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Bhavani Aunty’s Visit (M/F con, F/b con, M/F nc anal)

Written by Takatak

Bhavani aunty was Amit’s mother’s sister. She used to stay in Gujarat, but after her divorce she got shifted to Mumbai. She was very beautiful 35 year old well built lady. She had come over to my house to stay over for a few days. She was always dressed provocatively. Her Salwar Kameez used to be tight fitting clearly displaying the curves within. Also when she wore saree it was always with a low cut blouse. As a whole she was a hot piece. Amit found her very seductive but then he thought she was her aunt and he was not supposed to look at her from sexual angle. Many times while she slept in the afternoon, Amit would look at her thighs which got exposed due to her saree getting raised. Also her buttocks attracted his attention when she was sleeping on her stomach.
That day Amit returned from his school at around 1:00 p.m. He was supposed to go to his friend’s place to study as he was told that no one would be at home. Amit thought he would snick into the house after school for sometime to scan through his father’s collection of nude pics on the computer. So he had silently kept the house keys in his school bag. He entered the house and threw his bag in the corner and marched towards the hall where the computer was kept. While he was doing so, he crossed his parent’s bedroom, he heard some sound. He casually walked to the door and slowly opened it to find nothing. But to his shock, Bhavani aunty was on her knees in front of the bed. His father sat on the bed, had his pant unzipped and his penis was sticking out. Bhavani was shaking the 8 inch prick. Amit got scared. He wanted to run off. So Amit ran to the door. But then he thought they had not seen so why not observe what they were upto.
He silently made arrangements in the kitchen to hide in the cupboard in case of emergency. He quitely opened the door of the bedroom a bit and kept watching inside. Chirag(Amit’s Father) had his eyes closed and was enjoying the pure sensation of Bhavani sucking on his penis. Bhavani was very skillful in her operation. She was taking the pint penis head in her mouth and giving heavy jerks from the base. She then started taking in more and more till she had the whole of his penis in her mouth. Chirag smiled and patted her head as she gave him a deep throat.
Chirag thought about his wife and said,
"Your sister is still an ametuer in this field. Why don’t you teach her some tricks?"
Bhavani releasing the penis from her mouth said,
"Why should I bother to teach her? If I do so then you won’t even care for me!!"
Chirag said,
"You are my butterfly. You are great. You add spice to my sex life".
Bhavani started moving his penis and made lapping motions as if she was licking a choco bar ice cream. Chirag said,
"Okay, now do the strip dance for me"
Bhavani stood up and moved back from the bed. She started to gyrate her hips. She slowly let go of her saree from her shoulder and started to unwind from it. She moved like an orbiting planet displaying her full breast in her blouse. Her blouse showed distinct points indicating her erect nipples. She threw the saree on the bed and then slowly atrated unbuttoning her blouse. After she had removed three buttons, the blouse became compeletly loose and she moved it out of her arms. This feat exposed her round white globes of milk with dark brown nipples. She moved and carressed her hands on her tits and made moaning sounds. She held her tits by the nipples, shook them in circular motion thereby giving a rippling effect. Chirag’s prick was rock hard. He was shaking it while watching her undress. Then Bhavani pulled down her ghaghra. She was not wearing panty. Her dense pubic triangular hair got exposed. She moved her hand on the thick jungle and then turned around. She bend down pushing apart her legs. Her buttocks were heavy and very tasty.
Chirag saw her small puckered hole along with the lips of the fuckhole. The cunt was all wet. Bhavani stood up. Chirag approached her, stood in front of her and kissed her on the lips. He moved his hands on the tits, on her smooth back and finally rested them on her buttocks. Amit’s prick had stood up looking at all this. He had never known what forbidden fruit was like before this. Bhavani slept on the bed. Chirag stood between her legs. He spread her legs far apart and applied his penis at the cunt. He pushed in his prick slowly at first but then rammed it all the way in. Bhavani gave out a scream of delight. Chirag slept on her and kissed her lips. Holding her shoulders he started his up down movement in the cunt.
Bhavani was enjoying this to the fullest. The pleasure of foolong around with her sister’s husband always turned her on. Chirag started panting with all the exercise. Amit on the outside was going crazy watching all this. Chirag held her tits and pressed them hard. Bhavani said,
"Are you enjoying?"
Chirag said,
"Very! This is second time in my life after the first with you at the time of my marriage that I am throughly enjoying"
Bhavani added,
"Even I, though I had many partners the best upto now is you and only you"
Chirag kept on humping Bhavani for some time and then he was very close to orgasm. Bhavani said,
"Please withdraw, I would like to taste your juice"
Chirag was shocked. "I thought that Indian ladies don’t do forbidden things unless they are prostitutes"
Bhavani said,
"Don’t be mad. All women like to do this but only they are scared to spoil their image. Also they have to be forced to do so"
Chirag could not hold any more and so he withdrew, Bhavani took his prick in his mouth. The jets of sperm erupted from the eye of the prick and all this clearly vanished in Bhavani’s mouth. Bhavani smiled but cursed internally. What an useless husband my sister has got!! He can’t even fuck for 1/2 hour.
Chirag said,
"Don’t worry I would finger you till you cum"
Bhavani said,
"That even I could do !! Would you do something I tell you to do?"
Chirag said, "Well Yes sure?"
Bhavani said,
"Can you rim me and then blast my ass?"
Chirag was zapped. He could not believe what he heard. He said,
"You want me to fuck you up the ass. Ho My!! I always wanted to do it. Can I?"
Bhavani turned and slept on her tummy and spread her buttocks. Chirag observed her small asshole with anxiety. He asked,
"Have you done it before?"
Bhavani replied, "That was one of the reasons for my divorce. My husband felt disgusted to do it and I won’t go without it"
Chirag sat on the bed. Bhavani stood on her hands and knees and moved behind shaking her butts to where Chirag was sitting. Chirag nuzzlled his face into the crack of the big bum and smelled her hot asshole. He slowly probed her butthole by sticking the tip of his tongue on the periphery. Soon he was encircling her asshole which sent out delightful screams from Bhavani. Getting positive response, Chirag further oushed his tongue inside her ass and started salivating. This lead to his saliva wetting the outside of her hole. Chirag withdrew his tongue and lapped her asshole slowly for sometime. Bhavani suggested that he use his fingers to loosen her a bit for the action.
Chirag obidiently took his middle finger and started pushing in her butt. It was difficult for him to get the finger more than his nail inside. He withdrew from her ass and dipped his finger in the wet vagina and accumulated some of her juice and slid it up to her asshole. After some initial difficulty, Chirag slid half of his finger in. He frigged her like that for sometime. Bhavani was moaning with pleasure. Ever since she was raped in her ass by her husband’s best friend once, she had coaxed her husband to do her in ass. Now she was experiencing what she had on that dreaded night but only that today she wanted it done. Bhavani had used different Lady’s finger up her ass to satisfy her craving bum but it did not help.
Chirag was now fully erect. He stood in between her legs and held his penis. he touched her cunt and pushed his thingy fully inside and got it coated with the juice. He withdrew and then held the head of his penis at the asshole. Bhavani got ready. Chirag pressed hard. Bhavani gave out a scream. The penis was too big for her ass. Chirag stopped. Bhavani said,
"Don’t stop. Push in slowly"
He again increased pressure and was able to slip in the head of his penis in. Bhavani screamed and orgasmed. She shivered all over. She looked back and pulled her ass checks apart to relieve some of the pain. Chirag was enjoying this tightness of the hole. He kept on pushing inside. When he was about to ram in fully,,,
The door bell rang. Amit ran to the cupboard. Chirag pulled out his penis & started putting on his pants and shirt while Bhavani accumulated her clothes and ran into the bathroom. Chirag opened the door to find Sheena (his wife).
She came in and inquired, "Why are you sweating so much?"
Chirag made up a story that he had fallen asleep on the bed and forgotten to put on the fan. Chirag stalled her from going to bedroom as the fan was working full blast. Bhavani came out of the bathroom, turned off the fan and opened the cupboard slid inside.
Chirag then told Sheena, "We need to go to bank immediately. One of our check has bounced which I had drawn in your name". So they moved out of the house.
Inside the cupboard Bhavani felt uncomfortable. Then she felt a small had touching her thighs. She was shocked but did not scream. As soon as she heard the door close, she jumped out of the cupboard and opened it completely to find Amit. She said,
"What are you doing here?"
Amit got scared and said,
"I am sorry. Please I won’t do it again"
It struck Bhavani that Amit would have seen everything. Amit was only 13 and might know what she and Chirag wwere upto. She said,
"What did you see, when did you come in the house?"
He replied that he had seen everything. Bhavani said not to utter a word of what he had seen. She would help him anyway. Just then Amit’s parents came in the house.
During dinner, Chirag was continuously looking at Bhavani. When Bhavani stood up next to him to take salad, he watched her buttocks from the side and was fully aroused. In fact he had not lost his erection from the time he withdrew. Amit also saw that Bhavani aunty took chance and brushed her father’s pants when his mother had gone to kitchen. Also when everybody was seated Bhavani had placed her leg in the groin of Chirag for sometime. Chirag was controlling hard not to make any sounds and eat calmly.
After dinner, while Sheena went in the bedroom, Amit went to his room. Chirag held Bhavani by her buttocks clad in the saree and said,
"Oh! I want to fuck your ass"
Bhavani said,
"You can’t with Sheena around. And tomorrow I have to leave for my place"
Chirag said,
"I would die in this state"
Bhavani replied,
"Don’t act dumb. All girls have ass and so all girls have asshole. Take Sheena’s asshole today. I will make it upto to you next time we meet"
Chirag got scared and said that Sheena would divorce her for that. Just then Sheena came out. Bhavani jokingly ran to the hall. Soon Sheena and Chirag retired into the bedroom.
Sheena had observed that Chirag was in a very aroused state all the evening. She asked,
"Why have you been in this way?"
Chirag said,
"My friend had called up to tell me that he had experimented some new kind of pose and style to add spice to his sex life and both his wife and him went crazy after doing it. I say can we try it?"
Sheena replied, "How did they do it?"
Chirag said,
"HO!! nothing much, my friend had just made love to her wife in the doggy style and then he ejected his sperms on her buttocks."
Sheena shyed and said, "You have done that before only that you have always come in me"
Chirag said, "That is the whole point, I want to withdraw and puke my semen on your ass. That itself has aroused me as to how I would have to control"
Sheena agreed. She raised her night gown and removed her panties. She stooped with her hands taking support of the bedpost. Chirag came behind her and raised her gown to her waist. He observed the medium sized buttocks of his wife. He kissed them and then undid his pants to present his erect dick. Sheena was sure that Chirag was definitely as excited as he was when they had married. Chirag placed his penis at the cunt and rammed in fully. Sheena grasped the bedpost and moaned loudly as the unlubricated penis fully slid in her. He held her buttocks firmly and started humping her hard. On his withdrawl he strected her buttocks and observed her small asshole and let go of them on his pushing rythm.
Chirag pumped faster and then withdrew. Sheena turned around, Chirag said,
"Sorry, I am not not ready yet"
He again mounted her from behind and gained speed. Soon Sheena was envelopped in her mind shattering orgasm…..

Bhavani was also in an aroused state as she had already experienced the shattering orgasm of just a penetration in her ass. She wanted to have a dick up her ass. She slept on her bed. She raised her night gown and slid her finger in her panty. She frigged her cunt and then slowly fingered her anus. Slowly she inserted her finger in her ass. She moaned and started shivering. She was experiencing pleasure which she could not describe. She got so engrossed that she did not hear Amit come in her room. Amit said,
"Aunty why are you doing such a dirty thing"
Bhavani said,
"Oh! there is nothing wrong in touching your privates. I enjoy doing it"
Amit asked,
"What was father doing to you with his peepee?"
Bhavani said,
"He was just helping me reduce the scratching feeling I was having in my privates."
Amit asked,
"You are still feeling itchy down there?"
Bhavani said,
"Yes, your father only reduced the itching in here" she pulled her panty down a bit and called Amit closer to her. She touched her cunt lips. Amit was very excited to watch her aunty in this state. "But he did not help me to reduce the itch in here" and touched her asshole. Amit shivered and touched her asshole delicately. Bhavani held his hand at her ass and rubbed it up and down. Amit kept his other hand on her cunt and started rubbing her cunt lips. Bhavani moaned with pleasure. She told Amit,
"Don’t tell anybody about this!"
She reached for his penis in the payajamas. She was delighted to find an erect member of normal thickness. She rubbed his penis and Amit came in his payajamas. Bhavani raised her nightgown and threw it aside. Her tits caught Amit’s attention. Bhavani encouraged him to press them. Amit started pressing them with all his might and this sent pleasure signal all through Bhavani’s body. Bhavani had completely undressed. She then pulled down Amit’s payajama and held his 5 inch erect member. It was still rock hard even after his first orgasm. Bhavani moved his foreskin and then let go of it. She said,
"Would you like to enjoy what you just felt again?"
Amit nodded. "Then do what I say!!"
Bhavani slept on her back and took Amit between her legs. Bhavani kept a pillow under her buttocks and then said,
"Do you see that small hole down there."
Amit anxiously touched her asshole and nodded. Bhavani said,
"Push your private in it. Then move it in and out"
Amit slowly tried to fit his penis in her ass. Bhavani felt a little pressure and then she felt the head of the penis had sliiped in her ass. She gasped and started gyrating her hips. Amit’s penis slipped out. Bhavani held it at her asshole and wrapped Amit in her legs and pushed him from behind. Amit’s prick slid in and Bhavani was again in heaven. Amit was completely in her aunt’s anus and was enjoying this ride to the fullest. Bhavani too was ecstatic and she orgasmed very wildly, jerking her hips high in air and taking Amit with her. Amit could not hold to the sucking sensation of his aunt’s ass and Amit orgasmed for the second time that night. He withdrew to find his sticky juice in the ass of her aunt. Bhavani relaxed. Amit fell besides her and started pressing her tits once more. Bhavani smiled at Amit and said, "You are a very good boy."

As soon as Sheena was shivering and enjoying her orgasm, Chirag withdrew completely and applied his penis to her asshole. Sheena was still engrossed in her orgasm. She felt an instant pain shoot up in her ass as Chirag harshly pushed hard and entered her. Sheena screamed loudly. Chirag did not give a heed and rammed her ass holding her hips. Sheena tightened her grip on the bedpost and screamed again. Chirag said,
"Come on. Don’t scream. It is not that bad"
Sheena said in a quivering tone,
"Oh you have gone… mad aahhh! It is !! hahhhhaaaa splitting me!!!"
Chirag moved and pushed till he was completely buried in her asshole. Sheena gasped. She had tears in her eyes. How can her husband treat her like a slut after all this years of faithfulness. She said,
"Please aahhhh!! Remove it from aAAeeeGGaa there."
Chirag added,
"All my friends do this to their wife and they never complain about the pain. Maybe after this when we try again it won’t pain"
Sheena sobbed and thought How disgusting. He wants to do it again and cause more pain. She kept sobbing while Chirag kept humping her asshole at a very high speed. He was enjoying the tight hole with high friction. He pumped very hard and made Sheena scream more…

Amit heard the screams. Bhavani knew that her sister was royally fucked today. She told Amit, "Your father is teaching your mother to take it up her anus. It is fun you know" Amit nodded…

Sheena screamed once more. Chirag rammed hard and stuck to her and ejected his manly juice up her asshole. Sheena felt the hot fluid up her butt. She felt totally disgusted. Chirag withdrew and fell on the bed. He said,
"Ho!! this has realyy exhausted me but I think I can do you once more in the ass if you just lick me?"
Sheena stared at Chirag and said,
"I am not going to do what you say"
Chirag said, "You have to or else you can join your sister. I would divorce you. What is the idea. I need to enjoy and even you. I spend so much on you so that you remain attractive. If I can’t fuck you like I want to then I might as well go to a prostitute."
Sheena got scared. She knew that her sister was already divorced and her father was finding it difficult to meet the ends. If Chirag divoced her then it would be a crisis. So she decided, in order to remain happy she would have to do what her husband told her to do. Silently, she held his penis and opened her mouth to engulf Chirag’s soft penis to start the humiliation once more….