Ive never cheated

I had never cheated on my wife before, but never before had I had
an opportunity like this. My next door neighbor, a divorcee of 36, was
naked from the waist down, bent over the sink, and begging me to fuck
her brains out. Her pretty pink pussy was pulsating in anticipation of
feeling my shaft slide deep inside her body. I made up my mind and
stepped forward, placing my feet between her spread legs. Pulling my
pelvis back, I put the tip of my cock into the warm wetness between her
legs and, after a few teasing very short strokes, drove the entire
length of my cock into her cunt, my balls banging on her clit as I
bottomed on her cervix.

“Oh God! It’s been so long. I want you to stay inside me forever.
I almost forgot how good it feels to have a man inside me. Fuck me
fast and then fuck me slow. I want to feel you move up and down in

Her words inflamed an already hot situation and I gritted my teeth
and tried to think of baseball scores, algebraic formulae, and anything
else which would keep my mind off the hot pleasure of fucking into the
warm moistness of her cunt. As I fucked her, I could feel her pussy
muscles contracting around my shaft as she pussy-milked my cock.
Fortunately, thinking of other things kept me from cumming too quickly,
and I could feel her spasm through two orgasms before it became too
much for me.

“I’m going to cum!” I warned her as I slowed nearly to a stop, my
cock buried deep inside her. “Not yet!” she begged, “I’m not quite
there yet. Please don’t cum yet.” Gritting my teeth, I pulled out of
her cunt and quickly knelt behind her, my tongue lashing out to bathe
her cunt as I licked her from clit to anus, my lips suctioning her
inner lips and my tongue whipping back and forth across her wetness.
Her pussy juices were running down my chin as she ground her crotch
back into my face, forcing my mouth over her vagina and my tongue to
probe into its warm recess.

As she began to moan and her hips started an involuntary motion, I
rose and drove myself deep into her, feeling the soft velvety walls
spreading before the force of my invader. She cried out as the spasms
of her third orgasm started, her legs weakening as she dropped
helplessly onto my iron-hard shaft. Her pleasure brought me to a peak
and I felt the hot blasts of cum shooting up my prick, exploding into
her pussy as one, two, three, and four large spurts of cum filled her
pussy to overflowing, the excess forced down along my cock to drip from
her pussy onto the kitchen floor. My hips spasmed independently of my
control as the extreme pleasure of my climax was nearly overpowering.

As I started to soften, I started to pull out when she reached back
and grasped me around the hips, pulling me back into her wetness, her
inner softness clasping me like a soft leather glove as her muscles
again milked my cock. Her hands controlled my motions. At first she
let me move only and inch or so back and forth, the wetness and
slipperiness of her cunt permitting me to remain inside her even though
I wasn’t completely hard. As the pleasure grew, her hands pushed me
back and forth more and more until, finally, my cock was hard again and
I could see it gleam in the combination of our fluids.

Pulling back, I took her hand and led her into the den where I sat
on the couch, pulling her down onto my lap. I could feel my cock
rubbing hotly between us as she rubbed her clit up and down its
tautness, her clit poking sharply into the sensitive skin covering the
tube. I unhooked the neck strap of her tennis dress and pulled it down
below her bra. Since her breasts were small but firm, I pushed the
cups up above her tits, the lower band forcing the swelling flesh to
bulge even more as it cut into the softness of her upper breasts. Her
nipples were light pink in color, but they protruded at least a half
inch and were as firm as pencil erasers. She leaned forward and put
her soft lips on mine as her hands went to my shoulders. I could feel
her tongue pressing into my mouth as mine opened and our tongues began
a wet, sexy duel.

As I felt her raise up, her hand went between us as she positioned
me to enter her again. She put just the head of my cock into her pussy
and started a circular motion, the velvety smoothness of her cunt
sliding wetly around its mushroom-shaped bulge. Her fingers went to my
nipples and I could feel her fingers gently scratching my chest, her
fingernails running back and forth over my skin as my nipples erected,
blooming forth as the excitement caused them to poke out of their
covering of hair. My hands went to her tits and I caressed both of
them, my hands squeezing and kneading their softness as I felt her
nipples poking hotly into my palms. As I felt her fingers grasp my
nipple between thumb and index finger, I let her nipple poke up between
my ring and middle fingers, my fingers contracting around the sensitive
buds of pleasure. She began to pull on my nipples as she began to ride
my cock like a horse, posting up and down on my prick, her lips still
sweetly locked on mine.

I could feel all my senses concentrated in three pleasure centers:
my cock inside its velvet-smooth wetness; my nipples being pinched
harder and harder as the pleasures grew; and my lips where her tongue
continued its intrusion into me. As her fingers pinched harder, I let
my fingers return the feeling to her nipples. Finally I couldn’t get
enough pressure with the two fingers so I grabbed her nipple between my
thumb and the nuckle of my index finger. I started twisting her nipple
back and forth as I felt her fingernails begin to dig into mine, the
pain/pleasure radiating throughout my entire body. As she came, her
fingernails nearly drew blood and I squeezed her nipples as hard as I
could, the pressure turning their pinkness white.

As she came down from her orgasm she said, “Now be more gentle. I
love to feel the pain when I’m cumming, but now I just want to feel
softness on my nipples.” I gently massaged her nipples, flicking my
fingers up and down over their surface until I felt her fingers begin
their pressures on my nipples. I duplicated her actions. When she
tortured, I tortured; when she was gentle, I was gentle.

Since I was still rock hard, I let her continue to ride my cock as
she brought herself to two more major orgasms and, I’m sure, a number
of smaller ones. Finally, she slumped on my chest, completely
exhausted, saying, “I can’t move any more. My legs just won’t work. I
just can’t fuck you any more, you’re going to have to do the work.”
She rolled off my chest and lay on her back on the sofa, her body
covered with sweat and completely vulnerable for whatever I wanted to
do. I grasped her ankles and brought her legs up in a “V”, hooking her
legs over my shoulders as I pulled her pelvis up to meet mine, her body
suspended by her head and shoulders and my hands on her ass. Pulling
back, I fucked her with abandon, forgetting everything but my need to
cum. She was just an instrument, a plaything, a hole for my rod. I
was maniacal! My whole being was concentrated in my prick. She was so
wet that I could hardly feel her at all as I fucked back and forth, my
balls banging into her ass.

Looking up at me, she began to pinch her own nipples, saying, “Come
on, you can do it. Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Stick your cock all the
way up to my throat! Shove that hard pecker into my little pussy.
Would it help if I sucked your cock? Would you like to feel my lips
and tongue on your cock? Do you want to fill my mouth with your cum?
Is that what turns you on? Come on down here. Let me watch you cum
all over my face and in my mouth. Is that what you want? Do you want
to see my face covered in your cum? Do you want to see your cum
dripping off my tongue? Let me suck all the cum from your balls.
That’s it, let my legs down. Straddle me so that your big cock is in
my poor little mouth. Do you like that? Do you like to feel my tongue
on you cock while you masterbate? I like the taste of you. I want to
taste your cum. Come on, you can do it. Come on, come on…that’s
it…oh, look at all that cum…you got it in my eyes…let me suck
it…put it closer…ummmhm.”

Her words had inflamed me like nothing before. I was determined to
make my cock cum all over her face. Rubbing as fast as I could, I felt
the sperm start to shoot up my prick and I aimed it right at her mouth,
the force of the first shot causing it to overshoot and land in her
eye. But the second and third wads, smaller and with less force,
dripped onto those red, moist lips and I saw her tongue flick out to
capture their salty whiteness. I tilted my cock and shoved the head
into her mouth and I could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked the last
few drops from my balls. Pulling back, I realized with horror that I
had just fucked my next door neighbor, and that my wife was sure to
find out. Now what was I going to do?