Handsome Man

When the two women had returned to their seats, Jan was as hot as
she could ever remember being. If someone had asked, she thought,
she would lie on the table and let them fuck her right there. She
glanced around the room and saw that most of the other members were
busy with each other and gave no indication that they had seen her
“performance” but one older gentleman smiled at her and tipped an
invisible hat. She felt herself beginning to blush and was about to
ask Dan if they could go back to his place when the lights dimmed
appreciably and a spotlight illuminated the center of the curtain
before her.

A very handsome young man (about 25, she guessed) stepped through
the center opening and welcomed members and guests to the club. He
was dressed in formal attire and had a very full mustache. The time
had arrived, he announced, for the evening’s entertainment. As a
beginning, Member, Kathy had brought along a young man she would
like to introduce to the group. A petit, blonde woman rose from a
table to Jan’s right and walked to the stage as the curtains were
parting to reveal a long, low, padded platform in the center of the
stage. New spotlights came up slowly to light the platform in
shades of blue and green. Kathy was accompanied by a huge, dark
skinned man. He appeared to be at least six feet, six and was very
muscular with broad shoulders. Kathy had him stand in front of the
platform and spoke to the audience. “Fellow members, I would like
you all to meet Kevin. He has graciously consented to come with me
tonight (a slight giggle) to demonstrate his unique talent.
Please, show them what I mean, Kevin.” Kevin’s lips parted and the
pink tip of his tongue protruded between them. Before Jan’s amazed
eyes, and those of others in the room, the tongue seemed to just
keep coming farther and farther out of his mouth. Fully extended,
it looked to be almost six inches long and Jan thought, “This has
got to be some kind of a trick or joke.” He began to move it up and
down and she knew that it was real. When he lowered it, the tip was
well below his chin and when he held it up, it completely obscured
his nose and his sparkling eyes could be seen on either side. As he
was giving his little display, Kathy was untying the sash at her
waist and removed her wrap around dress to reveal that she was
wearing only a pink garter belt and white stockings underneath.

Kathy lay on the low platform at an angle and Jan could clearly see
her hairless pussy between her wide spread legs. The difference in
size between this giant man and the tiny Kathy was almost comical
and Jan had a momentary vision of what it would look like if he
were to try make love with little Kathy. Her head would be about
even with his stomach, she thought, and found herself getting even
more aroused as she tried to picture it. Kevin removed his shirt
and was nude to the waist as he knelt between the small woman’s
legs and started to lick her calves and thighs. As he worked his
way up to the exposed lips of her shaved pussy, Jan couldn’t resist
the impulse to move her hand under the edge of her short skirt and
place two fingers on her clit. She started to rub it lightly as she
watched the show before her. A large TV monitor lit up at the back
of the stage and it was clear that there was a video camera
somewhere overhead in a position to give a clear, close up view of
what was happening on the platform. She wanted to look for the
camera, but couldn’t tear her eyes away from Kevin’s long tongue
gently sweeping up and down Karen’s open slit. He inserted the tip
between the lips and moved his head forward to enter her two or
three inches. Jan’s eyes jumped to the monitor where she could get
a closer look as he inserted and withdrew his monster tongue. Kathy
was squeezing her nipples and running her hands over her breasts
and flat stomach as she moaned in obvious pleasure at the deep
penetration Kevin was able to achieve. Jan was fingering her clit
faster and harder as Karen cried out with the beginning of her
orgasm and, in the monitor, she could see Kevin extend his tongue
as far as possible and move his head forward until his nose was
pressed tight against Kathy’s pubic bone. He stayed that way while
she bucked and kneaded her firm breasts while she called out in

Finally, Kevin withdrew from Kathy and his face gleamed with her
juices in the spotlights. Kathy, still shaken from the intensity of
her orgasm, raised herself up on one elbow and said to the
audience, “As you can see, Kevin is quite unusual, but… there’s
more.” She smiled up at Kevin and he released the top of his pants.
He was facing away from the audience as he lowered the pants and
stepped out of them. When he turned around, there was an audible
gasp from several tables (Jan thought she might have been one of
them, but wasn’t sure). Kevin’s cock was at least ten inches long
and an inch and a half to two inches in diameter. It wasn’t
completely hard, yet but seemed quite firm nonetheless. Karen stood
beside him and bending only a little took the large head between
her lips and sucked at it. She used both hands to slide along the
sides of the shaft and Jan could see that it was growing as she
watched. When it was almost twelve inches long (and fatter, if that
was possible), Karen turned to the members and guests and said,
“Unfortunately, my pelvic anatomy is a bit small to make full use
of this wonderful member but we’re working on it a little at a
time.” She smiled up at the giant beside her and winked. “I would
like to suggest that a volunteer come up here so we can see how
well Kevin uses that which nature has provided.

Hands shot up all over the room and Jan heard calls of “Oh, God.
Let me do it.” and “Please… me!” Dan stood and addressed Karen.
He spoke quietly, but the noise of the room quickly abated so he
could be heard. Jan sensed that Dan was one of the more dominant
members of this group and he was granted deference in all things.
“I have with me a first time guest.”, he said, and Jan’s heart
began to pound in her throat. “And, I would like to ask the
indulgence of those here assembled to allow my friend, Jan, to
sample this marvelous discovery first.” He can’t really mean it.”,
she thought, “There is no way I’m going to let that monster tear me
apart.” She looked at Dan with fire in her eyes and mouthed the
word, “NO!” He stood beside her, holding her arm in his hand, and
whispered, “Karen has already assured me that Kevin has complete
control and will not allow you to be hurt in any way. He will give
you only what you can accept and stop when you tell him to. You
see, this is a little gift that Karen and I worked up especially
for you and I really hope you won’t spoil the surprise.”

Suddenly, Jan understood the full extent of the power Dan had over
her. She knew without question that she would ascend to the stage,
undress before all these people and accept as much of that huge
member into her body as she could. She didn’t know why, but she
knew she was going to do it. Dan walked with her to the edge of the
stage and gave her hand to Karen who helped her step up. As the
petit blonde removed Jan’s clothes, she was even more struck with
how small Karen really was. When Jan was completely nude (Karen had
even taken off her garter belt and stockings), she turned to face
Kevin. His body was well muscled without a hint of fat and his skin
was a light brown. It was hard to tell from his face if he was
Italian, Spanish or a mix of several nationalities, but one thing
he was was beautiful. Not just handsome, but truly beautiful. He
bent quickly to kiss her lips and she tasted a hint of Karen’s
musky wetness on his mouth. He pressed down lightly on her
shoulders and she found herself slowly descending along his
gorgeous body. As she lowered herself to her knees, she leaned
forward to place a small kiss on his solid stomach, then she was
face to face with his tremendous member. She glanced to the side to
see if she could locate Dan, but the spotlights made it hard to
make out more than general shapes and she was glad that she
couldn’t see the audience she knew was watching her.

Jan lifted Kevin’s cock with both hands and placed the head against
her lips. It was quite heavy, as she had expected, but much
smoother than she had imagined. It felt almost like satin to the
touch and she extended her tongue to press against the small slit
at its end. “How strange,”, she thought, “that such a large cock
would have a normal size opening.” She licked her lips to moisten
them and allowed them to part as she moved forward capturing the
head. She had thought Robert was large, but the best she could do
with Kevin was the head and one or two inches beyond. Her mouth
simply wouldn’t open far enough to take more. Out of the corner of
her eye, she noticed the TV monitor and saw that there was
apparently another camera at a low level as her face filled the
screen. She normally didn’t think of herself as pretty and when she
looked in the mirror, all she seemed to notice were the small
defects that no one else ever saw. But, in the monitor, she saw for
the first time what a truly beautiful woman she was (or, at least,
could be). She also saw her mouth stretched wider than she would
have imagined possible and Kevin’s tremendous member sliding in and
out between her lips through a combination of her motion and a
gentle swaying of his hips. She thought how sad it was that he had
probably never experienced a real oral loving as most “normal” men
were capable of. While she was doing her best to make Kevin enjoy
the limited access to her warm, wet mouth, she felt Karen applying
a liberal coating of slippery lubricant around and in her pussy and
suddenly remembered why she had been brought on stage. She felt a
slight panic race through her body and looked up to see Kevin
smiling down at her. She felt that Dan had told her the truth and
trusted Kevin to take it slow and allow her to adjust. He had most
likely had plenty of experience with that.

Soon, Karen lifted her gently away from Kevin and had her lay in
the same position Karen had occupied earlier. “Have to be in the
right place for the camera.”, Jan thought with an internal chuckle,
and realized that everything was probably being recorded on video
tape as well. She hoped this adventure wouldn’t come back to haunt
her, but at the moment all she cared about was having Kevin in her
body and she could deal with everything else later. He moved
between her spread legs and leaned down to kiss her. He parted her
lips with the tip of his tongue and she half feared and half hoped
he would fill her mouth with it. He didn’t, but raised back up on
his hands to watch as she reached down and guided him toward the
thoroughly lubricated entrance to her vagina. She slipped the head
up and down along her slit a few times, then released him to use
her hands to spread the lips wide in anticipation of his first
attempt at entry. He came forward only enough to lodge the wide
head between her open lips and stopped. By tilting her head back
only a little, she was able to get an upside down view of his cock
about to enter her body in the large monitor. She watched in
fascination as he came forward little by little until the head had
disappeared entirely. It was a weird sensation to watch that other
woman on the screen being penetrated by a huge male member as she
felt the pressure against the walls of her own vagina as it was
entered simultaneously.

She released her soft lips and raised her arms to stroke his strong
sides and what little of his back she could reach. “So far, so
good.”, she thought. There was a definite sense of being stretched,
but it seemed his girth was not going to be an insurmountable
problem. The head was all the way inside her and she felt him flex
back and forth a little rubbing the bulb against her inner lips and
the ridge that formed just beyond them. In addition to the more
than adequate lubrication Kathy had supplied, Jan could tell that
she was producing lots of fluid on her own and Kevin slid tightly,
but easily in and out. She looked down as about two inches of his
cock followed the head into her depths and felt the firm edges of
his head touching deeper parts of her. She let out a gasp and Kevin
looked concerned that he might have hurt her. “It’s all right.”,
she whispered, “It just caught me by surprise a little.” Reassured
that she was O.K., he started moving in and out, gaining just a
little more depth with each stroke. She was on the verge of an
orgasm, now, and she put the back of her hand against her mouth and
bit against it so that she wouldn’t cry out. When it came, biting
her hand didn’t help much and she heard her self let out a sharp
squeak, followed by a long moan. She was coming hard and he hadn’t
even gotten very far into her yet. What had she gotten herself
into? Was it possible to be fucked to death? He was still working
himself deeper and she was feeling as full as she had ever been in
her life. When the head bumped against her cervix, a new orgasm
began even before the first one had subsided and she was pushed
even higher. He stopped moving and held himself all the way into
her as her head thrashed from side to side and she heard herself
almost screaming with the intensity of her climax. She caught
occasional glimpses of the monitor and saw that there were still at
least four inches of Kevin outside her body. She wanted it all! She
wanted him into her until his stomach was pressing against hers,
but knew it was impossible. On impulse, she ran her hands across
her flat tummy and could feel the rise where his shaft was pressing
against the top of her vagina. He started fucking in and out from
her depths to a point where the head was just barely inside and
back again. She was coming continuously and thought she might
actually pass out from the intensity of it, but she stayed with him
and sensed when he was getting close to his own orgasm. She pulled
his face against hers and kissed him hard, then whispered in his
ear, “I want you to come in my mouth!”

That was all he needed. Immediately, he pulled out of her and moved
up to kneel beside her head. Jan opened her mouth wide and worked
his shaft with both hands. She was desperate to feel him pumping
and taste his warm cum. Her hands were soaked with her own juices
as she stroked his entire length and they slid easily along his
cock. She felt the first contractions with her thumbs along the
underside of this incredible instrument of pleasure. Almost at the
same time, a large spurt hit the inside of her cheek and ran down
to her throat. Soon, she felt as if she were taking a shower in his
hot sperm as it fell all over her face and into her mouth. She
didn’t think he was ever going to stop. She was certain there had
been at least ten strong spurts and he was still releasing small
ones every few seconds. Finally, it was over and she pulled him to
her mouth where she took in as much as she could and sucked hard as
if trying to drain him completely (which she was).

She was aware of riotous cheering and applause but couldn’t seem to
remember where she was or why people were cheering for a minute.
When it came back to her, she saw that the curtain was closed and
the monitor was off. Kevin lay down beside her and covered her body
with his strong arm as she drifted off to sleep.