s look that his
fist, like a massive cockhead had reached her puckered sphincter.
Gritting his teeth with effort, he kept up a hard steady pressure,
twisting as he pushed to work her ass grease onto his fist for

Daphne’s eyes bulged half way out of their sockets and her mouth
began to contort in a painful grimace as her puckered hole began
surrendering to Jeff’s slippery twisting pressure. He had it
halfway in now, her asshole stretching and dilating around it like
a vagina in childbirth; only this baby’s head was going in the
wrong direction and into the wrong hole!

Staring in utter disbelief, I began to responding to this filthy
show and scooped my arm up under Diane’s dress, feeling for her
young titties. Still bouncing her up and down on the hard lump in
my lap, I latched on to one of them, rapidly squeezing and rubbing
the soft mound in a heated frenzy, feeling the nipple begin to
harden in my hand.

Struggling less intensely now, Diane began to squirm in my lap,
rather than fight, as my fondling and rubbing hands awoke passions
her eighteen year old flesh had never known. Her freckled face
blushed hotly, but she let me pull the shift over her outstretched
arms. I put one hand on each of her bare cupcakes and began to
work them over in earnest, fondling and pinching their orangy
little buds which had never known a man’s hand. Her pink, painted
lips had just parted in an ecstatic groan, when my attention was
forced back to the desk.

Doubling over limply, Daphne’s knees sagged and her stomach
spasmed violently. Her slippery anal muscle gave way completely
as Jeff’s hand popped through her back door with a mighty heave.
So complete and sudden was her surrender that Jeff nearly lost his
balance as his forward thrust carried him into her another five
inches, his arm disappearing into her crack beyond the elbow!

“Give it to her Jeff! Ram it home!”, Linda was urging him, “Fist
fuck her buns!”. Margaret couldn’t bear to look, but Linda moved
a hand to the sides of her eyes and squeezed until they opened in
pain. “Is that any way to bring up a daughter? You skinny slut!
I oughta do the same to you.”, she growled. She released her hold
on Margaret’s eyes and with the same hand ripped her cotton
panties down to the knees. “But not just yet. Let’s see the rest
of you first.”, she whispered. Riding on Margaret’s waist saddle
like a horse, she reached under her armpit and ripped her blouse
open, the buttons popping off in all directions. Grabbing at the
back of the collar, she yanked it down in back to the elbows. It
acted like a straightjacket, pinning the arms in back and pushing
out her brassiered breasts in front. Margaret started to buck in
panic now and my prick grew another inch in my pants at the
thought that Linda might mean what she said.

Grossed out, but hotly fascinated, I watched Jeff recover and,
spurred on by Linda’s urging, begin to fuck Daphne’s ass with his
arm. A wet suctioning noise filled the room as he pulled out to
the elbow, keeping his balled fist just inside her anus. Still
bent over limply, she began to gasp quick breaths of relief, but
doubled over again as Jeff shoved it back in.

He slid out again, held it a second, and pushed it back in. Then
he started pumping slowly as her bowels began to loosen and coat
him with their brown, oily secretion. Doubled over, limp, blood
rushing to her head, Daphne flopped around like a rag doll on the
driving fist sliding up and down inside her large intestine. But
the giant arm-phallus was beginning to have its effect on her
sensitive back hole and she began grunting in rhythm with the
slowly pumping arm. I couldn’t believe after all she’d been
through that she was responding to something like this! It was
absolutely filthy, but watching it only made me more excited.

My dick was aching, it was so hard and I began to think of getting
it out of my pants and into Diane. Somehow I yanked open my
zipper and it leaped out, running straight up under a leg opening
in her satin panties. Thrusting clumsily, I tried to push it into
her ass, but it only slid up her crack and settled in between her
buns like a red hot sausage. Feeling the heat in there, I began
jerking up and down between her rubbery moon pies, keeping up a
soft massage on her swollen pear-shaped pud. Her moaning grew
louder; hot, musky, young breath gushing into my ear; moist tongue
licking as she blew in. I began pumping faster and her rhythmic
butt thrusts began matching mine.

Daphne began grunting loudly, eeeeuunnnnh! nnyyyyyuh! unh!, her
face alternately straining and relaxing as she forced herself back
onto Jeff’s arm with each inward stroke. It looked as if she was
taking a hard shit, grunting to expel the log buried inside her,
but every time she tried he slid it farther in. Her powerful butt
muscles clamped themselves down on his sliding wrist, her anus
acting like a cunt approaching orgasm. The bitch was actually in
heat getting arm-fucked up the ass!

Hands locked on bent knees, she buck out of control on Jeff’s
jerking limb, turgid tits bouncing hard against her chest. The
grunting stopped and her mouth began to contort into the familiar
orgasmic stare. Sensing her begin to tremor and stiffen, Jeff
socked his fist in and out of her like lightning, huge rumps
wobbling wildly. The thought that this kind of action could bring
Daphne, or any girl, to climax brought a spasm deep down in my
root. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer and began pinching
Diane’s clit as my tightening balls began pumping juice up the

Daphne was just beginning to freeze when Jeff balled his other
hand into a fist and, with one shove, pushed the whole thing
through her slippery, deep-red cunt lips. His fists slid for a
few quick strokes inside her, feeling each other on either side of
the thick membrane between her canals, and brought her off
instantly. She froze solid, hands on bent knees, butt jutted
backwards, open-mouthed face locked forward in a silent scream.

His arms continued to work inside her as she watched her nipples
spew cream like fountains onto the floor in puddles. Farts
bubbled out involuntarily around Jeff’s arm and she drenched
Jeff’s other fist with vaginal cum. I could tell from her eyes
that she knew the shame of what he had done to her, making her
come like this, but she couldn’t move as he pulled out with both

As she continued to erupt, he moved quickly around to her front
and stared into her eyes, as if admiring his handiwork. Stuck to
the floor, still paralyzed in ongoing orgasm, she watched in
silent terror as he straddled her upturned head and begin jacking
off, the head of his stiff red penis squeezing in between her open
lips. It only took him a few seconds of jerking before he came,
shooting thick streams into Daphne’s wide open recepticle. Her
throat tried to swallow the stuff down, but it was too thick and
she gagged, bringing her out her come-trance.

Shivering down from the tension, she began working to swallow the
sperm-packed liquid down, hands still gripping bent knees. The
heavy cream overflowed her smacking lips, oozing out down her chin
as she spat out whatever excess she could. But most of it she had
to swallow, gulping large lumps of it down her pipe.

Grabbing Diane behind the neck, I twisted her head around and
slurped my lips onto hers, covering her whole, slightly-open mouth
with mine. She tried to turn away but I held her tight, sucking
her plump, pink oral mound. She didn’t know what to do, but her
natural female juices took over her young body, hormones beginning
to spurt into her bloodstream from maturing glands deep inside.

Her mouth began sucking inside of mine and I let my tongue slide
into her, lapping and licking her warm saliva-covered oral cavity.
“mmmmm ahhhhh uh uh uh nnnnnnnh”, poured into my ear, freckled
face flushing the color of her soft red hair. She hotly sucked my
tongue in and out of her clenching lips, moaning quietly as I
inserted two fingers back into her vagina. I cupped her hot
little mound in the rest of my hand and began squeezing it in my
palm; my tongue slipping and sliding in and out of her wet lips
the whole time. Returning the favor, I sucked in and pulled her
fat tongue into my mouth, gently blowing as I held it clamped
between my lips. God, she was a sweet young piece and she was
gettin’ ready for me, even in the midst of the gross sexual
brutality going on around us.

Releasing her lips with a smack I held on to her tongue and sucked
it wetly, pushing it almost all the way back into her and then
pulling it back into me with gentle suction.

A hot, wet lump began to press against my palm as I continued to
manipulate her vulva. It pulsated and grew like a big, hardening
nipple throbbing urgently against my hand. For a second I didn’t
realize what it could be, it was so big, but then I knew it must
be Diane’s clitoris. It was huge! I caught the squirming, pulpy
organ between my fingers and began to feel. It was about as big
as the end of my thumb and it felt like it actually had a head on
it like a little cock, although there was no hole in it.

The feel of such a big thing on a hot, teenaged girl was too much
for me. I began to knead the massive lump between my fingers,
causing Diane to grunt in sexual agony as she began grinding her
steamy young buns into my lap.

Suddenly, I heard a dull CRAAAAACCCCK! and felt a painful jolt of
electricity shoot into my arm. Diane wrenched herself inward,
legs lifting, toes pointing straight out and began twitching
violently in my lap as I shot my load. The static that had built
up in her satin panties had discharged like a lightning bolt
straight into her huge clit! As if being electrocuted, she
twitched her toes and fingers as I gushed cum under her panties,
smearing it into her butt as I jerked against her.

After about thirty seconds, Diane relaxed and began to sob
quietly, knowing that I had given her pleasure that no woman had
ever felt and that she would probably never know again. I pulled
my soft member out from under her cum-soaked panties and lifted
her onto the chair next to me. I put my arm around her, trying to
soothe her, overcome with feeling at seeing her tear-stained face
buried in her hands. She didn’t know it, but she had also given
me something I would treasure as long as I lived.

“Please. No. Why are you doing this to me?!”, shifted my
attention to the center desk. Lisa was fighting him, but she
started to weaken, realizing that she had no hope against Gene’s
towering bulk. But he didn’t even hear her. Lost in his own
world of sexual frenzy, the thought of fucking a hot young girl
like this burning in his old man’s mind, he continued fondling her

Reaching down with both hands, he hooked the bottom of the tight
sweater and worked it up her sides. The material snagged for a
moment on the long, thick nipples but then came loose, plopping
out her mammoth, quivering mounds of boob flesh. Continuing to
pull up on the sides, he worked the sweater up to her neck bending
and folding up her flailing arms until he had them and her head
trapped inside the clinging wool sack. The too-tight waist
snapped shut and, as Lisa struggled to free her entangled limbs,
Gene renewed his assault on her heaving globes.

Lisa’s bared breasts were huge. 48-inch fully packed blocks of
jiggling, chalky-white flesh. And on her 5’4″ frame they looked
even bigger. Since she was so young, they didn’t sag either; two
enormous, heavy pouches filling her front from armpits to tummy.
Gene manipulated the big piles against each other obscenely,
hefting and jiggling them like two bowling balls, as Lisa
struggled inside the sweater.

“Goddam! This girl’s got a big set of knockers, Linda. So big
and soft. Look at em jiggle. And these cow-nipples gonna squirt
a gallon of milk! Come on little Lisa. Stop fightin’. Don’t you
wanna get to know uncle Gene better?”, he slobbered at her
struggling head through the confining sweater. “Come on and get
yourself over here Linda and get a piece of this. You hear that,
girl? Me and Linda are gonna double your pleasure.”.

He bumped himself from behind into her back end, rubbing up and
down against her soft flesh, raising the miniskirt on every stroke
until Lisa’s jiggling white buttocks shown through the red
pantyhose. “God. They are as big as bowling balls.”, I thought
as I stared at Gene dry humping her from the rear. I could see
the elastic waistband biting deeply into the thick love pouches on
her sides, baby fat quivering like little saddlebags of jello.
And she didn’t have on any panties under there either. “Is this
girl crazy?”, I thought, “What does she expect, dressing like
that? Whew!”.

Her thick nipples were fully erect now. I had never seen anything
like them on a woman before, even Daphne. As big around as a roll
of nickels, they stuck out almost an inch from her puckered,
pancake aureolas; the dark-brown posts drooping down slightly from
their weight. Covered with light-brown goosebumps and crinkly
crevices, they looked like they were made for an adult mouth to
suck rather than a baby’s; they were that big. Swirling cracks
deepened on their front ends and little gasps burst from Lisa’s
lips as Gene squeezed and rolled the hard, yet yielding, posts
between his fingers. His fleshy face flushed in heat as he worked
on the young woman, swallowing her up in his lumbering embrace.

Linda, glazing over into that dull stare, grabbed a hank of
Margaret’s short neck hair and pinched it back, squirting tears of
tears of pain from her eyes. “Now you just stay here and watch.
I’m gonna show you how to treat your employees right. That sweet
piece of meat is gonna beg me before I’m done with her.”

Planting one her big boots, she spread Margaret’s legs roughly
until they were as wide as the desk. She grabbed the green skirt
off the floor and violently ripped it into two long strips with
which she bound each of Margaret’s ankles to one of the steel desk
legs. Arms tied in back by the blouse and head restrained by the
panty leg around her neck, Margaret stared helplessly as Linda
left her and advanced on Lisa.

Knowing what Linda had done to Daphne earlier, I pitied poor Lisa.
She was in real trouble now, but I was too far into this to help
her now. At this point I actually wished I were Gene, as I
watched him roughly try to milk her big tits. Her head and arms
were just beginning to fight their way out of the tangling sweater
as Linda reached her.

“Here, let me help you”, she said. Grabbing and ripping, she
shredded the cloth off completely. Regaining her sight, Lisa
recoiled in horror at the sight of Linda in front of her.
“L..linda? Not you too! Please, leave me alone! Make him stop,
please.”. But this kind of pitiful begging only spurred her on.

Moving to Lisa’s bare front as Gene continued to work on her from
the rear, Linda hungrily ran her eyes over the girl-flesh in front
of her. “Yeah, Lisa. You’re gonna love this”, she whispered as
her hands felt their way down the back of Lisa’s soft thighs.
Unsnapping the miniskirt and tossing it away, she ran her hand
down, rubbing and massaging Lisa’s plump, round tummy-pot in slow
circles. “Mmmmmmh. Yeah. So soft. So round and hot. I want
her now, Gene. But let me suck on those melons first.”

Gene let loose and pinned back Lisa’s arms, as Linda bent down and
latched on. Cupping them from the sides, she squeezed the roots
hard, pushing the fatty glands toward her mouth. Lisa’s eyes
began to water as Linda kept increasing the pressure, the force of
her grip cutting off the blood supply. She squeezed and released,
squeezed and released, pumping blood into Lisa’s huge boob sacs.
The reddening bulbs were actually increasing in volume as Linda
squeezed, blood filling and tightening the sensitive mammary

Holding her grip, Linda bent down and took one of the inch-long
nipples into her fat lips. Lisa gasped as her thick, rubbery teat
was sucked in. Looking on as Linda moved the hard, goosepimpled
post in and out I thought, “Jesus, they must be sensitive!”. She
got her teeth around it, bit down lightly and then increased the
pressure gradually, while flicking the tip with her tongue, until
Lisa yelped in sexual pain. White juice began seeping out the
deep cuts on the front end of the other, exposed, nipple as
Linda’s head bobbed up and down. A silly look formed on Lisa’s
face and she began raising up and down on her toes as she began to
react to the wet sucking lips.

Linda increased her pace, puffy cheeks huffing in and out. It
looked like she was giving head to a fat, miniature brown cock.
I eased Diane’s rump off the chair and removed her panties,
beginning to feel her up again, as Lisa began quivering in Gene’s
armlock. Squeezing Lisa’s blood-engorged balloons, Linda
fluttered the tip of her tongue on the nerved-filled nipple in her
mouth. “OH OH OH nnnnnnh nuh uh uh OOOHHHH!”, Lisa shouted as she
spasmed in a tit-induced orgasm.

Milk shot out the ends of Lisa’s pulsating nipple stalks. She
heaved her swollen breasts forward, spraying into Linda’s open
mouth like a garden sprinkler, as she bucked in Gene’s grasp.
Linda drank in the sweet nectar, licking and slurping it in as if
quenching a burning thirst. Gradually coming out of it, Lisa
turned eyes downward, ashamed of what she had been forced to do,
and meekly renewed her struggle, knowing that Gene and Linda
weren’t through with her by any means.

They were working as a team now, as if by pre-arranged signals.
“Mmmmmm, that was good, you little milk-cow. Now let’s see how
you like the taste of it inside of you.”, Linda drooled. Putting
her full 180 pounds into it, she stood on Lisa’s feet with her
heavy boots and held her immobile by the tits; bending her over a
little as Gene stepped back. Arms released, Lisa clawed wildly
for Linda’s eyes, but the big girl easily brought her up short.
Grinding her bootheels into Lisa’s toes with all her weight, she
laughed, “That’s it. Fight me, Lisa. I like it when you

Gene hooked his thumbs under her waistband and snuggled the
butt-hugging tights down Lisa’s midsection. Rolling them over her
thighs, he got the nylons completely off, Linda releasing one of
Lisa’s feet at a time for him. She felt his big hands fondling
her exposed, brown-haired cuntlips and fatty, white asscheeks for
a moment and began whimpering again.

Standing back, Gene began to get his clothes off. He unbuttoned
and removed his shirt; fat potbelly plopping out, and then
unbuckled his 50″ leather belt. “Alright Gene, whip out that
shaft”, Linda cheered as he pulled his trousers and shorts down
with one tug.

A hush fell over the room, save for Lisa’s whining, as we all
stared at the dong hanging between his legs. I had never seen
anything like it and looked at my pitiful little thing in envy.
Linda gazed in admiration, Margaret gaped at it in terror and Lisa
stopped crying, frozen in absolute horror, knowing where Gene was
going to stick it.

It wasn’t super long, maybe about 9 inches, but, even hanging in
its flaccid state between his legs, it had to be the thickest cock
ever worn by a human being. Even limp, it was as big around as a
beer can; a veinless, flesh-colored log capped with a head equally
as big around. A deep, long cleft split the apple-sized head into
two blunt, rounded halves already shiny with his pre-cum.

He reached down and gripped himself, beginning to jack this
massive thing to attention. As he stroked himself, it began to
stiffen and deepen in color. It didn’t take him long to get
completely hard, the smooth purple pole jutting straight out, not
bending up like most men. “Let’s get her ready”, he mumbled and
grabbed the red nylons off the floor. Ripping the legs from the
panty part, he tied off each of Lisa’s massive breasts, wrapping
them near the base as Linda removed her hands. This kept them so
tightly packed together they looked like a set of huge dull-red
butt cheeks standing out from her chest.

Cinching the nylon tight, he said to Linda, “OK. I’ll take her.
Get yourself ready fast. I’m startin’ to get soft.”. He grabbed
Lisa’s arms and held her back as Linda began feverishly stripping
down. Boots came off, but she left her socks on. Then the fat
girl tugged her t-shirt over her head, revealing a nice little
pair of knockers with small hard nipples nestled between fat upper

“OK, hold her down.”, Linda stammered as she started pulling her
wranglers down over her wide ass. Gene grabbed a chair and forced
Lisa into a sitting position. Holding her arms locked around the
backrest, he tied her wrists behind her with the remainder of the
pantyhose. She struggled hard, knowing something was about to
happen to her, but Gene finished the job by knotting her hair back
around the chair post, locking her firmly in place.

As Linda’s pants fell down to her ankles, Lisa’s eyes bugged out.
She shook and wiggled violently, almost knocking the chair over in
her attempt to get away, even though Gene leaned all of his weight
on the backrest to hold it in place. I wondered, “Why is she
fighting so hard? She know’s it’s useless. Besides, she must
have seen other naked girls before.”. But she continued fighting
as if her life depended on it. Then I saw it and all of a sudden
I couldn’t blame her for trying to get away.

Somewhere, in the back of my stunned mind, I remembered reading
about this. Maybe it was in some medical book, but I didn’t
really believe it and I sure never thought I’d see it. But here
it was, standing before me; a prime example of Kleinfelter’s
syndrome. Margaret gasped in fright, Diane turned away red-faced
and I began rubbing myself again as we viewed the magnificent, yet
revolting, specimen.

Through some freak accident of nature Linda had been born both
male and female at the same time. Not a transvestite, not a phony
she-male, but a true hermaphrodite with both sets of sexual organs
fully developed. A thick, eight inch penis covered with bluish
veins and a large pair of testicles hung between her chunky legs
from a triangular blond bush. Her wide ass was flat and muscular
like a man’s, but she had that nice little pair of titties sitting
up there. And, as she bent over to step out of her jeans, I could
see a pair of smooth, pink vaginal lips in the space between her
asshole and balls.

No wonder this girl was so screwed up. No wonder she had a weight
problem. With all of the conflicting sexual urges boiling inside
of her, it was a miracle she could lead anything close to a normal
life. From the way she went after girls, the male drive must have
become dominant, but I could see that the feminine urges were
still working to some extent from the way she idolized Gene.

All of this was swirling around in my skull, trying to sort itself
out, but I was too excited to think. Diane, forcing herself to
look, began fingering herself with one hand. She was confused,
but the sight of that thing growing out of Linda, out of a girl,
made her flush with heat. Staring fixedly at it, she encircled my
dick with her other fist and began making me hard again. Her
mother, tied and helpless on the other desk, closed her eyes in
digust at the degenerate display her young daughters and employees
were putting on.

Jeff had taken Daphne face-down on the floor. Holding her down
with a knee in her back, he wrenched her arms behind her and began
tying the elbows and wrists together with strips of her shredded
blouse. It looked like he was getting her ready for another hot
session, but I was too busy watching the scene in front of me to

Lisa, like a cornered little deer, had gone beyond panic and sat
meekly, now that they had her tamed, and awaited her fate. Linda,
tongue hanging out, was visibly panting in anticipation. Her cock
thickened on its own, slanting and jerking upward to about half
staff. Moving up on the frightened girl, she slung a leg over
each side of Lisa’s chair, slurring something like, “Okay, okay,
my little honey. I’ve wanted this for so long.”.

Tied tightly to the chair post by her hair, Lisa’s head was held
immobile as the fat girl straddled her lap, the big female cock
perfectly positioned level with her mouth. Gripping herself by
the base, Linda commanded, “Open”, and began pushing the head into
Lisa’s plump, red lips. Recoiling in horror as the knob of flesh
sunk into her small oral hole, Lisa clenched her teeth shut to
keep out the invading organ. Linda tried to force it past the
enamel wall, but gave up in frustration and slapped her savagely,
“Come on! Open it, bitch!”.

She tried to put it in again, but Lisa was clenched shut in
deathly fear. Linda slapped her again and again, until Gene
grabbed her wrists, “Whoa! Take it easy, girl. We don’t want to
damage this pretty face. Let me do it.”. Placing the fingers of
his large hands along the undersides of Lisa’s jaw, he dug his
thumbs into the joints under her ears and began a hard massage. I
could see despair creep into her eyes as he worked her clenched
mandibles against each other, all the while pushing in with his
thumbs. The jaws are the most powerful muscles in the human body,
but Lisa’s began to open against her will as Gene expertly applied
pressure to the selected points along her neck. He continued to
manipulate her until her teeth hung open inside her clenched lips.

He maintained his lock on her jaws while Linda positioned herself
again and inserted the head into Lisa’s rosebud lips. Gripping
the top of the chair, she pushed in with her lard hips. Lisa
tried to keep her mouth shut, but it was no contest this time.
With no teeth in the way, Linda’s large flaccid rod slid in
easily, parting Lisa’s little lips wide open, completely filling
the moist, red opening.

She pulled out almost all the way, then jerked her wide-body hips
forward, stuffing it back in to the hilt and slamming her fat
stomach into Lisa’s face, “Next time I tell you to do something
you do it, you little whore. Now suck my meat hard”. Bending
slightly at the knees for leverage, Linda began to rock her hips;
smothering the helpless girl’s face with each forward stroke. Her
cock began to grow hard and thick with bluish veins standing out
like quarter-inch cords on the ugly looking ramrod.

Relieving Gene, Linda took hold of Lisa’s jaws to keep them sprung
open and with increasingly hard strokes humped her hot little O,
stretching the lips even wider. Lisa, arms and head tied back,
offered no resistance as Linda’s engorged male member moved
against the soft sucking tissue of her inner cheeks. Plocking,
squishy, wet sounds melted into my ears as saliva poured into her
oral cavity, lubricating Linda’s penis which was now stiff as a
board. Diane’s fist jacked my cock even faster now and her own
fingers rubbed in tight little circles over her spongy pud.

Watching my Lisa getting face-fucked by Linda was really turning
me on. I stood Diane up and bent her over the back of her chair,
facing the action and positioned myself behind the deep slit in
her young ass. Grabbing a mound in each hand, I began massaging
her tight, round butts. They were deliciously smooth and as I
worked the baby-soft buns between my fingers they actually began
to generate heat! A warm glow flooded into my fingers from inside
them as Diane began moaning again.

With his hands now free, Gene reached his long arms around the
chair. With one hand he cupped Linda’s blond, hairy testicles and
squeezed them softly. Coming in from behind with the other hand,
he stuck one of his big fingers into her smooth, pink vagina.
Somewhat shocked, Linda withdrew herself from Lisa’s aching mouth
and stood stock still.

As Gene worked her over from both sides, conflicting male and
female sex drives raged and boiled inside. She was grunting like
a woman in heat from the hand in her tender pussy and her hard
prick was twitching up and down as he began to jerk it off with
the other hand. She began bucking her fat hips in his arms;
desperate to come, together in one body, as man and as woman.

Gene grabbed the big girl’s hard tool and eased the writhing thing
toward Lisa’s chest. Her breasts were red as beets from being
tied so tightly with her pantyhose and had swelled obscenely,
nipple rolls black and tight with blood. Linda was out of control,
jackhammering her cunt and cock blindly as Gene tried to guide her
in. Finally finding the opening, she thrust into the crack.
Mounting Lisa’s bound tits as if they were a pair of bloated ass
cheeks, she began to jerk rhythmically in and out.

Continuing to finger Linda’s clit and cunt, Gene gripped himself
with his other hand. Moving up to straddle the back of the chair,
balls skimming the top of Lisa’s head, he pointed his penis at
Linda’s lips. Sweat was pouring off her straining face as she
humped Lisa’s tits, but her female instincts surfaced at the sight
of his maleness. Opening up wide and lapping out her tongue, she
obediently seated his fat, blunt sausage into her mouth and began
to give him head.

The sight was too much for me and I sank deep into Diane’s hot,
young vaginal slot, fucking her from behind with smooth long
strokes; both of us leering at the obscene show. Linda grunted
like a bitch in heat as Gene’s sliding meat began to grow in her
mouth, filling the opening completely. He was sweating heavily
too, grinding his hips into her fat face, finger fucking her cunt,
and staring down at her rigid pole pumping Lisa’s bound breasts.

Just then, I spied Jeff rise up from behind the desk on our right
dragging Daphne along by her hair. Already, during the day, she
had been fist fucked up her anus, had her butt crack poked with a
twisted rope made from her own panties and had her delicious
boobies jerked off twice. And she had come each time, but now she
was truly sick of it. All the sex had gone out of her and she was
fighting him, just wanting to be done with it and get out of

Jeff, however, was only getting started. After arm fucking
Daphne’s asshole, the juices were finally flowing in this
all-american boy and he wanted to put his cock in the real thing
now. Letting loose of her head, he grasped a fistful of Daphne’s
bushy cunthair and propelled her along toward the other desk.
Seeing her destination, she struggled fiercely, but, with her arms
pinioned behind her, Jeff’s painful grip on her curls forced her
movements to obey his.

Dragging Daphne by her mound with one hand, Jeff scooped up Gene’s
long leather belt in the other as he slammed her into the other
end of Margaret’s desk. Her head was held arched in the air by
the taut binding that Linda had made from Daphne’s panties and she
could do nothing but watch in horror as Jeff gripped the back of
her daughter’s neck. Slowly, he mashed her writhing face into
Margaret’s until their lips crushed together. Looping Gene’s belt
around the back of their heads and then again around their necks,
he notched the end in the buckle and cinched it tight, locking
mother and daughter in an obscene, incestuous kiss.

“Now isn’t that cute. To see a mother and daughter so close. Go
on Daphne, give your mommy a kiss.”. The women tried to turn
their heads away, but the leather strap held their faces tight and
their struggles only worked their plump, wet lips deeper into each
other. Moving around in back of Margaret, Jeff ran his hands over
the bronze, muscular globes of her rear end, “Ooh mama! Now I
know where Daphne got that ass from. I’m gonna love slappin’ your
cheeks”. Sliding down to the tuft of red hair between her open
legs, he squeezed and hefted her vaginal pouch, forcing her lips
to part and blow a warm gasp into her daughter’s mouth.

Daphne’s lips reacted to her mother’s warm, moaning breath and
instinctively opened. Margaret’s tongue slipped in and the belt
tightened down harder, sloshing and mixing their slippery oral
juices, as Jeff began fluttering her clit through the red hair.
Sliding his hand out from under her, he gave her tan rear a slap
and she went on automatic pilot. Unable to control herself now,
she continued tonguing Daphne, who actually began to respond to
her mother’s wet kisses. I was staring mezmerized as she began
heating up again, groaning in involuntary response, when my
attention was jerked back to center stage.

The nerve pinch began to wear off of Lisa and her jaws began to
move again, but she kept her mouth open. Little gasps and squeals
erupted from those luscious lips as her sensitive tits began to
respond to the girl fuck. Linda whipped it in; slapping her
stomach against the raw nerve endings in Lisa’s nipples until
white milk squeezed out of the hard, black posts, smearing onto
the fat girl’s prong. Feeling the fluid pour into Lisa’s tit
trough, greasing her pole, Linda raised up on her toes and began
humping wildly; contracting balls driving her into the male part
of her orgasm.

Just then, Jeff, who had sneaked over, mounted her large butt and
drove his rod into her hairless, pink female opening from behind;
commencing to fuck her doggy style. Feeling the stiff, male
member poke and penetrate her, Linda matched her rhythm to it;
banging her cunt backward onto Jeff’s cock each time he drove into
her and pushing her cock into Lisa’s tits on her forward thrusts.
Feminine sexual grunts erupted from her throat onto the hard
sausage imbedded in her mouth as her female climax started to

Stiffened to the diameter of a teacup, Gene fucked her puffing
cheeks furiously, while his hand worked on her clit, bringing her
to her female climax at the same time. His peach-sized balls
stretched to the bursting point, sagging heavily with semen, as he
stiffened on his feet. It looked like he was going to shoot, but
he stopped pumping when he felt Linda start to go; wanting to time
his own come with hers. Banging Diane’s jiggling rear, I watched
him try to bring Lisa off together with them.

The chair began rocking on its feet as Lisa bucked and wiggled.
She looked up and could see Gene’s piston mouth-fucking Linda who
was tit-fucking her while being screwed by Jeff from behind. She
hated them both, but knew that these two gross-outs were going to
make her come. And when Gene cupped her in his other hand, she
felt the rumble deep inside.

Sliding the middle finger in, he expertly found the G-spot on the
roof of her canal and pushed the button hard. As if she were
strapped in the electric chair, and Gene the leering executioner,
she felt him finger her tender spot, making her twitch and vibrate
harder and harder until the sexual shock took her. Sizzling up
from her center, coursing through muscle and nerve tissue, it
jerked the gorgeous young woman into a shattering come.

Her legs reflexed and shot straight out, locking at the knees.
Like a helpless epileptic, foam bubbled from her mouth and she
involuntarily spat hot saliva onto Linda’s fat belly as the
seizure began to take control of her extremities. Her toes
twitched at the end of locked legs, her wrists strained at their
nylon bindings and spasm after spasm jerked her belly inward.
Surging into her tits, it began to pulsate them, each rippling
contraction pushing a visible bulge down the outside of her
enormous bulbs into the vibrating nipples until they spat out
streams of hot, pressurized milk onto Linda’s lurching dick.

As the hot flood of Lisa’s breast cum poured onto her, Linda’s
male climax let go. Her thick back arched over with a snap,
driving her spewing cock into the air. Flailing like a firehose
out of control, it squirted all over Lisa, thick cum mixing with
hot, runny breast milk. The force of her contractions burst
Lisa’s breasts from their bindings and thrust Linda up into her
face. A random spasm of Linda’s butt speared the open mouth in
front of it and she began dumping the remainder of her man-load
into Lisa’s foaming saliva.

In the midst of her male orgasm Linda felt a sweet, new sensation
overtake her as the two men forced out her female climax. Gene
pumped her head hole rapidly and then froze as his sagging balls
squeezed gelatinous globs of male cum down her throat. At the
same moment Jeff rammed it into her from behind, slapping against
the fat cheeks, until his young, stiff dick began spitting juice
into her female hole.

“Please, oh please, Roy! Make me come too!”, cried Diane, but I
continued stroking her smoothly, keeping her poised on the
plateau, wanting her to watch the whole show first. With the men
pumping jism into her at both ends, hot milk spraying onto her
swollen tits, and her cock filling Lisa’s mouth with cum, Linda
was being torn apart from the dual orgasms raging inside her.

Her womb was jerking inward like a woman and her groin spasmed
forward like a man at the same time causing her to vibrate in
place as her spastic organs drained their love juices out in both

As the three of them began coming down, Gene pulled out of Linda’s
full mouth and finished off on Lisa’s head, dripping the last of
his cream onto her hair and forehead. Linda blasted her last few
shots on Lisa’s nose and cheeks, coating her glasses with opaque
white ooze, but saved the best for last.

I finally gave Diane a racking orgasm and emptied myself into her
swollen twat as I watched Linda finish. She hadn’t swallowed all
of Gene’s load, but had stored most of it in her puffed cheeks
like a beaver. As Jeff pulled his limp tool out of her cunt, she
leaned over and belched out the whole warm, slimy load onto Lisa’s
face and breasts. Completing the humiliation, Linda filled her
hands with Lisa’s slick, shiny mammaries and massaged the cream
into them, the cum making delicious squishing sounds as her hands
worked over the immense globes.

Groggy from her ordeal, coughing and choking, Linda stepped back
and huffed at Gene, “Man, you really shot a load. I thought I was
going to drown!”, and then in Jeff’s direction, “And you. You
really got me off good, Jewboy. But who told you you could do
anything to me? I’d call that rape and I’m gonna get you back for
it, you little prick.”. Jeff only laughed, “You’re not gonna do
anything, you fat pig. You were begging for it and I gave it to
you”. She turned to Lisa, “And look at you, you little cow; all
plump and juicy. You liked that cum bath, didn’t you. Let me
taste.”. She scooped a big slug of the thick white jelly off one
of Lisa’s boobs and slurped it off into her mouth. Gulping it
down, she barked “Hey! Didn’t you hear me! What’s the matter
with you! Hey, Gene, I think the bitch is still coming!”.

Lisa’s legs had remained locked straight out through the whole
thing and she hadn’t made a sound. I stared at her, awestruck,
still wrapped over Diane’s back, and thought, “She must be going
into multiple orgasms just from the tit fuck!”. Gene must have
sensed the same thing. Motioning everyone else back, he reached
under her sweating armpits. He gripped her slippery nipples and
squeezed the turgid stalks in slow circular motions. With the
binding removed, blood began pumping back into her tit sacks,
filling them with a million pins and needles, waking them up. She
cried out painfully as he grabbed on.

Suddenly, Gene’s eyes opened wide in amazement. He felt around
under her arms with his big pinkies and then muttered at Linda,
“Goddam. I don’t believe it. Lookie what we got here!”. Pulling
her shoulders back roughly, he displayed her underarms. I thought
I had seen it all that day, but I gazed in shock again at a second
set of stiff, deep-red nipples growing out of Lisa’s armpits. I
had read about this somewhere too, and knew that it was possible,
but who could have thought that I’d actually see it! No wonder
she came like that. They must have been rubbing against the back
of the chair the whole time.

Everyone stood back in a circle around her and watched as Gene
kept working on her. “Well! Come on little girl. Keep it going.
You’re gonna help yourself get off now.”. He untied her wrists
and jumped back as her orgasming arms whipped into the air.
Moving in again, he grabbed the flailing wrists and forced her
arms around to her front. Straining them inward, he filled her
clutching fingers with painfully sensitive boob flesh. Having
something to lock onto, her hands squeezed herself spastically,
further stimulating the big set of nipples. At the same time Gene
cupped her armpits and rhythmically rubbed her secondary paps,
which began milking out their warm nectar in spurts onto her ribs.

Straining the knotted hair holding her to the chair pole, Lisa’s
head began bobbing mechanically forward and back, building
steadily in force. Her toes still curled and twitched on the ends
of her locked legs and she began emitting little squealing noises
as a series of orgasms rocked her. Gene released his hold and
stood back with the rest of us. Silently, we watched the little
girl, locked into the chair, slicked down with cum, fitfully grab
and clutch her huge breasts and nipples. We stared at her for
thirty seconds; forty seconds; a full minute! She began squealing
like a pig and the heavy steel chair rocked on its legs as her
head thrashed with increasing violence; building… building….

“CRRRRRIIIICCCCCH….”, her final spasm ripped her out of the
chair, leaving the knot and two good-sized handfuls of her hair
hanging on the post. Sprawling onto the floor, Lisa rested on
hands and knees; hanging, bulging breasts dripping gooey white
masses from their receding nipples. Gasping and panting to recover
her senses, she gagged out globs of her own foam mixed with
Linda’s stale male scum in digust, while wiping the cold sticky
stuff off of her glasses so she could see again.

Pretending to be dazed and confused, Lisa’s eyes furtively darted
around the room, glaring hatred at Linda and Gene, but really
checking for an escape route. Gene may have got his hand in her,
but no one had actually tried to put their thing into her
womanhood yet, and she was going to make sure no one did. Making
her move, she bounced to her feet and madly dashed for the door,
naked jugs flouncing in all directions at once, fleshy waves
rippling up and down jiggling rumps. She tried to catch them by
surprise and sneak her 5’4″ frame through the circle of towering
people around her.

I was kinda hoping she’d make it and she almost did, but it just
wasn’t in the cards. Still groggy and recovering from her
orgasms, Linda was stunned as Lisa ran by, but managed to grab a
handful of hair. Powered by desperation, Lisa kept pumping her
thighs and Linda stared in surprise as a large, wavy clump ripped
off in her hand with a horrendous stitching noise. Lisa kept
running, but the painful hair-pull slowed her enough for Gene to
get her.

Spinning with suprising agility for a big man, he got in front of
Lisa before she could react, barring her escape route, and
scolding, “uh uh. we ain’t through with you yet, little girl.”.
Thrusting one arm up between her legs from the front, he hooked
the other under the surprised girl’s armpit. Squatting at the
knees and then jerking up like a weightlifter, he lifted her with
a mighty heave up into the air. In one fluid motion he pushed his
forearm against her vagina for leverage and somersaulted her over
onto her back in mid-air, legs scissoring wildly as she went over
the top, and dumped her hard onto the desk. Man, what a move!

Lisa hit so hard, she bounced on impact and banged her head a
couple of times, knocking her senseless. Arms hanging limply over
the sides of the desk, she lay helpless before Gene, mammoth
breasts billowing out like large, white pillows. “Yea! Do it
Gene. Put it to her! Take her, hard!”, yelled Linda.

Lisa began to come around and started sobbing, still unable to
move, as he lifted her calves up onto his shoulders. Fat tears
were rolling out from behind her rose-colored glasses, which had
managed to stay on, as she tried to move her arms to cover her
shame. But they hung like lead over edge of the desk. Still
groggy from the fall, all she could do was weakly whimper, “Oh,
no. Nooooo… Please don’t do this to me. Oh God, why are you
doing this?”.

Locked in his sexual fever, Gene leaned over her. His shoulders
bent her legs straight back over and together toward her head,
forcing her plump brown mound to bulge out between them. Gene got
her feet into his cavernous armpits and held her locked in place
as she started moaning and struggling again.

I could see that he was still soft and would need some oral action
to get it up again so soon. He called out to Linda, “Get yourself
over here and gimme some head. I wanna bust this little girl.”,
but she had already moved to the other side of the desk and was
maneuvering into position by Lisa’s head. A faraway look wafted
over Diane and she made a move to get up, but I stopped her,
“What’s the matter with you? Are you nuts?”. But she struggled
free and whispered in my ear, “I know. I know he’s a bastard, but
I’ve got to do this. I can’t explain it, but I have to have his
huge thing in my mouth. Please don’t stop me.”.

I knew I had to let her go and sadly watched her small, sexual
form timidly move toward him. Kneeling in front of him, between
him and the desk, she put her little fingers around him, only able
to encircle about half of it even when he was limp. A little
unsure of what to do with the ugly, enormous horse dong, she just
kind of handled it, flopping it around near her face.

Gene began swelling and stiffening in the hot little hand, forcing
her to use both hands to grip him now and softly encouraged her,
“That’s it, little darlin’. Don’t be afraid of it. You just open
wide, like at the dentist and uncle Gene will give you a lollipop
to suck.”. Diane’s cute, freckled face stared in awe at the thick
tube of flesh in her hands. Mesmerized, she obediently opened
her jaws as far as she could, stuck her tongue out and closed her
eyes. Gene inched forward and pressed the head into her opening,
still bigger around than her mouth at it’s widest.

She flinched as the blunt ram butted up against her mouth hole,
realizing just how huge it was, and tried to back out, but she
found herself pinned, her calves stuck back under the desk. She
started to panic, but Gene had her now and applied steadily
increasing pressure against her lips, bending and bowing her
jawbone into a wider circle. He had her lower body jammed against
the desk with his legs and his fat, hard beer-belly smothered her
bent arms back onto her face, keeping her palms gripped around his

She cried out in anguish as the painful, unrelenting pressure
pushed the back of her head against Lisa’s taut, shiny buns;
flattening the soft vaginal ridges out on her skull. She couldn’t
open up any wider and was in agonizing pain, but he just kept
pushing and pushing, mumbling soothing words that she couldn’t
hear. “Goddam it Linda, I’m gonna split this little girl in two,
if I don’t get some help over here.”. Leaving Lisa, Linda opened
the small refrigerator they kept in the office, bent in and pulled
out a quart jar of mayonaisse.

Running over to him, she twisted the lid off, scooped out a mound
of the cold, white, oily glop and thrust her hand in between him
and Diane. Working and massaging the merangue, she slicked him
down, also rubbing a heavy load into Diane’s taut lips. “Ok Gene,
come on. Push! Split those lips. Feed it to her!”. Feeling the
lubrication kick in, Gene bore down with all his weight. Diane’s
hands slipped back and forth on the cushion of foam as he jerked
his hips slightly, making him even bigger, and he watched himself
disappear slowly, deliciously into the young redhead’s grossly
distended mouth.

Linda picked up the remnants of Lisa’s red pantyhose and carried
them, along with the jar, back to the other end of the desk.
Gripping Lisa’s weakened right forearm, she brought the wrist up
and across; knotting it tightly to her left knee. Repeating the
process on the left arm and right knee with the remaining panty
leg, she got her into a nice cradle. Gene’s shoulders pressured
her ankles to hold her knees bent just enough to keep her limbs
stretched to the limit, exposing the shiny red lumps of nipple in
her armpits.

Feeling herself become increasingly immobile, being folded up
little by little, Lisa began to blubber as they increased their
control. There was little she could do now except thrash her head
and Linda soon put a stop to that too. Her head was hanging down
over the edge of the desk and she watched upside-down, through a
sheet of tears as Linda began stroking her flaccid tool again
until it became semi-hard. “Mmmmm, lemme get some of that grease.
I wanna slide into that little mouth of yours reeeal easy.”

Linda plunged her semi-stiff cock straight into the jar of now
warm mayo and jacked the jar back and forth on it; the whipped oil
and egg yolks sending thick, mucking sounds into Lisa’s ear.
Linda swelled and hardened to her full eight inches in the warm
creme and then pulled out. I could see thick blue veins worming
their way around her two inch diameter rod, which was piled high
with mounds of the white, greasy gunk.

Pinching Lisa’s nose shut with the thumb and forefinger of her
right hand, Linda pressed down on her forehead with the palm,
pushing her head almost straight down, her smooth white neck
jutting straight out over the edge of the desk. Forced to breathe
through her mouth, Lisa opened just a hair and instantly felt
Linda’s other palm apply forward pressure to her chin and leverage
her jaws wide open. I thought only guys knew about this position
(with the girl’s head pushed down out of the way you can get way
in there and give her true deepthroat satisfaction), but Linda
sure knew her stuff. Of course, she wasn’t any ordinary girl,

Holding her open easily, Linda straddled Lisa’s chin and mounted
her small, gaping mouth. For the second time today, Lisa’s
tantalizing lips were split and her mouth speared by Linda’s hard
cock. The heaps of warm mayo greased her entrance and she gagged
as her mouth became stuffed with the pasty goo. Not needing the
nose hold any longer, Linda let go, her fat butt holding the head
down, as she entered. She gripped Lisa’s breasts and began to
work on the big rubbery mounds of flesh, pinching and twisting the
humongous nipples; beginning to move her hips slowly.

With blood rushing into her hanging head, her tits and nipples
being rubbed to excitement, Linda’s hard rod pushing and sliding
in her grease packed mouth and Diane’s head being bounced against
her mound by Gene, Lisa began to daze out. Linda pushed in
farther and, with a heave, split herself onto Lisa’s nose. In a
fog, Lisa began to respond as the rod stroked in and out of her
mouth with increasing force. Linda’s face clouded over and she
began to stimulate both her sexes on Lisa’s head. Her cunt
gripped Lisa’s cute little button-nose, the tip flicking her clit
on each stroke as her man-meat fucked the girl’s oily, rosebud

Gene, now fully lubricated, humped Diane’s freckled face and
hands, “That’s it, little girl. Suck it.”. But Diane was in no
position to suck anything. She was in real pain as Gene pumped
slowly in and out. It looked like her entire face had opened into
one, big hole, stretched so wide by his unbelievably fat pole.
Her lips had peeled back, uncovering her teeth and gums and, as
Gene rode her, they dug wide ridges into his flesh, exciting him
even more.

Feeling her little teeth gliding over him, Gene picked up the
pace, beginning a hard, steady ram. Lisa’s hips reacted to the
back of the head pushing against her and automatically started
working with it, ramming it forward on each of Gene’s inward
thrusts. With her head sandwiched like that and being banged
around from both sides I knew Diane couldn’t take much more. Gene
had hold of her by the wrists, using her encircling hands as a
tunnel in which he pumped the body of his shaft while the head of
his cock filled her mouth.

Each time he pushed, Gene forced a large glob of mayo into her
open throat and she was having trouble swallowing, but he had her
stretched so wide that she couldn’t even cough. He pumped faster,
rhythm breaking down as his orgasm approached and, in silence,
Diane began to turn blue; windpipe becoming clogged with the
stuff. I was just about to make my move to save her when Linda
reached over and smacked him in the face. “Hey man! Don’t forget
what you came here for. Save some for these pussy lips”, she
said, pointing to the mouth between Lisa’s legs.

He glared at her for a moment and then admitted, “Yea. You’re
right, but this hot little sucker almost made me come. Thanks for
getting me up, darlin’.”. As he slid out and let her go, Diane
sagged to floor, coughing and puking as she expeled out clogs of

Clearly exhausted, she was on knees and elbows with her head
resting on the floor in front of the desk. Her freckled, rounded
buttocks jutted up in the air, splitting wide to reveal the fuzzy
swollen fruit hanging between her legs as she panted and gasped to
regain her senses. The color had just begun returning to her
cheeks when Jeff ran over and knelt down behind her, his prick
stiff from watching the main show.

Before she realized what was happening, he raised up into a
crouch, moved his legs outside of hers and mounted her butt. He
pressed down on her back with one hand, pushed from underneath on
her tummy with the other to hold her up and inserted his tool into
the plump orange ball, splitting her into two juicy slices. The
poor girl was too weak to fight him, still gagging from the
mouth-fuck, but he immediately rammed all the way in and started
pounding her with hard, driving strokes.

Burns singed her cheek as Jeff’s pumping power scraped her face
back and forth along the scruffy office carpet and she cried out
in pain. I made a move to help her, but was stopped short when I
heard her cries melt into…..

“Unh! Oh yeah, pump me. Mmmmmph! Do it hard. Mmmummummmuh!”.

As I watched him continue to ride her rear, I felt myself pulsing
and getting hard again. Desperate for relief, my eyes darted over
to Daphne. Still strapped around the neck with Gene’s belt to her
mother, her magnificent butts jiggled fiercely as she bucked her
hips and moaned in response to Margaret’s tongue in her mouth.
Forgetting all that had I had done earlier, I moved in behind her
and squeezed those huge butt bags, my hands melting into the soft
flesh. She slithered her tongue out of her mother’s mouth just
long enough to plead, “Stick me Roy. Eeeeeeyuuunh! Ooh, please.
Put it in. Spread my buns and fuck me doggy-style.”.

That was all I needed to hear. Circling my cock with one hand, I
started fisting my erection and slipped my other hand into her
fifteen-inch crack, feeling in the warm, greasy tunnel for her

“Aaaaah! Oh yeah baby. You like mayo on your meat, don’t ya.”,
Linda cooed. She was really moving now, force-feeding her purple
prick in and out of the tight mouth with increasing speed and
rhythm, her wide rump slapping Lisa’s head into the desk. The
faster she stroked, the more she whipped up the emulsion,
enlarging the mass of oil and egg yokes even further. Lisa
couldn’t contain it and the stuff began forcing its way out in
foamy donuts around Linda’s pole each time she drove into the
inert lips.

“Come on Gene. Mmmmm! Put it in her. Split the cow-bitch’s twat
before I come. Unh!”

Lifting a knee up at a time, Gene climbed up onto the desk, Lisa’s
feet still crushed in his armpits. His body length forced her
knees and wrists to bend inward just to keep her legs from
breaking and her butt stretched tight back in the process. Her
brown, textured cunt lips mushed out like a giant mushroom from
between the white globes, blossoming open like a flower pod and
peeling back the foreskin of her quivering clit.

Big Gene clamped a vice-like hand around each of her biceps,
pinning her upper body down to the desk. Raising up on locked
arms, he fitted the bulb of his piston into her vaginal lips. It
snuggled into the deep coral opening, bulging the brown ridges out
around it, a big clump of mayo coating them with thick,
lubricating film. Lisa closed her eyes in despair, not daring to
believe, yet knowing what would come next.

Lisa was gagging on the acrid mayonaisse as Linda fucked her mouth
and nose, but, still, I thought I heard her grunt out, “No! No!
No!” as Gene entered her. Her knees were bent over together
almost onto her chest. Her wrists, being crossed and tied to her
knees, were forced to come with them, opening up her armpits wide.
With his thumbs, Gene flicked Lisa’s underarms, exciting the
swollen nipples, sending a shudder through the tightly tied
package. At the same instant, putting all his weight into his
ass, he drove his spike into her.

Lisa’s elastic outer cunt lips widened to accept the huge
instrument and she let out a muffled scream from her stuffed mouth
as Linda squealed in delight, “Alright Daddy! Slip it in. Split
her in two!”. He pushed it in, the four-inch wide pole spreading
her wide, but stopped abruptly after about three inches of the
head had disappeared. Surprised, he pulled out and rammed it in
again, forcing out another painful yelp, but again he stuck after
getting only the head into her.

Linda continued to bang Lisa’s lips as Gene looked at her with awe
and whispered, “Well, I’ll be damned. You were right. She’s a
virgin. Nineteen years old, with a body like this, and still
cherry. This is going be extra special. How’d you know it?”.
Linda was sweating from her exertions, quivering as her sexual
tension built, but managed to grunt at him, “Goddam it Gene. A
woman can sense these things. I could tell just by looking at
her. Now bust her open. I’m starting to come.”

Bending Lisa over so tight that her ass humps rose off the desk,
Gene raised up and then slammed down with all his might. A low,
loud wail erupted from deep inside Lisa as he sank half way in,
breaking through the tough, elastic membrane of her hymen, making
her a woman at last. He stopped, gripped in the tight tube of
virgin flesh, and waited; waited for Lisa to fully grasp the new
feelings of fulfilled womanhood that he had given her, before

Raising up, he drove it home again, this time getting six inches
into her. Surprisingly, she didn’t bleed at all as he continued
to pull out and ram it in, again and again, sliding an inch more
of his meat farther into her each time. Finally, buried nine
inches deep inside the virgin tunnel, he started to pump her with
slow, deep strokes, just as Linda began to climax in her face.

“Oh…oh…mmmmm….that’s it.”, her purple cock pushed deeper
into Lisa’s open throat, jerking in uneven spasms. “Ummmm…sock
it to her.”, she raised up on her toes, big hips snapping like a
whip. “Awwwh….aaawwww….uh..uh..uh….ooooooooohhhhhhhh!”, her
cunt went first, dropping an oozing load of pearly woman-cum all
over Lisa’s nose and face. Drooling down over her glasses and
onto her forehead, the flowing cum drenched her hair; coating the
brown, wavy locks into a slimy mat.

A moment later, just as Gene began stroking for real, Linda
plunged all the way into Lisa’s throat. With her head hanging
down like that, there was only about two inches from Lisa’s lips
to the opening in her esophagus. Linda caught her just as she was
swallowing and forced six inches of cock into the tight, fluted
tube. The pole of flesh held lisa’s windpipe shut as Linda’s male
climax overcame her. She froze up, twitching a little, and
squirted jets of sperm directly down the short, clenching pipe
straight into Lisa’s stomach.

Feeling Linda’s hot cum spit into her tummy, Lisa lurched and
kicked, straining against the bindings holding her wrists to her
knees, but Gene held her in position with shoulder pressure on
her ankles and the force of his shaft in her cunt. Hormones
flowed into her bloodstream from newly awakened woman-glands as
she felt his huge thing pumping inside her freshly busted cherry.
He had her distended to a five inch diameter, completely stuffed;
each heavy stroke forcing her big butts to balloon outward before
his weight slammed into them.

Then the friction against her exposed clitoris caused it to begin

The tiny banana reddened in color as it erupted and jerked itself
an inch and a half out from the top of her fat vaginal lips, until
it lay jammed against Gene’s pounding pole. His deep penetration
rubbed hotly against her slippery inner walls, the friction
burning her g-spot and building up a deliciously painful tension
in the swollen nerve bundle at her center. As he fucked her, he
continued to stimulate the nipples under her arms, while Linda
roughly squeezed her mammoth tit mounds. Hot flashes exploded
deep inside her groin as the big cock moved her clit tightly in
and out of her hole, and when Linda grabbed onto her breast
nipples she exploded.

Her toes shot straight out, twitching rapidly, and shock waves
rippled from her belly button to her plugged throat, heaving her
chest up and down in Linda’s hands. White juice shot straight up
from her nipples like geysers and Linda got her mouth over one of
them, drinking several blasts into her. Hot milk spat from Lisa’s
armpits onto Gene’s hands, even as he continued to pound her and I
thought the power of her climax might actually buck them off the
table, but then her spasms began to lessen as her lungs ran out of

Linda remained stuck deep in her food tunnel, pumping long streams
of jism down the gulping pipe, as Lisa foundered in the throes of
her orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out
just as Linda finished feeding her and withdrew her slimy dong
from the slack mouth.

Silence filled the room except for Jeff, who had gotten Diane
turned onto her back. He had her thighs locked forward on his
arms and was slapping against her upturned asscheeks, splitting
her raw, red-haired peach into two plump sections. She was crying
and moaning, “Oh God! Pleeeease, no! I can’t take it much more”.
But this just spurred him on and he pumped harder. The guy must
have had incredible staying power. He had been in her for ten
minutes and showed no signs of stopping. It is a known fact that
if you can pump her, without letting up, for fifteen or twenty
minutes, any woman has to orgasm and cannot fake it. Not many men
can do it that long, but it looked like Jeff was going to make
sure with Diane.

Meanwhile, the rest of us stared in horror at Lisa’s lifeless
form. She was a real mess! Her hair and face were coated with
Linda’s vaginal cum, her tits and arms covered with her own nipple
milk and a gooey mixture of Linda’s cock juice and mayonaisse
dribbled out her open lips. She did not move.

Gene, however, kept driving his tool into her, able to slide much
easier now that he was lubricated by her cum. He didn’t even
notice that she wasn’t responding any more, until, once again,
Linda slapped him out of it. “Jesus Christ, I think we killed
her”, she screamed at his fuming face, “You better stop unless you
wanna be fucking a corpse!”. He stopped pumping and scolded her,
“I can see there’s still a lot you have to learn from me. She
ain’t dead. She only had the orgasm of death. A lot of girls go
through it when they get busted for the first time. The lack of
oxygen actually enhances their pleasure. Now get over here and
grease me up. I’m gonna wake her up now.”.

Somewhat embarrassed at having missed that signal, Linda
obediently walked to the side of the desk. Gene pulled out of
Lisa, still brick-hard and four inches wide. He had stretched her
so badly that her cunt didn’t shut after he pulled out, the open
chasm still pulsing with pearly fluid. Gene was still coated with
mayo and cum. I couldn’t see why he needed some more grease from
Linda. Maybe he just wanted show her that he was still the
master. In any case, resting on one arm, he turned to the side
and gripped her head in his other hand and commanded, “Open!”.

She smushed open her lips and ejected half a mouthful of Lisa’s
tit milk onto his shaft. He pushed it in and fucked her mouth for
a few strokes before pulling out and telling her, “Now, let’s get
her ready.”. Reversing his position so that his big, fat ass was
pointing toward Lisa’s head, he straddled her butt. He bore down
on her plump thighs, driving her knees, and the wrists attached to
them, down to the desktop. This forced her lower back off the
desk and her ass rose with it until it was sticking straight up in
the air.

Linda knew what to do in this situation. Lisa’s ankles had been
bent back to her head and her shoulders had been pulled tight to
her sides. Linda grabbed the right foot and inserted it into the
arm crack, trapping Lisa’s ankle under her shoulder. She repeated
the process on the other foot, boxing Lisa up tighter than ever,
her underarm nipples exciting themselves on her straining ankles.

Having finished her task, Linda moved back to Gene who was
crouching over Lisa’s upraised buttocks. The huge globes of her
rump had split open, revealing the wide, greasy, tan hole I had
stuck my thumb into many hours before at the start of this
incredible day. Little wrinkles ringed it as it convulsed,
sticking straight up in the open air. My eyes bugged open as Gene
positioned himself directly over it. At that moment Lisa did
begin to regain consciousness, to my relief, and I thought, “She
IS going to die if he puts that in her asshole.”.

As she awoke, Lisa found it impossible to move, but she could
raise her head and, as she did, she was horrified as she looked
through Gene’s spread ass. The first thing facing her was her
newly violated womanhood, bent upside down toward her, still
spread open and dripping. Beyond that, she saw the rounded humps
of her butt sticking up and the huge prick positioning itself
between them.

But the thing that really terrified her was the leering face
staring at her. Linda’s face rose up over Lisa’s spread cheeks
and smiled at her obscenely from between Gene’s legs. As if
caught in some nightmare, she watched Gene point to her puckered
hole. She sank her head back over the edge of the desk in despair
as Linda opened her lips and deposited the rest of the tit-cum
from her mouth into the brown crater. Lisa flinched as the warm
fluid ran into her and then arched her back in revulsion. Linda
lowered her head into the crack and planted her lips directly on
the opening. Greedily, she licked and sucked, even french-kissing
it with her tongue to work the cream in deep.

Gene pushed Linda’s head away and, crouching directly over Lisa’s
meaty humps, seated the wide head into her back entrance. She
felt the dull pressure as he penetrated her, but was powerless to
resist it. Lubricated by the mixture of breast milk, mayo and
ass-grease he slid straight down into her. I had never seen an
ass split that wide and, as Gene pushed his log deep into Lisa, I
gripped Daphne’s hips and mounted her massive butt from behind. I
never did find her cunt in there, but it didn’t matter at that
point. I stuck it in as deep as I could and began pumping her ass
crack, forcing another hot gasp from her lips into her mother’s
eager mouth.

Gripping the back of Lisa’s thighs for leverage, Gene slowly
pulled out and slid straight down into her again, splitting her
painfully with his gigantic sausage. Fully awake now, Lisa wanted
to scream, but the pain was so great that only desperate, gurgling
moans escaped her cum-coated lips.

Margaret pulled her tongue out Daphne’s mouth and began to beg,
“Please, oh please…. Somebody fuck me…. I’ve got to have
it…. unnh! unnh! unnh!”. Jerking her hips against the desk in
vain, she moaned and pleaded as her daughter groaned at me, “Yeah!
Bang my ass, Roy. Fuck my juicy crack hard!”. She sucked her
mother’s tongue back into her mouth as I socked it to her,
slapping against the huge, jiggling white mounds.

As Gene moved his plunger up and down in Lisa’s ass, she continued
to gurgle and grunt animal sounds in my direction. Each time he
drove into her greased tunnel the round humps split dangerously
far apart and her ankles surged up into the nipples under her
arms, forcing a sexual squeal from her gasping throat.

All of the hot, juicy action going on around her made Linda eager
to get back into it. She started heating herself up by reaching
under her balls to finger her slot, but her prick remained soft
after spouting into Lisa’s throat. Spying Diane being rammed by
Jeff, she moved over, straddled the little girl’s chest and got
her into a schoolboy press, while Jeff continued to make her moan.
Grabbing her arms one at a time, she pinned them to the floor by
kneeling on her biceps.

Diane struggled, flailing her forearms, but they hit harmlessly
onto Linda’s fat knees. The big girl gripped the struggling,
freckled face between her knees by the ears and raised it to her
flaccid cock. She forced the hot-pink lips open by twisting
savagely on Diane’s earlobes and inserted her manhood into the
small, facial opening. Jeff continued to stroke her swollen pussy
as Linda, butt resting on ripe little tits, began to ride her
mouth. Linda’s woman-cock got hard almost immediately as she
fucked Diane’s warm mouth flesh, her cunt copulating itself on one
of the hard nipples below her.

My balls tightened at the sight and I jacked Daphne’s butt-crack
with increasing speed, feeling a warm film of grease flow onto my
jackhammering dick. I reached around her tied arms and slid my
hands under the tight breast tubes jutting out from her chest and
began to jerk them off, feeling the hard flesh pulse rhythmically
in my grip.

Lisa’s melons were wobbling like two huge plates of jello resting
on her chest, the thick nipples turning brick-red, stiffening and
raising little bumps all over the brown saucers surrounding the
inch-long posts. Gene raised up even further on his haunches, big
fingers digging into the back of her thighs, and began to move the
full length of his four-inch-wide monster in and out of her
distended ass-tube in painfully slow strokes. Lisa’s throat
finally loosened up and, each time she felt the thing slide in and
push her open, she cried out, “Aaaaaaaaawwwwww!”.

“Fuck her hard! Make her feel it! Slap those cheeks!”. I
couldn’t tell if Linda was yelling at Jeff, Gene or myself, but we
all whapped our girls with increased power, making them moan with
heat. Jeff had been in Diane for almost twenty minutes now and
she began twitching under him and Linda, her little toes curling
spastically as his lengthy pumping forced her into her first full
vaginal orgasm. Linda pulled her rock-hard tool out of diane’s
mouth, but continued to hold her jerking arms down with her knees.

Diane’s back arched and her belly spasmed inward in fluttering
thrusts. Linda still had a tight hold on her ears and she bent
her obscene face an inch away from Diane’s, urging her, “That’s it
little mama. Jerk it on out. Come for Linda.”. She began to
blow out soft, gutteral grunts into Linda’s face as they held the
thrashing girl down. At the same moment fat Linda arched and
rubbed her clit violently on Diane’s nipple until she came and
dumped a load of vaginal cum onto her heaving chest.

Motioning to Jeff, who hadn’t come yet, Linda got off and barked
at him, “She not done yet! She’s cummin’ again. Get on her and
jug-fuck her!”. Jeff climbed up onto her chest as Linda got off.
Pulling her arms straight out along her hips and enclosing them
with his kneeling calves, he bunched her apple-sized tits together
with his hands, working Linda’s cum into the jiggly mounds. Diane
must have inherited her sister’s tit-sensitivity for she began to
jitter again as Jeff cupped them. She moved right into her second
orgasm of the series as he inserted himself between her hot little
cupcakes and jerked his purple rod in and out.

“Oh yeah, you teasing little bitch-slut. Come again for momma!”,
Linda yelled in the girl’s flushed, sweating face. Jeff fucked
the crevice between her little, balled up breasts furiously as she
creamed again, screaming in ecstasy. And then he let loose,
hosing cum onto her face and into her open mouth. After pumping
her for twenty minutes, he had a gallon in him and his cock jerked
all over her, pumping jelly-like globs onto her tits, into her red
hair, in her eyes, up her nose until he had no more to spend and
slumped heavily onto her.

Linda, who had been watching her the whole time, grabbed her head
in her palms and massaged Jeff’s gobby cum into her hair until it
lay plastered to her skull like a shiny red cap. “Mmmmm. Yeah.
You been a good little girl. Momma should be proud of you.”, she
purred sarcastically at Diane who lay breathing convulsively under
Jeff. “You just rest now. You’re done for today. Now it’s your
mother’s turn to show what she can do.”, she whispered, stroking
her hard pole.

Leaving the spent pair, Linda strolled over to Lisa. She gripped
one of her quivering breasts and latched onto the wide nipple,
sucking and slurping it in her mouth, her tongue running over the
pimply, sensitive aureole forcing out a deeper grunt from Lisa.
“You like being butt-fucked by Gene don’t ya, honeypot. He’s so
big and hard and wide. You dig feeling that big dong move inside
your oily butt, spreadin’ your cheeks, don’tcha.”.

Lisa closed her eyes in digust and then had them jerked wide a few
seconds later. Linda moved down to her other end and stuck her
head between Gene’s pumping legs. She licked Lisa’s round
tummy-pot, sticking her tongue in the sensitive belly-button and
then moved up to the apex of her upside-down wad. Teasing and
licking, she brought out Lisa’s long clit; the raw, pink mass of
tissue bursting from its covering flap of skin. She groaned in
delicious pain as Linda sucked it in, flicking her tongue rapidly
over the tip of the nerve-filled stalk.

Feeling Lisa respond inside her mouth, Linda released her to
Gene’s increased thrusting in her back door, “Do her daddy. Fill
her ass.”. Lisa was left staring at her own stiff clitoris
growing an inch and a half out of her and pointed directly at her
face. She began to shudder violently, as Linda walked away, her
female organ jumping in the open air as Gene’s humping fanned it.

Linda moved to the opposite end of the desk from me and looked
Margaret up and down, admiring her tan, muscular limbs. “I’ve
waited a long time for this, ‘boss'”, she said sarcastically,
“Now you’re gonna find out who the real boss is around here. Come
on. Beg for it, bitch-mother.”. She reached up and fondled
Margaret’s hard tits, rubbing her rosy nipples until they began to
firm up.

I pounded in and out of Daphne’s cheeks as Margaret gave in to the
unrelenting pressure of her daughter’s hot mouth blowing into hers
and the squeezing hands on her breasts. “Oh PLEASE, Linda. Fuck
me. With that thing!”, she cried out, “You’re the boss. Just
stick it in me and start pumping.”. “That’s better, you heifer.
Now squirt it for me.”, Linda commanded. Digging into Margaret’s
short crack, she spread the two halves of her bronze butt roughly.
With a grunt, Margaret jerked her vagina downward and an ooze of
pearly juice filled the fleshy cracks and crevices.

Linda palmed Margaret’s sex, massaging the pre-cum deeper into the
lips, heating the middle-aged woman up to a fever pitch. And then
the twenty-year-old perversion drove her hard cock in with one
viscious stroke. Margaret leapt forward, as Linda speared her wet
snatch, poking her tongue deep into Daphne’s throat. Mother and
daughter matched each other moan for moan, their lips smacking
together, held in place by the leather thong, as Linda and I
banged their rear ends.

Lisa began crying out loudly as Gene’s ram forced her into an
ass-induced climax, something she had never experienced before.
she screamed as Gene let go, shooting spurts of hot jism straight
down into her rump from his bulging balls. He kept pumping as he
continued to shoot, the hot lava pouring into the screaming girl’s
brown canal and erupting out onto her reddened cheeks.

He jerked himself out of the puddle of cum lying in the crater
between her upturned rumps, jumped off the table and ran around to
her head. Incredibly, he was still shooting as he clamped her
ears in a vice-like grip and stuffed her screaming mouth. He
flooded her tongue and throat while squeezing her cow nipples
until they released their milk. He finished draining himself into
the still-shuddering girl and then flopped limply out of her
mouth, leaving her bound and covered with pools of cum and milk as
he turned away, exhausted and red-faced.

Lisa came down from her high and shuddering sobs racked her
trussed body as she fully realized the shame and the pleasure that
had been given to her for the first time that day. She tried
desperately to free herself, but it was no use. Her ass cheeks
remained spread high above her and both her holes stayed stretched
open, cum dripping from the puddle in her ass down into her
engorged pussy. Her arms remained crisscrossed tightly over her
ribcage, huge boobs ballooning high in the air through the
openings. Her wrists remained tied to her knees which were bent
down to the desktop and her ankles remained pinned under her
armpits, even now still tickling the hidden nipples. The tears
flowed onto the floor from her hanging head, but Gene ignored her
completely, now that he was finished using her, and urged Linda

“Give it to her Linda. Come on, feed her that hard meat.”

“Ram it home!”

“Ooh! Ooh! Mommy! I think he’s gonna make me come!”

Whap! Whap! Whap! “French her, momma!”

“MMMMM..UNNNUNNNH..MMMMPH…OHHH! You’re gonna tear me apart!”

“Harder. Harder!”

Blaat! Blaat! Blaat! “suck her tongue!”

Squish.. Squish.. Squish.. Splock.. Splock..

“mm mmmummm mmmm mmmmm ow unh owee unh unh uh OHHHHHHHH!”

Mother and daughter came together just as Linda and I released our
loads into their slots, crushing their lips together and jerking
wildly on our shooting cocks. The force of their cumming expeled
warm, wet saliva into one another’s mouths as they spasmed
violently, Daphne’s tits jumping in my hands as they spat thick,
hot milk onto the desk. Linda caught the tit-cream as it sprayed
on her hands and rubbed it into Margaret’s jerking boobs, causing
them to erupt as her daughter’s hot milk hit them. I came like I
never did before, filling Daphne’s cavernous butt crack with juice
as she took her mother’s grunting gasps into her clutching mouth.
Margaret jerked for half a minute, spending herself, cumming for
real for the first time in years as Linda finished draining
herself into her quivering, wet hole.

Having satisfied herself, Linda withdrew from Margaret, giving her
a pat on her split rump and said soothingly, “That was good
Margaret. I bet your husband never got you off like that. Now
you know who’s the boss. From now on I’m runnin’ things around
here. And, if you behave, maybe I’ll do it to you again
sometime.”. And then she announced loudly to the whole room, “OK.
We’ve had our fun. It’s quittin’ time. Let’s get the hell out of
here. We’ve all got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow!”.

Well readers, that’s my story. And I owe it all to computers. If
I hadn’t started consulting, I never would have met all those
interesting people. I hope it you found it somewhat entertaining.

It turns out that Gene ran a whole string of these operations
around the country. He regularly ran their circuit, visiting each
of them in turn whenever he wanted some action. I also heard that
he had some trouble with the law over them, but since they fronted
as legitimate businesses he always got out of it and was still in
operation last time I checked. Also, I guess no one ever was
willing to admit what happened to them in those places either.

I can’t imagine what went on in his other offices. It couldn’t
have been more bizarre or sexually exciting than what I had just
seen. Or could it? Before I left, he did say that he would be
glad to have a man of my capabilities on his payroll and that I
should consider joining him as his partner; visting the other
shops with him. I couldn’t think straight at that moment, but I
told him I would consider it. It might make for some more
interesting stories.

I don’t know what happened to any of those people. I never went
back there and who could blame me. I grabbed my clothes and tools
and ran out of there like there was no tomorrow. Anyway, how
could I have faced them again after that? But still, I sometimes
fantasize about Daphne, Diane and Lisa; wondering what happened to
them and what effect their brutal, sexual initiations had had on
their lives.

I thought about turning Linda in to the authorities, but didn’t
want to get involved. Besides, those women had really wanted it,
once they got going. That’s the way women are. They have no real
sex drive. They respond only to physical stimuli. When you want
it, you just have to start touching and fondling them. And if you
touch them long enough in the right places, they automatically
react and get worked up.

All I know is, I had to tell someone. And the only avenue of
release for me was this one – telling my story to you, the good
people on this BBS. I know, from reading your stories, that you
have very open minds, sexually at least, and I thank you for
letting me unload this incredible story on you.

Now, let me tell ya about time I was fifteen and me and my best
friend ganged his twenty-year-old sister with a vacuum cleaner and
a baseball bat…..