Couple and a girl

Several years ago, my husband had to be in Austin and, in order to keep me
occupied, we took along a friend we lovingly referred to as ‘our wife’.
She was a lovely woman whose best features were an insatiable sexual
appetite and an absolutely astonishing bust line. (38 D at the least).
She was a little self conscious about going braless but the effect was so
startling that we encouraged her to do so at all reasonable opportunities.
The drive to Austin had been a show for the truckers with Judy and I
exposing our bodies at various intervals. Continue reading Couple and a girl

Perfect Teen In Suspension Bondage

She was the most beautiful and desirable woman I had ever
come across in my whole life. I took great delight in watching her
struggle against the bonds that held her exposed and captive to my
every pleasure. Her dainty wrists were cuffed together and held
above her head, her arms pulled uncomfortably high and tight by
strong nylon ropes. Her long, shiny black hair cascaded about her
shoulders, partially obscuring the dildo gag that was jammed into
her mouth, and swayed from side to side as she hopelessly tried to
escape the cruel bondage that held her firmly in place. Her breasts
were unusually large for such a young woman and it was those special
features that attracted me to her in the first place. Continue reading Perfect Teen In Suspension Bondage

Ample Pair of Boobs

I was in one of those moods where nothing is really wrong, but yet nothing
is really right either. You know the feeling. I didn’t have any firm plans
for the week-end and all the things I should have been doing were most
unappealing, like cleaning house, washing the car, writing long overdue
letters, and all the other things that I seem to allow to wait forever.
Just when I had almost decided that nothing was going to help perk me up I
remembered that I had promised to meet Janice at the museum to see the new
exhibits. I really enjoy her company and we always find things to laugh about.

We met as scheduled and enjoyed the painting and sculpture and then
decided to go somewhere for a drink. We ended up at a small bar near her
apartment that neither of us had ever been in before. we sipped our drinks
and caught up on each others lives. Neither of us paid much attention to the
surroundings until the pianist started playing. He was very attractive and
played extremely well. He ran through lots of songs from the 60’s and 70’s
and then people started to sing and make requests. Between Janice and I we
knew practically every song he started after just the first couple of bars,
and it turned out to be lots of fun here. Continue reading Ample Pair of Boobs

Sex on the beach

The breeze from the ocean gave the night air a fresh
salty scent. As we walk out of the restaurant it rejuvenates
us both from the stylish cigarette smoke that a few still
insist on breathing. We both breathe in deep, then cast an
anticipating glance at each other. An eager smile forms on our
faces simultaneously. “We’ll come back for the car later,” I
remark as we head towards the beach. The evening’s events were
unfolding perfectly.
You often told me how much you enjoy the beach, walking
from your house on evenings when you just need to relax. It is
so convenient to have such a recuperative place to use at your
leisure. Sitting alone to collect your thoughts in one of the
lifeguard stations. I always thought the situation had
definite possibilities. Continue reading Sex on the beach

Midnight Fantasy

Lustful Lorna lay on the sandy beach, clad only in a string
bikini of sky blue. The moonlight shone down upon her
voluptuous body. From the distance came a mournful call.
She sat upright and listened for a hint of what or whom was

Suddenly there appeared on the moonlit horizon a shape, his
muscular form glistening. She gasped as he moved closer.
As she gazed upon the curve of his masculinity, her heart
skipped. Suddenly, he appeared, a vision of power.
He approached her and suddenly stopped, leaned near, grabbed
her face with his powerful hands, bent low and kissed her long
AND HARD. She moaned with expectation of pleasure yet to come.
His tongue darted in and out. She met it with enthusiasm. Continue reading Midnight Fantasy

Crazy Orgy

There were several vignettes left in the movie. The next one consisted of two
men and a lady. As the scene started, the woman was on her knees, sucking on
both of men’s cocks. When the cocks were hard, one man moved to her rear.
The man in the front got down on his knees and the woman bent over still
sucking on his throbbing hardon, while the man in the back began to fuck her
wildly. Suddenly, the woman said to the man in the back, “I want you to fuck
him in the ass.” The two men got up and walked to a table where the first man
leaned on the table with his arms in a bent over position. The woman spread
his cheeks and began tonguing his asshole. When she felt he was wet enough,
she turned to the second man and sucked on his dick for a little while,
jacking the man off leaning against the table. She then guided the cock she
was sucking to the other man’s asshole and watched as the first man began
entering him. Then she quickly ducked under the man leaning on the table and
began sucking his cock as she played with the first man’s balls. The man
fucking began stroking harder and faster. She kept sucking on the cock of the
man being fucked. As the man doing the fucking started to cum, she jerked his
cock from the first man’s ass and began jacking it off and sucking the cum
leaping out of the slit in its head. She got cum all over her face and in her
mouth as she sucked him dry. Continue reading Crazy Orgy

Blowjob In Theater

The group was standing near the door and Garolynn and Janis quickly walked
toward them. “Who’s all got cars?” Peter asked. 3 hands raised and they each
collected enough riders that the whole group was accommodated. “See you at
the Rusty Pelican, ” one of the drivers said. Garolynn and Janis got in
Peter’s car along with three other people. Both of the ladies sat in the
front seat, Garolynn next to Peter, in the middle. A cringe of jealousy leapt
into Janis but she tried hard to ignore it.

As the car started to move, somebody from the back seat asked Peter if he knew
where the Rusty Pelican was. “Yes, its really across the street,” he replied,
“But its really easier to drive than walk because of the traffic and the
street here.” “Actually, its about a block down the street but it will take a
few minutes because its next to the freeway and we have to wind around through
a back road or two,” he said. Garolynn leaned over to Peter and whispered
that she thought there was something funny going on near her room. “Why?”
Peter asked. “Well, I thought I heard someone screaming right next door and
then Janis came out of the room next door so it must have been somewhere else
on the floor,” she said. Peter looked over at Janis and saw she was beet red.
Garolynn looked at Janis too and Peter said jokingly, “You have something you
want to tell us about or is this a private matter?” Janis stammered something
to the effect that she had heard some weird sounds also but was not paying a
whole lot of attention. The three in the back seat were having their own
conversation and had not heard any of this. Continue reading Blowjob In Theater

Computer consultant story

It began one day at a little place I used to work at, just after I
had gotten into the computer consulting business. It was a small
shop with about ten people that did typical office work, mostly
typing. A woman named Margaret managed it for a guy who let her
run things pretty much however she wanted as long as she kept
costs to a minimum. That meant hiring mostly young girls, whom
she could pay peanuts, to crank out the paperwork along with a
couple of men to do the real work – like operating and maintaining
the computers.

I had increased the efficiency of the place tenfold by installing
a microcomputer network to handle their wordprocessing chores. I
set ’em up with a 386 clone and a 100 meg hard disk as the server
running the ever-popular N network with about half a dozen XTs as
stations. Margaret was both thrilled and thankful for my effort.
After the installation of the hard and soft wares I was called
back only for repairs, program updating and new employee training.
The girls were very computer illiterate, as most women are, and I
really had my hands full training them. I could almost hear their
disk heads grinding against the platters every time one of them
began randomly pushing keys in panic. Continue reading Computer consultant story

Bar pickup smut story

Ted and I were college buddies, both going through the same exams,
profs and (you guessed it) girls. He was always an ass man, getting
his kicks from ‘bumping’ up behind chicks anywhere he could find them.
In shopping malls, in elevators, in the subway, anywhere.

My thing is getting head.
Anywhere, anytime is fine as long as the girl doesn’t mind. Ted and I
knew of each other’s sexual preferences and became a tag team almost
by accident.

Sandy was a tall and healthy brunette with big blue eyes that always
seemed to be sparkling. She had a habit of wearing loose fitting
oversize jerseys and faded and stitched Levi jeans. Her pants were
always tight fitting even if we could see only from mid-thigh down.
Always flirting with the guys, she tried to see how far the guys would
go with her. Some were lucky and some were embarassed. Continue reading Bar pickup smut story

Old fashioned bondage

Your new lover arrives looking as though he stepped out of the
seventeenth century. He is dressed in a blue velvet suit with
much lace and silk ruffles. His shoulderlength blond hair falls
out from under a large blue velvet hat with a long white feather
in it. He even has on white knee stockings and buckled shoes and
he is carrying a goldtipped cane. He also is wearing a black
mask over his eyes.

He stops still when he sees you. “Enchanting,” he says and bows
deeply. He steps toward you. “Pretty puss, have you done as I
asked?” He slips his cane in the folds of your cloak. You
unfasten the hooks of the cloak and open it. He gazes at you and
smiles. You feel your nipples begin to harden. He licks his
finger and traces the red lines around each one. Continue reading Old fashioned bondage

New male collegue

Seanna McCaffrey is the president and CEO of McCaffrey & Associates, a
small but very successful business founded by her grandfather, after whom she
was named, and from whom she inherited her business sense. When he took it
over for a while, her father did not run it very well, and she has brought it
from the brink of disaster to its present thriving condition.
She is tall, about 5′ 8″, slender and light boned, so that her 127 pounds
are not skinny. She wears her carrot-colored hair fairly short, and dresses
for business in very tailored grey pants-suits, with just a touch of color in
her accessories. Although she appears to be in her early twenties, she will
celebrate her thirtieth birthday this coming November. Continue reading New male collegue

The image of me

For five years, from April of 1979 until this last April, I worked part- time
at this funky non-commercial radio station in New York. Non-commercial, by the
way, means you do it for love and not for money. I was part of the public
affairs department and I produced programs on nuclear weapons, South Africa,
utilities, alternate energy, housing, all sorts of things.
During the time I worked at this station I occasionally supervised two
interns, Caroline and Eve, who worked on a couple of programs, turned out to
be very nice folks, but who did not realize that producing a regular radio
program takes a shitload of work. Eight to ten hours sometimes for one hour of
finished product, and that does not count travelling to and from wherever the
person you’re interviewing is located. So after some much needed help,
Caroline and Eve sort of faded off into other things. I once met Caroline
briefly in Penn Station and said hello, but I never saw Eve again until
yesterday. Continue reading The image of me

Smut Bedtime Story

Except for its inconspicuous lock, the door at the end of the
short hallway of Miranda’s middle-class home looked perfectly
But the windowless room beyond the locked door was a sexual
Never-Never Land, a fantastic reflection in a kinky Looking Glass.
While Miranda watched, amused, the key dangling from her finger, I
took one step inside, then another — and stopped, staring. My
heart was racing, my eyes wide. I had never seen anything like it
Two walls were mirrored, from the tiled floor to the black-
painted ceiling. An incredible array of whips, restraints, gags,
and harnesses hung from the peg strips which circled the room at
waist height. Pushed into the near corner was a heavy padded
sawhorse; the center of the room was dominated by a wooden X-frame
solid as an oak and seven feet tall. Both the horse and the frame
were dotted with steel eyebolts, some of which sported dangling
chains or cuffs. All of it looked well used. None of it, as far as
I could tell, was for show. Continue reading Smut Bedtime Story

Ram My Asshole

A month ago, my girl friend Jill and I got to talking with a waitress at a
local restaraunt and we really hit it off. Her name was Chris and she said she
had two hung guys who were coming over to her place when she got off work..and
we were welcome to join them. We accepted her invitation quickly and met her
when she left the restaraunt.
About a half hour after getting to her place, Chris disappeared to get out
of her “work clothes”. I was sitting right next to Jeff on the sofa, while Jill
and Pete were making out across the room. Jeff’s finger touched under my chin
and I turned to look at him. I kissed him, feeling his lips slowly part, and
his tongue gently stroked my lips. I parted my lips and let his tongue enter
my mouth, eagerly swirling my tongue around his. I chased his tongue into
his mouth when it withdrew, and that excited him, his hands now sliding
urgently down my back. We kissed and kissed for a long time, his hands
and tongue making me so hot that I was sure my pants were visibly wet. Chris
announced the snacks were ready, and Pete disentangled from Jill to help her
bring out the food and some drinks. She sat down, and started telling some
jokes, most of them raunchy. Continue reading Ram My Asshole

Smut Ebony Tale

Easy, someday, Susie and I will go shopping for lingerie, and then
model it for you. We will go to Victoria’s Secrets, I know you would
probably prefer something from Frederick’s or Linda’s Lovelace, but
the items from Victoria’s are the difference between blatantly sexy
and sensual. Well, after we go shopping, we drop by your place, just
as you are getting home from work. We tell you to go sit down, and
we excuse ourselves to go get undressed and re-dressed. Susie got
herself a pair of real silk black hose, black tap pants, black garter
belt, and black lace see through bra. Continue reading Smut Ebony Tale