Male domination story

This is the story of one of the strangest sexual experiences I
have ever had. It all began about four years ago when Bridget and I were
going out. We used to fuck all the time and that part of our
relationship was good. However, we both were young, and we both had
roving eyes, and by the time we broke up, we were anything but friends,
in fact, he damned well hated one another.
Bridget was about five foot eight inches and about 125 pounds.
She had long auburn hair and was athletically inclined. Her tits were
not bad, but her ass was magnificent. Every time we’d get naked and I’d
see that ass of hers, it would make my mouth water and my dick get
incredibly hard. She used to suck my cock and tease it, getting me to
the absolute brink of pleasure before finally and mercifully releasing
the flood of jism from my throbbing cock.
Well, as I said, we didn’t like each other at all after our
break-up, and I hadn’t seen her for about two years. I had heard that
she got involved in the feminist movement and was big into teaching
self-defense classes to women.
It was on a Friday night, and I had been out drinking at my
favorite watering hole, and I was not having much luck with the local
ladies when I spied Bridget sitting with a group of her friends. She was
laughing and talking and drinking beer. A lot of beer by the looks of
her crowd. She saw me and half smiled and said something to the girl
next to her, and her face got red, and she laughed along with Bridget.
“Hey wimpy boy!” she said in a loud and drunken manner. This
really surprised me, and pissed me off as well, because although I’m no
body builder, I’m certainly anything but a wimp. “Hey little dick!” she
called, and her friend laughed even more.
I tried to ignore her. There was no point in arguing with a
drunken bitch anyway, but this wouldn’t do for her, and she got up from
the table and came up to me. “I always thought that this was a classy
place.” she said. “I wonder why they let little wimps like you in here.”
she said. Her eyes were full of contempt and at that point, I had about
enough of her bullshit.
“Listen you filthy little slut,” I said, “Bitches like you
should be out in the parking lot sucking cocks for nickels rather than
hanging out in here with regular people! Why don’t you go outside and
fuck yourself!” I said with malice and anger in my voice.
“Listen little dick,” she said, her eyes filled with rage. “If I
go out in the parking lot, I’m gonna take you out there and kick your
slimy little ass!”
I just laughed at her. What an arrogant bitch! I have never
struck a woman before, and frankly, I didn’t want to start now, even
though, she deserved it, and furthermore, had she been a man, I would
have flattened her.
“Piss on you!” I said, “You’re not worth the time! I’d
personally like to beat the shit out of a nasty little fuck like you,
but I’ll be damned if you’re worth going to jail for! You’re certainly
not worth humiliating here in public, and besides, I like to hang out
here, and don’t want to get thrown out!”
She just looked at me. Finally, she said, “Listen little dick,
If you think your man enough to take me on, why don’t you come back to
my house. It’ll be just you and me, and I’ll teach you a lesson you
won’t soon forget. We’ll see who pisses on who!”
By this time I was really pissed off, an quickly agreed. She
told me where she was living, and we both hurriedly left the bar for her
house. I was somewhat apprehensive about it on the way over. I thought
that maybe when I got there that she’d have some big muscle-bound stud
living there that would take me apart, but when we got to her house, all
the lights were off and there were no other cars.
We walked into her house and she didn’t say a word. She led me
to the basement door and we walked down. When I got to the bottom of the
stairs, I was amazed at what I saw. There was a wrestling mat and
aerobic workout equipment all about. She went to the fridge and pulled
out two quart bottles of beer. She gave me one and then opened the other
for herself.”I don’t even want to drink from the same bottle as you,
“she said, “It’s gonna be good to kick your ass!” I said, and laughed to
myself at this stupid bitches arrogance.
After that, she sat there is stony silence and drank her beer,
never even looking at me and never saying a word. Finally, she chugged
the last of her beer, and lit up a cigarette. Fixing her gaze at me, she
took a long drag and exhaled. She had a look in her eyes like she was
trying to decide what to do. Finally she said, “Well, I’m gonna go and
get naked. I always like kicking guys asses when I’m naked. You can wear
where what you want, although I’m sure you don’t have the guts to try
and fight me naked with your little weenie exposed.” To me, that was
enough. “I’ll kick your little sluttish ass!” I said. And with that she
disappeared into another room.
When she came out she was quite naked, and so was I. I must
admit, I was truly amazed. Her body was sculpted into a perfect form,
and there wasn’t an once of fat on her entire body. She approached me
and slapped me in the face, hard. I was enraged, and charged at her with
all my force. She merely sidestepped me, and kicked me in the ass as I
went by. I regained my composure and turned to face her only to be
confronted by a karate style kick right to my unprotected stomach.
The wind was knocked right out of me and I found myself lying
gasping for breath on the mat. She was on me like a tiger and
immediately wrapped her long muscular legs around my stomach in a
scissors hold. She locked her legs at the ankles and squeezed with all
her might. “This is way too easy!” she laughed. “What kind of a man are
you, anyway, letting a weak woman like myself dominate you? Aren’t you
ashamed to be humiliated by a mere woman?” she said scornfully as she
kept applying the pressure to my stomach. Finally, I could take no more,
and cried out my surrender, but that didn’t faze her a bit. I couldn’t
breath and could feel myself passing out. The last thing I remembered
is seeing her smile and fading to black.
When I awoke, I was worried. I found myself spread eagle,
handcuffed and legcuffed to four posts that surrounded the wrestling
mat. I looked around, only to see Bridget drinking a beer,and smoking a
cigarette. “I see your awake now, little dick.” she said. “I think by
the time were done, you’ll have a better respect for the superiority of
women!” With that, she walked over to where I lay and squatted over my
face. I could see her brown pussy hair, and smell the female musk of her
cunt. Her pussy lips were parted and I could feel the heat radiating
from her cunt. “I want you to look at my cunt.” she said, in a quiet yet
resolved voice. “Look at it and see what your master really is.” With
that, her pussy lips parted, and a couple of drops of pee dripped down
on my face. Suddenly, a spurt of her hot piss flooded my face. “I told
you we’d find out who’d be pissing on who!” she laughed. She was still
smoking the cigarette, and took a long drag. She exhaled, blowing the
smoke down at me as I laid helpless under her pussy. She then released
another strong stream of piss on my face, this time starting and
stopping over and over to let me get the full effect of what she was
doing. “Lick my pussy!” she said. “Fuck you!” I said. “Listen, little
dick.” she said with a slight smile, “You’ll eat my pussy and do
everything exactly as I say, or I’ll give you such pain, you’ll wish you
were dead!” she said.
With that, she took her burning cigarette, which by this time
was down to the butt, and held it right under my balls. I could feel the
heat, but it was not quite enough to cause me pain, yet. Finally, she
just touched the coal of the cigarette to my balls. I screamed in pain,
and she just laughed. She then pulled back and again squatted over my
face. “Are you gonna lick my pussy now, or do I have to burn your ugly
balls again.” she said. She then got up and lit another cigarette, and
again blowing the smoke down at me said, “Or we could just play this
game for a while.”
At this point I realized that I’d better do as she said.
“Alright, you win.” I said,with resignment. “Of course I win, I always
win, especially when dealing with little wimps like you!” she said
disdainfully. With that she sat down on my face hard. Her pussy now
tasted salty from the pee with the distinct aroma of an aroused Bridget.
“Lick my cunt!” she said. “Don’t miss a spot or you’ll pay for it!” I
licked for all I was worth, as she kept rising and falling, her ass and
cunt bouncing on my face.
Her pussy was getting wetter, and I could taste her cunt juices
much more than I could taste the pee. She started moaning louder and
louder, all the time pressing her cunt down harder and harder. Finally,
she came in great heaving waves, her cunt juices flowing as her cunt
spasmed one last time. Spent, she sat there, her full weight for a
moment on my face.
Finally, she got to her feet. She was unsteady on them, spent
from her intense orgasm. During all of this,and to my great surprise, I
found myself getting intensely aroused. I had never been treated this
way before, and had always been the dominant one in all my
relationships. She now looked at me and my raging hard-on. “Well look at
this!” she said. “Looks like little dick likes having a woman humiliate
him. I’ll bet he even liked having me piss all over his ugly little
face!” With that she sat astride me facing backwards, her asshole right
in my face. She started to stroke my cock, which was swelling more and
more. I could smell her asshole and the mixture of her womanly juices
and her musty pee. “Lick my asshole you worthless fuck!” she said. I
immediately obeyed as she stroked away at my cock. My arousal grew with
each stroke as I could feel an intense orgasm building within; an orgasm
unlike any I have or would ever experience. I was about two seconds away
from shooting, when she turned around and squatted over my cock. I could
feel the tension rising and rising. I looked up at her face and she
strained for a second and then let loose a forceful, burning hot stream
of piss on my cock. With that, my cock exploded sending a stream of cum
so hard, that it landed on my face and hair.
She stopped peeing and moved her cunt up over my face.”Open your
mouth.” she said. Only now, the hard tones had gone out of her voice.
Her voice was softer, more gentle, yet it still had authority to it. I
did as I was told and she put her cunt over my mouth. She peed slowly
into my mouth. “Make sure you swallow it all!” she said as the pee
flowed freely into my mouth and down my throat. With all the beer she
had drank, she peed what seemed like about thirty seconds, and when the
last drops came, she sort of smiled. She then released me from my bonds,
but I was too spent to resist, and somehow the anger had passed.
It was at that time, I realized that a big change had come over
both of us. I now longed for her dominance, and I knew at that moment
that I was destined to be her slave. “I long to serve.” said I, “I long
to be completely yours, and do your bidding.” A look came over her face.
A changed look. ” Well then, a slave you shall be, but remember, the
slightest disobedience shall be met with instant chastisement. You will
pleasure me whenever I want, and I will use you as a human toilet. You
will drink my pee, eat my cunt, be my footstool, and respond to my
slightest whim. Do you accept this?”
“Yes I said!” She just kind of half smiled, and lit up another