Dana was David

Some girls are lucky, and are allowed to dress as they please,
and be as feminine as they want. This girl had a little problem
with that, and of all things, the rigors of college helped her out
of her situation, and allowed her the freedom to be the girl she
really was down inside.

Dana, formerly David, was accepted as a Computer Science major at
a stuffy, prestigious New England College. David heard that they
“help to make a man out of you” there. Having heard that, the New
College was the last place he wanted to be, but the Compu-Sci dept. was

a great one; a world renowed one, that once graduated, would allow David
the freedom to be Dana….FULL TIME!! So, David decided to endure the
eight semesters of straight “boy” life, and get it over with.

When David arrived at NEC in early September, he was barraged with
literature from all the campus clubs and fraternities, and thought that
it might be a good idea to avoid them for now, find out where all ethe
good people were, and go there. School was, after all for studying,
not partying.

David did not throw all the literature away though. After his first
day of classes, he was so tired that he just came into his room and
fell right onto his bed,
not caring that there was a whole lot of paper laying right next to
He fell asleep quickly. When he woke up, the first thing he saw when he
opened his eyes was
… maybe I’ll check this out.”
But Dana had nothing to wear. So, David decided to go to the Gay and
Lesbian Alliance meeting (in boy clothes), and survey the interests of
the people in the group.

The meeting was full of cute boys and interesting women. Everyone
themselves.. “Hi, I’m Robert, I’m a senior, I’m bisexual…”; “I’m
Johnny, and I’m really new, I don’t know what I am..”; I’m Michelle,
and I’m just into
meeting other women. I like guys, but want something with a woman.”‘
Finally, David’s turn came around. He didn’t know how to introduce
He started, hesitantly
“Hi, I’m David, and I like to go by the name Dana.. I’m a transvestite.

…I know I don’t look it, but I don’t have girl clothes just yet..
” Reactions varied to Dana’s introduction. Robert was smiling at her.
This made her feel confident that she had done a good thing by being
honest… One of the women there was confused about Dana and wanted to
know more.
So Dana and Michelle talked…and talked and talked.

Anyway, David went to bed that night feeling very good about the
possibilities that college life offered. Finally, away from home,
away from people who wanted David to BE A MAN!

The next morning, David went to check his mailbox. He found an
anonymous note that said “Pledge Delta, you won’t regret it…”
David threw the note away. “That’s the last thing I need”, he thought
Another place to be a guy. Yuck…”

The next day, he heard announcements all over his dorm that Delta was
now accepting pledges, but that initiation would be tough, and
wouldseparate the men from the boys.”

Later that day David bumped into Robert, who was recruiting pledges for
“I remember what you said at that meeting”, Robert said. “I sent you
the note. Now, I can’t tell you why you won’t regret it, but you
really won’t.”
David thought “They all want me to be a MAN. No one understands.” He
screamed at Robert.
“If you heard what I said, then you should either accept it or leave
me alone. I don’t try to change what YOU are..” Robert came back with
“You don’t understand…
“You don’t understand… I can’t tell you why, but I promise, I’m not
trying to change who you are.’

Skeptically, David agreed to check out the Delta fraternity. Robert
told him to be there promptly at 7:00 PM, for the initiation interview.

David showed up at 6:58 PM, and was greeted by someone who
introducedhimself as “Sir”. “I’m an upper classman”, he said. “That’s
all you have to knwknow. You do understand that you are just a lowly
Freshman, and that you are to
treat upper classmen with respect don’t you know that?”
David was feeling horrible being put through this. Robert had said
that David would not
regret it, and he couldn’t have felt more betrayed.

At that moment, Robert walked in. He was greeted with the highest
respect and honors from all those around him. He saw David, and said

“Boys, I think I should handle this one personally.” Addressing David he
“You…get over here. You look like you’re a little pussy, so that’s
how we’re going to treat you… I
have made arrangements with a girls dorm on campus to keep one pussy
for a week. For that week, You, the selected pussy will dress as
a woman at all times. You will attend ALL your classes in women’s
clothes, you will be called Dana, and correct your teachers. You
will do whatever the girls in the dorm to which you are assigned tell
you to do.”
The boys were in hysterics. They were laughing at David.
One guy even suggested that this initiation is too much for
David. Robert asked me “Can you handle that, or are you the
wimp you seem to be?”
Dana tried to look upset, but she couldn’t have been more pleased.
“I think I can stick this one out.” She was thinking “Are you sure
that one week will be enough?
but she didn’t want to seem too obvious.


Robert took Dana to her old dorm room, and helped her pack for her
“So, did I come through for you?” “I can’t believe this. Is someone
going to kick me out of school for this?” Robert said “Oh, don’t
worry. There’s at least one of these every semester, and the teachers
are used to it.”

Dana was introduced to all the girls in the dorm, and she was put in
Michelle’s room
as a temporary roommate.
Michelle said, so you really WANT to be a girl, huh? What’s yo waist
“29” she said. Michelle took out a tape measure, and got Dana’s
After doing that, Michelle knocked on a few doors in her dorm, and
ktold everyone that she needed several 7-8 skirts and dresses, matching
stockings, panty hose, and underwear… Michelle came back to the room
with a suitcase full of clothes. “These are for you”, she said. Now
me see how you look.”
“First though, I need to see your legs….” Dana pulled up a pants leg,
and showed a little bit of hair.
“We can’t have any of that. Respectable women who wear the type of
clothes you’ll be wearing this week have their legs smooth… So we
need you to
shave those legs.”
So, into the bathroom I went. Michelle came in to watch me, just
to make sure I’d do alright. “Being a woman isn’t all easy y’know”
Oh, I knew that pretty well. But I preferred the type of work it
takes to look pretty to being a guy.
She gave me a bottle of Nair to help me out. I applied it, waited
a few minutes, rinsed it off, and voila, I was practically hairless.
What little that was left was taken care of by a little touch-up
I was introduced to the world of makeup. Now, I didn’t need a whole
lot of work, but it sure was fun experimenting with eye shadows, and
eyeliners, base makeup, powder…etc.

Michelle laid out a really pretty outfit for me. A black wool skirt
and blazer, and a beige button down blouse.
I couldn’t wait to put it on. But first I needed to take care of the
underwear. Michelle told me that girls often wear teddies, stockings
and garter belts under what seems to be a perfectly innocent outfit.
So, not wanting to be different from the other girls, I tried on
stockings for the
first time.
The feel of the garters was just so hot against my body that I wishe d
I could wear them all the time.
I was also told quickly that “nice girls don’t dress like sluts as a
rule…”, and that I shouldn’t get my hopes too far up about wearing
sexy lingerie in public.
After Michelle helped me fix my face, she looked me over, and t…
left the room for a minute. She knocked on every door in the
my unveiling.
Every girl in the building looked me over. I heard a range of
from “ooh very nice” to “yeah baby, you really do have a woman’s body”
…After hearing that, I walked to my first class proudly and

When roll was called, my last name was called, I answered “present”,
and the teacher said
“No, that’s not you. The first name I have here is David.” I told him
that my name was Dana, but I have ID that will resolve the confusion.\
The teacher looked pretty amazed, but went on to give his class in
English literature.
After class, he called me over, and asked if I was dressed this way
for fraternity initiation. I said that I was. The teacher told me
that this type of initiation was usually reserved for people with
stocky, masculine builds, and that I looked like a real woman.
I told the professor “I AM a real woman, I
…I’m just not female yet. But I’ll fix that.
I resolved to continue dressing beyond the one week I was supposed todo
The week passed quickly, and I was offered a spot in the fraternity.
I was congratulated for having done well. I said “Thanks, but
I’ve made such good friends in the girls dorm, I think that I may join
their sorority.
I think being a woman is a lot more my style than this is.