Midnight Fantasy

Lustful Lorna lay on the sandy beach, clad only in a string
bikini of sky blue. The moonlight shone down upon her
voluptuous body. From the distance came a mournful call.
She sat upright and listened for a hint of what or whom was

Suddenly there appeared on the moonlit horizon a shape, his
muscular form glistening. She gasped as he moved closer.
As she gazed upon the curve of his masculinity, her heart
skipped. Suddenly, he appeared, a vision of power.
He approached her and suddenly stopped, leaned near, grabbed
her face with his powerful hands, bent low and kissed her long
AND HARD. She moaned with expectation of pleasure yet to come.
His tongue darted in and out. She met it with enthusiasm.

His forceful hands explored her tender body. She rose to meet
the building pleasure. He paused–surveying the hidden wonder
of her responding passion. She rose and gently drew him near,
clutching his youthful body. He gasped suddenly as she
possessed his manhood in her slender fingers and drew it to
her mouth. Gazing at him in wonder, she kissed him softly.
He responded with a low moaning sound.. Quietly and without
reservation they removed their hindering clothing. He knelt
down and slowly began to possess her. She moaned softly–take
me – now! I am yours!

He entered her gently, pleasurable, strongly, and with an
insatiable lust. Suddenly the night was split with screams of
pleasure as her hands pushed his pelvis into hers. He resisted
for a moment, but could not resist this new feeling of warmth
and potential ecstasy. Their bodies rose together in undaunted
pleasure. He lurched suddenly into her and she cried into the
night with a possessive sigh of inexplicable pleasure. they
parted with a long lingering kiss that said “I knew you.”