Couple and a girl

Several years ago, my husband had to be in Austin and, in order to keep me
occupied, we took along a friend we lovingly referred to as ‘our wife’.
She was a lovely woman whose best features were an insatiable sexual
appetite and an absolutely astonishing bust line. (38 D at the least).
She was a little self conscious about going braless but the effect was so
startling that we encouraged her to do so at all reasonable opportunities.
The drive to Austin had been a show for the truckers with Judy and I
exposing our bodies at various intervals. Her nipples were continuously
tight and erect and I couldn’t resist encouraging them with a friendly
tweak or two. She, on the other hand, saw to it that my skirt was high
enough up my thighs that the tops of my stockings and the suspenders of
my garterbelt were in view. We had a lovely dinner and danced til 2:00. In
the morning each of us seducing my husband. Judy was so very good in the
seduction department and never failed to turn us both on. When we
returned to our room, we enjoyed each other tremendously, but had to
limit ourselves so he could get some sleep for the next morning. I awoke
after he had left and decided a shower would make me feel a lot better.
I went into the bath room and began the ritual and after entering the
shower stall, found that I was still very excited from the night before.
Remembering his cock buried deep into Judy’s mouth was a sight to behold.
I soaped my body and the silky feel of the suds made my hands roam over
my breasts, tweaking my hard nipples. Both Judy and I keep our pubic hair
totally shaved and as I soaped myself, I discovered how smooth and silky
it felt. I spent several minutes seductively playing with myself and
discovered that my fingers could enter my moist slit very easily. I began
stroking my pubis with one hand, while running the fingers of my other hand
into my open cunt. This really felt good, why hadn’t I tried it before?
The soap was one of my very favorites and it filled the bath with its
sweet fragrance. I was so busy running my hands over my body that I hadn’t
heard when Judy entered the bathroom and watched me through the clear glass
shower door. I was really quite pleased when she opened the door and joined
me in the shower. Judy reached for me and hugged me tight. Her ample boobs
touching my smaller ones gently at first and then seemed to massage them
when she moved from side to side. The soapy suds helped as we did our
little dance in the shower sliding our bodies together. Soap was everywhere
it seemed. I was rubbing it all over her body as well as my own. Suds
ran down our breasts, through the valley between and on toward our tummies.
When our triangles rubbed together, we couldn’t help but take advantage of
his added stimulation. She and I rubbed ourselves together trying desperately for the clit to clit friction. The hot water beat on our bodies and
added to our heat as we frantically rubbed our bodies together. We were
startled out of our reverie when the shower door opened again and my hubby
stepped in! He had been standing at the door watching the show and his
hard cock was evidence of the effect that we had on him. Judy dropped to
her knees and grabbed him into her hot mouth. I rubbed the suds over his
shoulders and chest from behind as she sucked the entire length of his cock
into her mouth. He was thrusting in to her so deep that his balls were
bouncing off her chin as she pulled his ass toward her face. Her pulling
parted his cheeks and gave me an idea. I soaped up my finger and gently
slid it into his tight asshole. He moaned so loudly that I was afraid the
neighbors would hear. Judy loved it too because his cock got harder and he
fucked her face with renewed passion. I was afraid he’d cum in her greedily
waiting mouth but Judy knew us too well to allow that to happen. She
slithered up, drawing two soapy lines up his hairy body with her huge boobs.
She stepped around him and pulled me into her arms turning me around so
that my back was pushed up against her slippery globes. I couldn’t wait
any longer, I had to have cock!!!! I lifted my leg and manuvered my pussy
so that I could get the head into my steaming hole. He lifted me and I was
suspended. My arms around his neck and the very core of my existence
impaled on his hard rod. Judy came around behind me and took my arms so
that I could leanack into the splashing water as he plunged into my deepest
cavern. I couldn’t hold out for long and it was my turn to disturb the
neighbors with sounds of pure passion. As I slid to the floor, an exhausted
but totally satisfied wreck, Judy moved around and bent over so as to
present him with her curvy ass and me with her sensuous mouth to kiss. He
wasn’t about to refuse her invitation and with a little lubrication from
the soap and her pussy juices he buried himself to the balls in her steamy
anus. I squirmed under her and managed to get my fingers into her pussy and
my mouth on her throbbing clit. It was unbelievably sensuous feeling my
husband’s cock violating her tiny bud as my fingers plundered her pussy.
Judy couldn’t stand much of this without cumming and, in moments she began
to buck and moan as her orgasm swept over her like tidal waves. Her sounds
and the clinching of her tight little hole brought him to the brink and
this time when I slipped my soapy finger into his ass he pumped her full.
His cock popped out of her like a champagne cork and we scrambled out of
the shower because the hot water had been used and we were being showered
with what felt like ice water. Even to this day, none of us can remember
who turned the shower off but we all remember the sweet feelings of
fullfillment as we snuggled in each other’s arms and slept the afternoon