Sexy Chicks Fucked Me

It was late as I had worked four hours at the office after normal
closing time. I also stopped at my favorite pub and had two quick beers.
I jumped on the Interstate to head home. About five miles down the
road I thought the beers had gone to my head as it looked like I was seeing
double. There along side the road were two ladies both blond, tall, and well
As soon as they saw my car approaching they started waving like they
were in trouble. I naturally, being the nice guy I am, pulled over to the side
of the road. They both approached my window as I rolled down the glass. Sure
enough they were twins. I could not have told them apart except for the
clothes they were wearing.
They introduced themselves as Sheri & Sandi and were they ever knock
outs. As expected, they had car trouble and needed help. I checked their car
and found there was nothing I could do to help the trouble. I offered to take
them to a telephone or restaurant to try to get help. This pleased them and
they both jumped into the front seat of my car. Continue reading Sexy Chicks Fucked Me

No Names Needed

I like to dance. Going out to a club to hear the latest music
is a good way to spend a Friday night for me. The dance floor is
always packed with guys and girls just doing their own thing. Some
of the girls are really hot while others are not. But it’s fun
just to be there.
The last time I went to the local club (the only one anywhere
near the small town I’m from), a peculiar thing happened. The
music had just ended for the night and all the patrons were filing off the
dance floor toward the exits. I was walking with my arms down at
my sides. All of the sudden, I felt a hand pinching my ass.
Instinctively, I swiped back with my hands to catch whoever it was.
Since this has happened twice before, I’m really curious to find
out who keeps groping me. I caught a wrist and held on tightly.
I didn’t look around at who it was right away, but I dragged her
with me despite her protests. When I finally came to a place that
I could confront her, I stopped and wheeled around, still holding
onto her wrist.
What I saw surprised me. Totally. I looked down into the
greenest eyes I have ever seen. She was about 5’6″, had long blond
hair, and she was really tan. Her face was totally hot. I was
almost mesmerized by her eyes. But I couldn’t forget the business
at hand. Continue reading No Names Needed

Ive never cheated

I had never cheated on my wife before, but never before had I had
an opportunity like this. My next door neighbor, a divorcee of 36, was
naked from the waist down, bent over the sink, and begging me to fuck
her brains out. Her pretty pink pussy was pulsating in anticipation of
feeling my shaft slide deep inside her body. I made up my mind and
stepped forward, placing my feet between her spread legs. Pulling my
pelvis back, I put the tip of my cock into the warm wetness between her
legs and, after a few teasing very short strokes, drove the entire
length of my cock into her cunt, my balls banging on her clit as I
bottomed on her cervix. Continue reading Ive never cheated

Caught fucking with Italian

My wife Elaine and I would like to share our sexual experiences
with your readers. This is a second marriage for both Elaine and
myself and when Elaine and I began dating we were also dating
others as well. Elaine and I began sleeping together on our first
date, actually we had returned to her apartment after a movie, and
while I was trying to get up the nerve to try something she
started rubbing my cock. Feeling its swelling she unzipped my
trousers and gave me the best blow-job I’d ever had. And to make
things even better she is not a spitter and swallowed every drop
of my fluid. Continue reading Caught fucking with Italian

Seduced By Coworker

I was seduced yesterday, and I just have to tell someone about it!
His name is Fred. We work together.
I am thirty-six and married, with two children. Fred is twenty-three,
single, and a real dreamboat, with wavy brown hair, big blue eyes and a
well-shaped, muscular body. We have been flirting ever since he started
working with me about four months ago.
We’ve been having lunch together nearly every day for a couple of
weeks. Yesterday we got our day’s work done early. Over lunch he asked me
if I would like to join him in his apartment for a drink. After we arrived
at his place, I excused myself to the bathroom while he made the drinks.
While inside the bathroom I slipped out of my panties and sprayed perfume
on the insides of my thighs. Continue reading Seduced By Coworker

Shirleys party night

It was Shirley’s party night so instead of going out to a bar she
invited some friends over to party at her house. There was quite
a few good looking guys with hot looking dates there. Shirley had
her eye on a few of them. Tony, Brian, Randy, Tom and Eddie. They
didn’t know it yet but by the time the night was over she would
have them all. They were the hottest guys there. With the hottest
dates, who thought they were the most beautiful girls any guy
could lay eyes on. Little did the girls know, the guys were tired
of girls who worried more about their looks rather that having
fun. So Shirley slowly went to work on getting what she
wanted. Continue reading Shirleys party night

That Comes In Handy

Across Birmingham’s downtown, through the center of the city,
you are topless and smiling. My pants are undone, and a less-than
throbbing penis slumbers in the midday sun. Traffic is all around
us. Your shorts are draped demurely across your lap, hiding fingers
tickling a sparse bush and eager lips. Not so much to go to climax,
more like idling and enjoying the feeling of slick lips and warmth.

“Yes, very. I’d like something to eat, first, though…”

Off the freeway at the next exit ramp is a Roy Rogers. Perfect.
We are fourth in line at the drive thru. Continue reading That Comes In Handy

Sexy Homecoming

Sally arrived home from her trip feeling tired, but more
importantly, randy – it had been a few days since she had engaged
in any form of sexual activity – she had been tempted to pop into
the loo on the train in order to play with herself but had finally
decided against it as it would not be long before she arrived
home. She was wearing a black skirt which reached to just above
her knees and on top she wore a white blouse covered by a light
fawn coloured jumper. This latter was somewhat tight and outlined
her breasts in such a way to make their size obvious, forming as
they did, constrained by her bra, two luscious looking mounds. The
sun shone on Sally’s thick red hair as she rang the door-bell.
Her key was buried somewhere in her bag and in any case she
wanted to see who, if anyone, was at home. Continue reading Sexy Homecoming

Sexual Affair

Breakfast is over…your husband is off to work, and the
kids have left for school. You sit quietly at the kitchen
table finishing the last cup from the coffee
pot…daydreaming about nothing in particular…getting
ready to start another weekday.

The doorbell rings once, startling you from your morning
trance. You rise slowly from the table, wondering who it
might be. As you walk from the kitchen to the front door you
think “what a sight I am, hair all mussed, in an old robe
and worn slippers…well the hell with it, whoever it is
they probably don’t look much better than I do.” Continue reading Sexual Affair

Hikers Under Stars

Charlene and I had hiked most of the day to get to one of the more
isolated campground areas in Yosemite park, and we were both quite hot and
sweaty by the time we reached it. Upon arriving, we saw that there were
several other tents already pitched, with a few people milling about or
just relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. We staggered in and said
hello, then proceeded to find a suitable spot for our tent. Several of
the good spots had been taken, but we found one some distance away from
our neighbors. It was nice and flat, with some grasses to cushion our
backs. We set up our tent. Continue reading Hikers Under Stars

Wife Dressed Up Like Whore

Not long ago my wife decided to surprise me by dressing up and acting like
a whore. She must have had the whole thing planned out because she sent me to
the store for a bottle of wine. My wife doesn’t drink wine that often so it
made me just a bit suspicious when she insisted that i buy some, but i had no
idea what she had in mind. The trip to the store and back took about a half
hour. When I returned she greeted me looking like some hooker you’d find in an
alley somewhere.
She’d made her face up applying a very heavy base. Wearing long false eye-
lashes, very bright eye shadow, ruby red lipstick and a blond wig that I had
never seen before, my wife stood before me in only see-through black and red
bra with holes that her nipples stuck through, and a matching pair of crotch-
less panties that revealed her bush and meaty crack. She also wore a garter
belt, black fish-net stockings and to finish off her appearance, a pair of pink
high heels. She looked like something out of a sailor’s dream. Continue reading Wife Dressed Up Like Whore

Wife With Other Guy

I’m going to keep a dairy of my emotions tonight. I plan to write
a little something at least each hour. I’m doing this because it
does two things. First it gives me something to do and secondly
many people have asked how I feel at such times.

You see my wife, Dena, and I have an open marriage. At least it’s
a one sided open marriage. Throughout our 14 year marriage I have
remained monogamous while Dena has had many lovers. I don’t mind
her affairs, in fact I was the one who suggested she date other
men. Continue reading Wife With Other Guy

Groupsex Story

Working as a male go-go dancer from Key West to
Providencetown, I learned firsthand that often women can
become pretty daring. While dancing, rotating my buns as
I thread my way between the tables, I’ve had even the most
prim-looking gray-haired ladies grope my crotch and go as
far as to slip their nimble fingers between the elastic of
my briefs.
Recently, I was enjoying some well-earned time off
when a friend asked if I’d be interested in earning some
easy money posing for a women’s art club. Sure, I said,
expecting anything but what happened. Continue reading Groupsex Story

Homecoming Queens vagina

Since the start of the term, I had watched Joan exercise and work
out in the skimpiest of gym uniforms. The blonde tenth grader was the
most beautiful cheerleader in the junior class. All the boys in school
were constantly trying to get into her pants, and to be honest with
you, my own heart would literally do a flip flop imagining what it
would be like to fondle her large breasts that were constantly peeking
out through the sides of the tight T-shirts the kids wore despite
strict dress codes.

Watching her strut her stuff up and down the halls, I spent many a
moment in deep thought, picturing in my mind, the utter thrill of
parting her long, lean legs and caressing her with my tongue. I lived
for the day the opportunity might arise to show her the value of
taking instruction from an older, more mature person – one that has
been around and knows the ropes. To me, Joan seemed to know the score,
and I was positive that none of the kids her own age could possibly
bring her the sexual satisfaction I instinctively knew her body must
crave. Teacher or no teacher, if I thought I could get away with it, I
would do anything short of rape to be able to lick and swallow the
sacred secretions that were certain to flow in abundance from that
delectable Homecoming Queen’s vagina. Continue reading Homecoming Queens vagina

Hot Babes Fuck Man To Death

Frank had been seeing Carol for about six months, and during that
time, they’d had some great times. Carol was a lovely brunette with pale
blue eyes and a penchant for oral sex. Frank loved the way she looked up at
him with those soft blue orbs when her mouth was full of him. She often
smiled around his shaft, an impish delight shining in her eyes, while she
worked her mouth up and down. Carol’s figure is nice too. Slender, yet
filled out with the curves of a mature, sexy woman. Her breasts weren’t
large, but they were pleasing and wonderful, with large, sensitive nipples
that she liked Frank to play with. Carol is a delight in bed, or on the
floor, or on the kitchen table. She had a youthful enthusiasm and enjoyed
the sensual pleasures, giving back what she received. Carol’s behind is
firm yet soft, with the oh-so pleasing curves that men find sensual when
kneeling behind a woman with her ass pressed against him. Her hips only
hinted at her earlier motherhood. And therein lay a minor problem. Continue reading Hot Babes Fuck Man To Death