I ll always say yes to ya

Ever since I was thirteen or fourteen, I’ve had a
fascination with innocent girls being dirty. There were
always some girls who slept with anyone, and came to school
in abbreviated gym-slips, flashing their young thighs for
anyone who cared to watch. I’d watch them, and enjoy their
little parades, but I thought they were cheap, and wouldn’t
really fantasize about them.

Much more interesting was a pretty, naive, school-girl, who
looked horny without really meaning to. An example was
Juliette, the little sister of a friend, cute with short
brown curly hair, and aged about 18. She always looked sexy
in a girlish sort of way – maybe wearing a pink woolly
sweater, little miniskirt, white tights, and pixie boots. My
friend once told me that he made her give him blow-jobs… I
never knew whether it was true, but I enjoyed vivid
fantasies about the idea of her pouty lips wrapped around my
school-boy cock.

One weekend, her brother’s parents were away, and he decided
to have an all-night barbecue. I chatted up a couple of
girls, but spent most of the time drinking and talking to
the boys. It reached two or three in the morning, and we sat
in the back garden. Juliette was next to me, but not close,
and I wasn’t about to try anything with her while my friends
looked on. Then, one of the others tried to put his arm
around her – She edged towards me, obviously not interested,
and soon was pressed next to me. She was wearing a white
halter-top, its shoulder ties slipped to the side of her
arms, and a white skirt that finished just above her knees.
I put an arm around her, resting it on her shoulder, and she
rested her head against me. I risked putting my other hand
on her knee and she just kissed my neck gently. “I’m
tired..” she murmured into my ear. “Will you take me to

We had tents pitched in the garden, so we found one and
climbed in. Juliette unrolled her sleeping bag, and pulled
out her night-clothes. She was fumbling and, like myself,
had drank far too much considering her age. “Can I help
you?” I asked, and she nodded. As we both knelt on the
sleeping bag, her back towards me, I pulled the little bow
the went from the halter top round her neck. “There’s some
clips on the back” Juliette whispered, so I unfastened the
four or five clips, and watched the thin white top open
before me. She held her arms up and I lifted the top up, and
put it to one side. Moving my hands to her tummy, I gently
touched her young body, raising my caresses to the little
bumps that were becoming breasts. Her nipples were hard,
maybe from the cold, but she turned and kissed me as I
played with them between my fingers. I moved my lips to
hers, and felt a little tongue probing between them, pushing
to touch my own. As she turned she tilted back onto her
bottom, folding her legs up against her front. Her skirt
stretched over her bottom now only covered the top of her
legs, and I touched them, slipping a hand between her calf
and thigh. My palm slipped down to the skirt’s hem, then
round to the inside of her thigh, until my fingertips were
touching her tight little panties. Her kisses were becoming
more furtive, so treating this as desire I slipped my
fingers, and then my hand, under the knickers, and over her
smooth, almost hairless pussy. Her knees parted so exerting
some pressure on my middle finger, I parted her labia, and
touched the tight, sticky, inside of this cute little
school-girl vagina. After playing like this for what felt
like hours, Juliette slipped out of her skirt and panties, I
undressed, and together we climbed into the sleeping bag,
pressed body to body, closely together.

My penis was long and hard, and below the fabric of the bag,
I felt her fumbling fingers stroking me. Reaching down, I
closed her fingers around its girth and motioned them up and
down, then moved an arm around her lithe body. My fingers
touched the cleft of her buttocks, and pressed her groin
closer as she slowly masturbated me.

The young, pretty, nymphet begin to whimper, becoming
excited from the un-deliberate rubbing of her own hands
against her clitoris, and the pace of her masturbation began
to increase. She started to suck on my ear-lobes, licking up
and down my neck, and I knew that I would soon be cumming.
“Can I cum inside of you?” I asked, gently. By way of an
answer, the twelve year old brunette rolled us, as if as
one, so that I was on top of her, between her knees.

Reaching between her legs, I parted her labia and nudged the
head of my cock between the lips. Her fingers joined mine,
then moved to hold my foreskin, continuing her unrelentless
wanking, forward and back. She pulled more than she pushed,
and slowly I begin to slip into her tight cavity, I ecstatic
as I floated on the verge of orgasm. As my penis was
enveloped a few inches into her pussy she grunted as her
hymen broke, and put her fingers around my balls, squeezing
gently. I pushed slightly harder, and slid deep into her

Juliette said nothing, but emitted little pants and gasps as
I moved in and out. Her forefinger stretched up touching the
skin between my scrotum and anus. “Juliette, my bottom,
touch my bottom and help me cum….”. The obedient girl
kissed my lips, then pushed a forefinger an inch into my
rectum making me gasp. “Do it, please, do it now” she said,
crying in her lust. I pulled my prick back until just its
head was inside of her, then begin more forcefully and
deeply thrusting in and out. Her tongue was darting around
my mouth, as she wiggled the finger that penetrated my
behind, and in moments I felt a cold sensation raising from
the inside of my legs, up into my balls. “Yes, Juliette,
Yes” I told her, feeling her other hand vibrating the small
part of my cock that was outside of her young cunt. With a
final thrust, I ejaculated my cum deep inside of her, with
the sudden realisation that I could be making her pregnant.
I half pulled out, but as the next wave of orgasm hit me,
pushed back in, not caring in my ecstasy. My whole body felt
that it was in orgasm as I spurted again and again.
Eventually I stopped, exhausted but sated, and stayed
inside, still kissing my young girl-friend as my penis
softened, and we, together, fell asleep.

I woke up the following morning alone. Feeling guilty, yet
uncertain about the events of the previous evening, I went
into the house with some trepidation. Those who were neither
throwing up in the toilets, or still asleep outside, were
eating breakfast, so I joined them, getting a bowl of cereal
and a black coffee. I was a bit queasy and conscious that
Juliette in some fit of nerves might have told someone of
our night together. However, a few minutes later, Juliette
appeared, looking like a vision, in a little white baby-doll
nighty. With her panties just visible below its frilled hem,
and cute white ankle-socks she looked like an advertisement
for little-girl sex, and I knew that other boys were
effected by her. She gave me a coy smile, then went over to
the fridge. Filling a glass with milk, she walked back to
the door, paused, then came towards me. I was worried as to
what she might say, but she just smiled and passed me a bit
of paper. Her brother looked up, but as she told me it was
‘just a telephone message’ looked down again.

It wasn’t until I returned home that I opened it. My parents
were at Church, but I went to my room and took the note from
my pocket, laying it on the bed.

“Dear Ian,

Last night was lovely for me… I love you so much, but know
that you’re probably not interested in a girl like me
because I’m too young. I don’t mind if you have lots of
other girl-friends, but I’ll always do anything for you.
I’ve been looking at William’s dirty magazines since I came
to bed, and read one that showed an older girl in a school
uniform being spanked. Would you want to spank me? Is that
what men want to do with girls like me? Maybe you want me to
suck your willy while you spurt your white stuff into my
mouth? You could do anything at all, really, even if I
didn’t like it, or if it hurt me, because you’re all that
matters. Please call me, and even if I’m not as old, or as
pretty, as your other girl-friends, at least you know that
I’ll always say yes to you.

I love you.