Bath Tub Threesome

You’re sitting in the bath, soaking in the heat, relaxing after
working the weekend shift and feeling beat. Now it’s your moment.
Hubby will be home soon but this time’s for you. Hmmmmmmm…

You hear the front door open. “Honey, is that you?” “Yeah, sugar.
I brought you somethin’ special.”

He enters the bathroom. Through the steam you see he has flowers!
Better yet, he’s naked and his cock is wagging before him
proudly. Yummy.

He sets the flowers on the counter, says “That’s not all, babe.
The’s more.” He’s smiling as he kneels. You reach over the edge
of the tub and massage that pretty thing. It throbs under your
touch. You kiss one another deep. Continue reading Bath Tub Threesome

Marine Sergeant Hook Up

He had just returned from a three week field operation, and being the
typical Marine Sergeant he had only three things on his mind. A steak dinner,
a pitcher of beer and a pretty, young female companion to share it all with.

As he sat at his favorite table in a nearby restaurant eating his steak
dinner “she” walked in. She had shoulder length brown hair and the most
beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen. She was dressed in a floral pattern
dress that accentuated her body, with black seamed hose and 4″ spike heels.
From the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew that he had to do whatever it
took to get to know this beauty.

As he thought of the best approach to take, he tentatively made his way
over to her table. When she looked up at him with those piercing brown eyes,
he almost forgot what it was he was going to say. Quickly regaining his
composure, he introduced himself and said, “I just had to tell you that you
are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”. She smiled and thanked him
for the compliment. She told him that she thought he was quite handsome as
well as she introduced herself to him. He asked her if she would join him
at his table and allow him to buy her dinner. Continue reading Marine Sergeant Hook Up

Therese Slut Wife Orgy

Jim and Therese had been married for a couple of years when
we arranged to go camping together. Therese’s sister Jean was
supposed to come along, but she had to cancel out. We left early
Friday afternoon and after a few hours drive were at our campsite.
We set up our two tents on a broad rocky area, with a small
stream about twenty feet away on one side and the woods on the
other. We started a fire and had dinner and were just finishing
as the last few rays of the sunset painted the sky. We walked down
to the stream in the dusk and sat beside it. Jim lit up a joint
and took a deep, relaxing toke. He handed it to Therese who shook
her hair back and took an equally long toke. She shut her eyes and
passed it over to me. Continue reading Therese Slut Wife Orgy

Telepathy Ability

I strolled into the gym, dressed in shorts and a ragged old
T-shirt. People were drifting in, gathering for the fitness
class scheduled to begin in a few minutes. The norms scattered
around the floor stretching and loosening up were fit and
healthy-looking; I’d selected an advanced class for my day’s
recreation. The women, who outnumbered the men by a
considerable margin, were generally dressed in body-hugging
clothing. Spandex was common among the men, too; they mostly
seemed to be of that irritating Serious Exerciser type, anxious
that their clothing should state, “Hey, I do this all the time.” Continue reading Telepathy Ability

Jim Carol Dominate Wrestling

Archive-name: Amazon/carol1.txt
Archive-title: Jim vs. Carol

As Jim rode the Metro North train from the Connecticut
suburbs into New York’s Grand Central Station, he was
eagerly anticipating the coming hour’s event. The previous
night he had telephoned in a response to an ad in Screw
Magazine’s “Hells Belles” section. Along with the myriad
ads for mistresses and dungeons, promising to do all sort of
unspeakable things to one’s body, was one featuring “total
physical domination” and wrestling. Jim had long fantasized
about being physically dominated by a strong, attractive
woman, being forced to submit repeatedly to painful
submission holds. After talking to Carol, the placer of the
ad, Jim felt that he had just found the answer to his
fantasies. Carol promised that she could easily make him
beg to be released. She especially liked to work scissors
and choke holds, and really got off on totally dominating
her “victim.” Even more than her more “normal” trade,
dominating men by bondage and spanking, she really loved
using her body to punish them. After hearing all that, Jim
immediately made an appointment with Carol for the next
afternoon. Now his dream was about to be realized.
The walk from Grand Central to the 27th Street address
Carol had given Jim seemed to take forever, Jim was so
anxious for his match to begin. As he walked along, Jim
dreamed of being held by Carol in various holds, but failed
to understand how a girl who sounded so sexy on the phone
could manage to squeeze a submission out of him. He had
watched many videos of mixed matches where the women had the
men yelling out agonized submissions, but it was always
obvious that the holds were staged and the men were
submitting “for the camera.” Although Jim was slightly
built, at 5’8″ and 140 pounds, he felt he was strong enough
to take any woman. Carol’s promise to make him beg for
mercy seemed remote.
Finally he reached the address. He rang the doorbell,
and someone buzzed him in. He climbed the two flights of
stairs promised by Carol and knocked on her door. After a
minute the door was opened by a very tall pretty blonde
wearing an electric blue housecoat. “Hi, you must be Jim,”
she said pleasantly. “I’m Carol. Come on in.”
Jim walked in to a pleasant apartment, dominated by
several large wrestling mats placed on the floor. What
furniture there was was pushed to one side. “As you can
see, I have everything ready for our match. Do you have
something for me, Jim?” said Carol.
Jim fished in his pocket and found the $200 they had
agreed on. Carol took it into another room and quickly
returned. “While you strip down to your shorts, I’ll go
over the ground rules. Ok?”
Jim readily agreed and started to undress. Carol
slipped off her bathrobe. “Wow!” Jim thought. Carol was a
“10” in anybody’s book. About six feet tall, she was
wearing a tightly-fitting one-piece shiny blue bathing suit.
Her breasts were were nice-sized, but not overly large. The
shiny fabric of the bathing suit was stretched so tightly
over her luscious body that he could see her erect nipples
outlined. Her legs were long and “ran all the way to her
ass.” They were very shapely, but Jim could tell that they
were well-muscled. Carol struck a biceps-flex, revealing
arm muscles that would make many guys proud. “This may not
be as easy as I thought!” raced through Jim’s mind.
Carol outlined the ground rules for their match.
“Number 1. No biting, scratching or hitting with closed
fists. Slapping and spanking are ok, but judo chops are
out. Number 2. You can only win a hold by a pin, but I can
win by either pin or submission. Number 3. None of this
silly three-second pin stuff. We declare a pin when the
loser agrees that he is helpless to get up. Number 4. After
a pin or submission we have a one minute rest break, then go
again. Number 5. The match goes for one hour or until one
of us gives up totally. Number 6. If we roll off the mat,
we break and start again. Agreed?”
Jim nodded his assent and told Carol he was ready
whenever she was. Carol set a wind-up timer for one hour
and started it. She stepped to the center of the mats and
motioned for him to follow. Taking a slight crouch, she
said “Let’s wrestle, sucker!”
The two circled warily, each looking for an opening.
Jim made a lunge for Carol’s head, but she deftly spun away,
twirling around so quickly Jim could scarcely believe his
eyes. He was still recovering his balance from this lunge
when Carol jumped him, taking him in a side headlock. She
locked her hands and quickly rolled him over her right hip
onto the mat. Pivoting around, Carol tightened the headlock
and spread her legs for stability. She was arranged at a
right angle to him, with most of her weight on his chest and
head, one beautiful fabric-clad breast thrust in his face.
Normally Jim would love to be under such a well-built
beautiful woman in such a position. However, it was quickly
apparent to Jim that her well-muscled arms were indeed
strong, for the headlock was painful! She worked the hold,
twisting and flexing her arms, sending spasms of pain
through Jim’s neck and head. She countered any move on his
part by pivoting to keep their 90-degree arrangement. Jim
was in real trouble, and the match was only seconds old!
Carol continued to work the hold, and before long Jim could
sense some dizziness creeping up.
Finally he managed to jam his right arm between his neck
and her arms. Forcing against her grip with all his
strength, he managed to break the hold. Rolling away from
Carol, Jim shook his head, trying to shake off the pain and
dizziness. He didn’t have long to think about it, though.
Carol jumped him from behind and quickly took him in a
sleeper. Her right arm was around his neck, her hand
nestled in her left elbow. With her left hand she pressed
firmly against the back of his head, driving his head deep
into the crushing vee of her right arm. “I’ve got you now,
sucker! Do you give?” she taunted.
“Never!” grunted Jim. “Ok,” she retorted. “Say good
night, little boy.” She increased the force with both arms,
and Jim quickly began to feel the pressure. His ears were
ringing and he was having real problems breathing. Carol
was pushing so hard against his head that he toppled
forward, enabling her to bring her weight into play.
The last thing he remembered was her legs sliding
against his sides and back. Then he was flat on his
stomach, trying to figure out where he was. As he tried to
get up, his muscles jerked spasmodically in a “chicken
walk.” Gradually he came to his senses and realized that
her sleeper hold had really “put him out.”
“That’s one for me,” boasted Carol. “You get one minute
before we go again!”
Jim tried to make the most of his minute’s rest, but he
still felt shaky when Carol said, “Let’s go.”
This time, as the two circled, Jim was careful not to
make such a rash lunge for Carol. He made several cautious
moves toward Carol, but she was always a split second ahead
of him, spinning out of the way ready to pounce a second
later. Finally Carol lost her concentration for an instant
and Jim was able to get his arm around her neck in a side
headlock. He wasn’t able to flip her smoothly onto the mat
as she had done him, however, and he two wrestlers fell down
together. Although he managed to keep his headlock, Carol
was able to snake her legs around his his left leg and lock
her ankles, scissoring his thigh. She immediately tightened
her leg grip and started working out of his headlock. A
sudden jolt from her legs made him flinch, giving Carol the
opening she needed. She pushed up on his arms and pulled
her head down, escaping his grip. Quickly she snared his
left arm in a half-Nelson. The pair grappled for several
minutes, as Carol gradually asserted more and more control
over Jim.
Finally, as he tired, Carol was able to pin his other
arm and mesh her fingers behind his neck, establishing a
full-Nelson. She tightened the leg scissors and the Nelson,
twisting him painfully. “How you doing, big boy? Wanna
give?” she taunted. Jim was determined to ride this
through, however. “Never!” he grunted once again.
Carol maintained the pair of painful holds for several
minutes more. His leg ached from the constrictive pressure
of her muscular thighs, and his neck hurt like hell from the
tight Nelson. Still he wouldn’t submit.
Eventually Carol decided that this attack wouldn’t be
successful. She released his leg, using the Nelson to keep
Jim sprawled on his stomach. Suddenly she let go of his
arms and spun around, keeping her full weight squarely on
the center of his back. She scooped up his feet and firmly
tucked each ankle under her armpits. Squatting, she pulled
down on his legs and leaned back, executing a perfect Boston
Crab. The pressure on his back and legs was instant and
excruciating. “Let me know when you’ve had enough.” she
Jim tried his best to press up with his arms to relieve
the pressure and to force his legs back, but it was to no
avail. Carol had the hold too well established and was now
increasing the pressure. It felt as if his back were
breaking. Suddenly he saw bright lights flash in front of
his eyes as his back muscles spasmed. At the same time an
intense pain shot from his spine. Instantly he screamed “I
submit! I submit! Just let me go!!”
Carol released his legs and sat down on his sore back.
Jim was totally out of breath, and her weight made it more
difficult to breathe, not to mention get up. “Gotcha again,
didn’t I!” she crowed, and spanked his bottom hard four or
five times.
She stood up and helped Jim to his feet. “You took a
lot of pain in that round, Jim. Let’s rest five minutes.”
Jim didn’t argue, just groaned in agreement and sprawled
on a nearby sofa. After a few minutes his breathing had
returned to normal, but his back still hurt fiercely. Carol
was back in the middle of the mats, motioning for Jim to
join her.
Finally Jim drug himself over to the mat and warily
approached Carol. Carol played with him, dancing away from
his clumsy attempts to engage her. Finally she took him in
a front neck grip, turned her back to him, and vigorously
threw him over her head. Jim landed roughly on the mat.
Carol was all over him. She slipped her shapely legs around
his waist, establishing a perfectly placed body scissors,
and took him in a side headlock. Carol’s legs were
beautifully shaped, but their muscles were deadly. She
tightened her grip around Jim’s waist, painfully
constricting him. He flailed at her legs but couldn’t
affect her python-like grip. After struggling against the
two constrictive holds for a few minutes, he collapsed,
offering no resistance.
“You’re mine now, buddy-boy,” Carol hissed into his ear.
She tightened her scissors grip rhythmically, driving the
air from his body. “Let me know when you’ve had enough.”
Jim was in absolute agony. Carol’s deadly legs were
painfully crushing his waist, just below his rib cage, and
made breathing nigh onto impossible. Just as soon as he
could manage to take in a small gasp of air she would
tighten her legs, expelling it for him. He finally tried to
gasp out a submission, but he had too little air to do more
than croak. “What’s that, Jim? I can’t hear you!” Carol
growled through gritted teeth, as she bore down on his waist
once again.
This routine continued for a few more minutes, Jim
growing steadily weaker. Finally he was no longer moving,
his face a reddish-purple. Carol released the headlock and
lifted his arm. When she let go, it flopped limply on the
mat. She had squeezed Jim totally unconscious. Carol
patted his cheek and disengaged her legs.
After two or three minutes Jim came around, looking like
something the cat had dragged in. “I’ve had enough,” he
coughed. “You’re just too much for me. Where did you learn
all that?”
“Jim, when you called,” Carol smiled, “I told you that
domination was my business, and wrestling was my favorite
part. I’ve been doing this for five years now, and seldom
lose a fall anymore. By the way, let me know when you want
to try again. I give a discount for losers! You haven’t
even tried some of my better holds yet. Ever been in a head
scissors or a camel clutch?”
It was another few minutes before Jim was able to get to
his feet and dress. He had certainly realized his fantasy,
in spades. Before he left, however, he made another
appointment to wrestle with Carol in a few weeks. Once a

Bus Stop Blowjob

I hadn’t been sitting at the bus stop long when a rather rough and muscular
man with a beard and plaid work shirt and jeans sat down next to me. It was
just beginning to get dark. The long shadows had disappeared, and the weak
light of a closed auto parts store accross the street cast a moonlike glow
over the nearby trees and shrubbery. I nervously pulled my purse nearer,
looking down.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Barbara,” I replied, my eyes glancing up at him and then back down to my
hands. His eyes had met mine for only an instant, but I could tell his gaze
had returned to examining my breasts under my red cardigan sweater. I suddenly
felt totally nude. Continue reading Bus Stop Blowjob

Laundry Sex Story

I had just finished toiling over my dirty clothes at the laundromat, and had
piled my stuff together to take home. I live only a few blocks away, and
usually walk when it is as nice outside as it was last night.

I must have looked like I was overloaded, carrying my laundry, because a
car pulled over next to me. “Do you want a ride?” said the girl behind
the seat of the purple VW Bug. Well, who am I to say no, right? So I
got in her car. “Thanks,” I said, not thinking of much else appropriate
at the time. She said, “I’m Andrea–where are we going?”

I gave her my address and of course within moments we had arrived. Andrea
asked if she could help carry anything. Well, it seemed to me like she
was already carrying herself really well. Pretty face, sandy blond hair,
a white t-shirt and denim mini-skirt, she looked pretty nice. But, who am
I to say no, right? So she carried a few of my shirts. Continue reading Laundry Sex Story

Teen Sex Story

Having just been dumped by my girlfriend of two years, I had to get
used to jerk’n off to Hustler again. It can be pretty frustrating
when you’re 18 and you can’t stop those hormones from pumping in your
balls. It seemed I was always needing to relieve myself at least once a
day (sounds normal to me!).

I was heartbroken and tired of having to turn to the palm sisters each
morning so I decided to start looking again for a good woman who could
satisfy my desires and needs. Continue reading Teen Sex Story

Gay Firsttime Experience

We had just moved to a college town and it was summer. Our new house
was not yet ready, so my family was forced to live in an apt for
a few months. Housing was scarce but as school was out for the summer,
the college was only too willing to rent us space in the dorms.

Now I was only 14, but one hell of a big kid and had matured very
early and used to love to go out to the pool in my levi cut-offs
and was very PROUD of the newly sprouted trail of hair that ran from
my navel, on down…so most times I prominatly display this by leaving
the top couple buttons open on my cut-offs. Continue reading Gay Firsttime Experience

Sex Party Virgin

The evening was not going well and Cheryl knew it. Only eighteen,
she had almost passed out when a college junion had asked her here.
Telling her mother and father that she was going to a girlfriends house
for the night, she met her date, Billy, at a convenience store near her
home. Just getting in the car made her feel much older than her years.
Now, several hours later, sitting on a couch in a crowded
fraternity house, she was feeling like eighteen again. Continue reading Sex Party Virgin

Solo Masturbation Story

Jill attends Boston University and had been dating Eric for 3 months,
that is until yestrday when he broke up with her. He was seeing some other
chick on the side. Jill, a senior, and 21, had never had such good sex as
she had had with Eric. She already missed that part of their relationship.

Jill is a gorgeous 5’6” dirty bonde with medium length hair and a
perfect body. her legs are trim, yet quite toned and her ass was also a
magnificent sight. Jill has a pair of nice supple tits and a sexy belly
button. Let’s put it this way, Jill probably could have hooked up with
anyone she wanted too at BU. It’s a shame such girls are so picky! On
this Thursday afternoon, Jill had just finished her Biology lab and was
headded back to her dorm in the late afternoon cold- must have been 10
degrees. Her roommate, Jenn (another beauty), had already left for the
weekend to go to UCONN, where her boyfriend attends graduate school. Continue reading Solo Masturbation Story


Well it was Thursday afternoon. Almost the end of another long
day at work. As Amy passed my desk she said, “Cheer up – dinner time
soon.” She and I had begun to share dinner together on Thursdays as we
are almost neighbors and, being recently divorced, enjoy visiting. I
replied with a tired smile, “I know – if I can survive that long!”
Little did I realize what was soon to be in store for me.

Five o’clock came after what seemed an eternity and we heading
home together in the car. As we came inside the house, she said, “Why
don’t you go ahead and change, I’ll start the pasta?” I agreed and
went off toward the bedroom. I began removing my blazer suit: hung my
blazer in the closet; unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it into the
laundry basket; kicked off my pumps and wiggled my tired feet;
unzipped my skirt and put it over the chair; unrolled my hose and
tossed them on top of the blouse, removed my bra and panties and
tossed them also. I went to into the bathroom to wash up but before I
could start the water Amy came in. “What are doing?”, I asked
demanded. She had never seen me undressed before now. She grabbed my
wrists and before I could react she had handcuffed my wrists together
behind my back. “What the fuck are you doing!!” I yelled. She
answered, “I’m going to give you what you deserve slut. I’m tired of
the way you tease the men at work! You and your slutty clothes!! Where
do you get off coming on to the guys like you do?? Wearing no bra, and
skirts to show off your pussy – you must be a slut or whore!!”. I was
shocked speechless by what she was saying.
Continue reading abused

indian anal sex story

Bhavani Aunty’s Visit (M/F con, F/b con, M/F nc anal)

Written by Takatak

Bhavani aunty was Amit’s mother’s sister. She used to stay in Gujarat, but after her divorce she got shifted to Mumbai. She was very beautiful 35 year old well built lady. She had come over to my house to stay over for a few days. She was always dressed provocatively. Her Salwar Kameez used to be tight fitting clearly displaying the curves within. Also when she wore saree it was always with a low cut blouse. As a whole she was a hot piece. Amit found her very seductive but then he thought she was her aunt and he was not supposed to look at her from sexual angle. Many times while she slept in the afternoon, Amit would look at her thighs which got exposed due to her saree getting raised. Also her buttocks attracted his attention when she was sleeping on her stomach.
That day Amit returned from his school at around 1:00 p.m. He was supposed to go to his friend’s place to study as he was told that no one would be at home. Amit thought he would snick into the house after school for sometime to scan through his father’s collection of nude pics on the computer. So he had silently kept the house keys in his school bag. He entered the house and threw his bag in the corner and marched towards the hall where the computer was kept. While he was doing so, he crossed his parent’s bedroom, he heard some sound. He casually walked to the door and slowly opened it to find nothing. But to his shock, Bhavani aunty was on her knees in front of the bed. His father sat on the bed, had his pant unzipped and his penis was sticking out. Bhavani was shaking the 8 inch prick. Amit got scared. He wanted to run off. So Amit ran to the door. But then he thought they had not seen so why not observe what they were upto.
He silently made arrangements in the kitchen to hide in the cupboard in case of emergency. He quitely opened the door of the bedroom a bit and kept watching inside. Chirag(Amit’s Father) had his eyes closed and was enjoying the pure sensation of Bhavani sucking on his penis. Bhavani was very skillful in her operation. She was taking the pint penis Continue reading indian anal sex story

hardcore pissing

An Erotic Story

I woke up this morning, with a piss-hard-on. This is NOT
unusual for me, as I find it harder to hold my bladder all night
long as I get older, and still ignore the call of nature in the
I turned over, and cuddled up to my wife, Marsha. At 32
years old, she is no longer the teenager’s wet-dream she was when
I first married her, but she still has a body to put most models
to shame. Even more exciting, the smooth sexy feel of her skin,
and the heady aroma of her silky long brown hair were always
enough to give me ideas, even when I don’t already have a hard-
“Are you at that ‘thing’ again?” giggled Marsha, squirming
back at me, trying to trap my swollen prick between her legs,
where it would do both of us more good. Marsha may not be the
incredibly oversexed barely-pubescent little girl who had trapped
a 16-year-old into marriage, with her insatiable appetite for sex
that had swamped even me; but she still liked to fuck almost as
much as I do. Even two children, and almost nineteen years of
constant sex in marriage had only dampened her sex-drive down to
minor nymphomania. Of course, the thing that STILL amazed me
constantly, was that this incredible creature’s sex-drive all
centered on ME. I still can’t believe I’m so lucky, and I
constantly strive to let her know it.
Two minutes later, we were fucking like bunnies. After two
times the previous night, you might think we would slow down, but
why should we? Even approaching menopause hasn’t slowed my wife
down, and I don’t expect to slow down myself, until I’m at least
ninety years old. Probably not even then.
There’s one trouble with a piss-hard on though. It actually
interferes with the real thing. I couldn’t get off. Marsha was
just finishing her third orgasm, when I finally had to pull out
in disgust. The pressure from my bladder was tickling my
prostate, and interfering with my concentration. Yes,
concentration. After getting off twice the night before, and not
being particularly sexually-neglected anyway, it took some effort
on my part to work up to an orgasm. Usually, I could do this by
imagining I was fucking some cute young teenager, or even pre-
teen, like my wife had been when we first met. Marsha doesn’t
mind, sometimes even working such fantasies along with me. Only
as I said, this time it didn’t work.
My prick softened and slipped out of my wife with a soft
“slurp.” Damn, I was annoyed!
Telling my wife to, “Hold that pose,” I dashed into the
bathroom; trying to get there before the bladder-pressure made me
wet the floor. I heard Marsha giggle, as she “held that pose.”
Damn, again! For what must have been the fortieth time, I
resolved to finish the rough-in place for a second bathroom in
the basement. The bathroom was already occupied by my 16-year-
old daughter taking a shit, and I barged right in on her, as the
bathroom door had come loose several years ago, and I had never
bothered to replace it.


Since nobody in our house wears any clothes at night, it was
no surprise to see that Marie was as naked as I was. Nicely
formed breasts, and a furry “vee” showed that my daughter was
more developed than her mother had been, when she started having
sex, even though I knew Marie was still a virgin; as a couple of
times she had teased both me and her big brother by actually
showing her open crack, so we could see right up to her hymen.
Marie may not be fucking, like her mother had been doing much
younger than she was, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t interested
in sex. She just wants to save her virginity for marriage and
babies with the man she loves. (Yeah, I know it’s an old-
fashioned idea, and she doesn’t get it from her parents, but we
don’t discourage her either.)
All this to one side; my bladder pressure was so extreme, I
was about to pull over and pee in the sink, or possibly the tub,
right in front of my not-so-innocent young daughter, when she
stopped me. “Oh Daddy!” she sighed in disgust at me for not
thinking of what was obvious (to her). “Come here.”
My eyebrows went up, but I did go over to the “throne” where
Marie was just dropping a fat turd in the bowl. I knew she was
unable to get up, and for a second I wondered if she wanted me to
pee between her legs, while she sat there. Especially, once she
told me to, “Now you just ‘Use the toilet,’ like you were going
to, just as if I wasn’t here.”
I was about to actually try; hoping I could aim my prick
closely enough to not get her ALL wet, while I peed between her
legs, when my little girl leaned over, and swallowed my prick! I
couldn’t believe it. The thought of pissing between her legs,
was naughty enough, but this?
Marie looked up from where my prick was warmly ensconced in
her sexy little mouth, and mumbled, “Mmmmm, Mmmmd!” I took this
to mean something like, “Come ON! I haven’t got all day!” so I
did it. Yes, I peed in my little girl’s mouth.
Surprisingly, Marie didn’t either pull off, or force herself
forward so I could pee down her throat. She seemed to actually
ENJOY the taste of my urine on her taste-buds, and she ran her
lively little tongue around my prick, as if she was savoring the
flavor. Obviously, this was NOT the first time she had ever done
something like this, but I was not inclined to ask at the time
when she had done it before, or how many times. I just stood
there in somewhat a state of a shock, and let it flow. As I was
doing so, I heard my daughter let go a stream of her own piss.
For a moment, it seemed as though I was pissing right through my
daughter’s body. Actually, I think that was the impression my
little girl was trying to give me. Or perhaps, she liked the
idea of her father pissing though her, and it was HER turn-on.
At least I didn’t have a hard-on any more.
Only Marie didn’t stop at just drinking my piss. Once I
stopped peeing, and the last drops oozed out on her tongue, she
wrapped her sexy lips around my penis, and started sucking on me
like an experienced whore. Back and forth; up and down; with her
lively little tongue slithering around the tube on the bottom,
until I was fully erect, with a true hard-on, and not some piss-
hard imitation.


“There!” said Marie with some satisfaction, as she placed
one last kiss on the now proud paternal erection in front of her.
“Now you go back in there, and give Mom what she’s waiting for;
now that I’ve fixed you up for her.” She turned back to wiping
herself up, and starting to run the bathwater; ignoring my
shocked look. An amused glint ran through her eyes, but
otherwise she ignored me.
I sighed; grinned at my incredible young daughter, and
followed her advice; heading back for the bedroom, where Marsha
was probably still waiting impatiently. On the way, I almost ran
into my 18-year-old son Mike, (Yes, and my name is Marty
Morgan. . . People call us the “M&M’s.” And yes, it’s
deliberate.) heading for the bathroom, with a piss-hard-on of his
own, sticking out from HIS groin like a pipe sticking out of a
Mike grinned at me, when he saw his father coming OUT of the
bathroom, with as big an erection as he was going IN with. “I
see Marie got to you too, didn’t she Dad?” he remarked, before
waving me into the bedroom with Marsha. “I bet Mom needs that
pretty bad by now,” was his only other comment before vanishing
into the bathroom where his naked little sister was making
splashing noises in the tub.
Marsha was grinning when she saw the proud erection I had
brought her. This time I deliberately did NOT close the door, so
we could both listen in to the sexy squeals and yelps coming from
across the hall, while I slid in and out of my wife’s hot little
hole; and she squeezed me with a snatch that was still amazingly
tight, for a woman of her age. We both were incredibly hot; just
imagining what our two oversexed offspring were probably doing in
that tub together.
It’s amazing what two horny teenagers can do in the way of
sex-play, without actually fucking cock-in-cunt; or the boy
getting the girl pregnant. I imagined that our two kids were
probably going to explore every one of those possibilities. I
blew a thick sticky wad of sperm in my sexy wife’s belly, just
thinking about it; while she climaxed around me in a matching
“Whoo,” Marsha finally panted in my ear, “if our little girl
is going to get you all THAT excited, then I see I’m going to
have to have Marie warm you up a little more often, from now on!”
Well, as you can guess, I didn’t exactly disagree.

19 yo virgin 1st time sex

Archive-name: First/nineteen.txt

Archive-author: Karl Auerbach

Archive-title: 19 Year-old Virgin

Was it really almost 20 yrs ago? Doesn’t seem like it. I can remember.

Nineteen years old and still a virgin. Now that’s something you

don’t want to get around to the rest of your shipmates. But

hey, I was a little drunk and looking for sympathy when the subject of

last piece came up. I was only temporarily assigned to the ship and

wasn’t really part of the group. They let me tag along sometimes and

that’s why I was there when the subject came up. So I told them I was a

virgin. Got LOTS of sympathy. I’m just glad it was a small bar. I

didn’t have a lot of laughter to run through getting out of the place.

It was about three weeks later when Bill came up to me on a

Saturday night and asked if I wanted to hit some bars. I was

bored and, of course, ever hopeful Miss Right would be out there and

said OK. Since we heading out on a cruise the following Monday, I

figured I better get some shore leave in before we shipped out. Bill

jokingly said Maybe we’ll get you laid tonight. Yeah, right. In a pigs


We took off and headed down the strip (every Navy town has

one). I was driving my relatively new 68 Skylark; relative

since it was 1973 and the car was ‘new’ to me. Bill said Fuck it, let’s

try someplace else. Someplace where there aren’t a lot of sailors

ruining the place. Sounded good to me so I let him lead the way. We

drove around Newport quite a while with Bill giving directions. I had a

feeling he was looking for someplace in particular but didn’t really

care. Finally he directed us into a parking lot and we went into the

adjacent bar.

Jesus, this place looks dead I said. Bill told me to just wait

and we took a couple of seats at the bar. We had a couple of

beers while the place started to fill. Most of the newcomers were older

women. At 19, any woman is older; these looked to be over 30 with an

occasional over 40 mixed in. Very few men which made me wonder if Bill

had picked a lesbian bar (I hate that terminology). It was still kind

of early and we were working on our third beer ( I was, Bill was on 4

or 5) when Bill grabbed my arm, lifted it in the air, turned to the

mostly female population at the bar and said I have a virgin here, how

much do I hear? All I could think of was How could I let myself be

embarrassed like this again? I steeled myself to slink out amongst the

expected laughter when I noticed there wasn’t any. Looking around, all

I saw was expectant and, in some cases, hungry looks. I grinned

sheepishly at the wolves and said nothing, just kept sipping my beer.

Being 19 and not a professional drinker, the beer started

having its effect. I remember talking to a lot of the women

there (the beer relieved some of my inhibitions) but was not attacked

by any of them. The band started playing and I danced with the women I

was speaking with. During one dance, I noticed a new woman enter the

bar. Beautiful! About 34, 5’6, brunette, and a body that would knock

you socks off. She was obviously a regular since she said hi to almost

everyone there. I didn’t pay much attention to her since she looked so

damn good. Figured my chances, coupled with my inexperience and age,

were nil (typical of ALL my thinking about girls/women at that time).

The woman I was dancing with saw me looking and just smiled.

After the dance was over, my partner excused herself saying she

had to talk with some friends. I went back to the bar and

talked a while with Bill. I noticed that my last dance partner was

talking to the brunette but I didn’t think anything of it. Next thing I

knew I was being tapped on the shoulder. Turning around I almost

choked on my beer; it was the brunette asking me if I wanted to dance.

Nodding my affirmation (thank God I didn’t have to open my mouth and

make a fool of myself) I followed her out to the dance floor.

We spent the next few hours dancing and drinking until the bar

closed. Bill left with one of the women we had talked to

earlier with the parting shot Give her hell! Mary (the brunette) simply

smiled at him and leered at me. I figured she was only flirting and

nothing would come of it. When it got down to us and a few other

clients, Mary asked if I would give her a ride home. Sure, I was hoping

but figured my typical luck would hold out and nothing would happen.

It didn’t take long before I was totally lost. I kept following

her directions figuring it’s her house, she knows the way.

Suddenly she said turn right here! I turned the car onto a dirt road

and quickly had to hit the brakes. Before me were rows of corn stalks

with no house in sight. She reached over, turned off the ignition, and

said I understand you’re a virgin. I’d like to do something about


Now, a note of clarification on my virginity. I had dated a

girl during my senior year in high school and we got pretty

serious. Without going into detail on how it happened (another story,

perhaps?) we experimented our way into heavy petting, and graduated to

some mild oral sex (no orgasm this way, at least for me) and mutual

masturbation. Both being Catholic and in HS, the guilt, paranoia, and

down right fear of pregnancy kept us from going any further. The same

guilt and paranoia always infected our trysts and made them less

enjoyable. I digress but it is important to the story.

I was terrified! I wanted her so bad but my fear of failure,

self, etc. was almost overpowering. She slid over to my side

(thank God I didn’t have bucket seats!), put her arms around my neck,

and we started kissing. The new moon, hanging low in the eastern sky,

provided a pale surrealistic light to the situation. She slid her

tongue inside my mouth and played with mine in a way that promised

greater things to come. But still, I was petrified. I knew this was it;

it was finally going to happen. Technically I knew what to do (I’d seen

pornos, read books, practiced by myself) but I was so nervous I

couldn’t think what to do first. She broke the kiss and said This

really IS your first time, huh? All I could do was nod. Couldn’t even

mention the little I had done in high school. Well, we’ll just have to

find something to do to calm you down, she said. Right, got any

phenobarbitol? I’m 19, finally gonna get laid, and she thinks she can

calm me down? Good luck.

She again started kissing me, that wonderful tongue playing

intricate games in my mouth. Her hands unbuttoned my shirt and

started caressing my chest and occasionally venturing down to my

stomach and the start of my pants. My cock was straining and almost

screaming at me to get started. Tentatively I reached out and cupped

her breasts. She moaned, reached both arms behind me and crushed

herself against me. I almost passed out! This was too good to be true!

No begging or pleading, just someone who wanted it as much as I.

Somehow I got her shirt unbuttoned and began caressing her breasts.

MAGNIFICENT! She broke our embrace, reached behind and unsnapped her

bra. She smiled at me as her breasts tumbled free, grabbed my head from

behind, and pulled me down to those globes. I was lost in between them!

I kissed and sucked her tits, going from one to the other, slathering

them with my tongue without touching her nipples. She lay back moaning,

crushing my head to her breasts. Finally, I began running my tongue

around her nipples first in large circles which gradually became

smaller until my tongue was flicking across her nipple. Slowly, I drew

the nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it. The pressure of her

hands on my head increased and I tried to suck as much of her breast

into my mouth as I could. I went back and forth between those melons

driving both of us into a frenzy.

By this time my dick was in extreme pain. I knew I had to do

something to relieve the pressure but felt I needed to do more

to please her. I remembered one of my shipmates telling how he

preferred cunnilingus before entry to help excite the woman and reduce

the amount of stroking required for her to reach orgasm. And believe

me, I was determined that she would also reach orgasm. I began running

my tongue down her chest to her stomach and back to her breasts. I was

curious if she wanted me or even would let me go down on her. Taking

her louder moans as an un-official endorsement, I began to undue her

pants. She lifted her ass and helped me pull her pants down and off. I

began to go lower toward her cunt when she pulled my head away, looked

into my eyes, and asked Do you know what you’re doing? Not wanting to

spoil the situation by saying something stupid I simply nodded. I

thought you were a virgin? she asked. I mumbled something about reading

a lot and she chuckled in a very sexy manner and said go ahead.

I again lowered my head to her stomach and continued running my

tongue around the area, occasionally dipping below into her panties and

dramatically increasing her moans. I grabbed her panties and slowly

drew them off. She twisted in the seat so that her head rested on the

passenger side arm rest with her legs spread on the seat (thanks mom

for not letting me buy that sports car!). Starting at her knees, I ran

my tongue down her legs to where her cunt hairs just started tickling

my nose. Knowing that I should start at her clitoris (thanks to

Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask), and

the general location, I used my tongue to explore until I found it. I

started flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth.

She arched her hips, grabbed my head, and crushed it against her cunt.

Whatever I lacked in experience I tried to make up for in effort. I

kept sucking gently on her clit, my saliva mixing with her juices,

until she was soaked. Leaving her clit I moved down and began tonguing

her vagina. Taking a deep breath, I shoved my tongue as far into pussy

as it would go. She mashed my head against her moaning Jesus, a natural

pussy eater! Hearing that drove me wild! I began thrusting my tongue in

and out with short trips back up to her clit. I just couldn’t get

enough of it with her moaning how good it felt and kept fucking her

cunt with my tongue.

Finally, I’d had enough. Not that I couldn’t continue doing

that, I just couldn’t take the pressure on my cock. Breaking

her iron-like grasp on my head, I pulled back and began taking off my

pants. She smiled at me and said Now it’s my turn. NO! I almost

screamed, I couldn’t take it! She smiled knowingly at me and laid back

down on the seat again spreading her legs. This was it. The moment of

truth! I knelt between her legs and she reached down and grabbed my

cock. I almost died! Just having someone else besides me touch my cock

was fantastic. She stroked it back and forth a few times muttering it

feels sooo nice! Grabbing my cock, she pulled me towards her and down

to her pussy. Without letting go of my cock, she slowly worked it into

her pussy grabbing my ass with her other hand. I couldn’t believe the

sensation! Rosie Palm and her five sisters NEVER felt like this! When

she had all of me in her, she let go of my cock, grabbed my ass with

both hands, and moved her hips up and down against me. At last I was

fucking a woman! I started getting carried away and thrust with all my

strength against her, her hands on my ass pulling me deeper into her


I knew I couldn’t take much more of this. Feeling an orgasm

start, I shouted STOP! Too late, I started coming inside her

but held myself very still hoping I could control how much I came. She

looked up at me and asked Did you come? A little, I replied. Smiling,

she stroked my cheek and asked Do you want to stop? I shook my head no

and started stroking my still hard cock inside her. Now I understood

one of the benefits of being 19, healthy, and incredibly horny: once

just wasnot going to be enough! I also noticed that the first little

orgasm seemed to deaden the sensations in my cock. Realizing I could

now fuck her without worrying about coming too fast, I went at it with

a renewed gusto. She looked at me and moaned I don’t believe it! My ego

soared! I was Tarzan dominating Jane! I was the fulfillment of the male

image! Marlboro Man look out! I’m riding this mare to the sunset! I

kept up the pace, going in and out, as deep as I could, her writhing

and moaning driving me to animal passion that almost scared me. Her

hips thrusting back at me met my every stroke with equal, passionate

force. Suddenly, she grabbed me around the hips with her legs, and

sinking her teeth into my neck, began to come. Her vagina clamped down

on my cock and I could feel it pulsate in rhythm to her body

convulsions as she became lost in the throes of her orgasm. I couldn’t

believe that I had actually done that to a woman.

She held on to me long after the orgasm subsided, my cock still

hard inside her. Finally she relaxed her legs and let me pull

out of her. I didn’t want to leave that warm, marvelous cavern but my

arms were shaking from holding myself up. I sat back on the seat with a

silly grin on my face. She sat up, saw the grin, and chuckled Well, how

was it? Still grinning I replied WOW, it’s a lot better than I thought!

She laughed and snuggled up to me, her breasts pressing against my arm.

I lit a cigarette for both of us and we sat there in silence smoking.

She finished half of hers and snubbed it out. Leaning back against me,

she started stroking my thigh and said Well, we can’t go with you only

having a little orgasm. How about a big one? I was shocked! My high

school escapades previously mentioned always ended with one orgasm no

matter how good it was. Now here was a woman asking if I wanted more. I

don’t think I can relate the male ego boost that occurs even today upon

hearing that! I looked at her, nodded and said I don’t know if I can

come again. She looked me in the eye and said Let me worry about that.

Using both hands she gently forced me back until my head lay on

the driver’s side armrest, my legs spread on the seat. Being

obviously of a vengeful nature, she began running her tongue down my

legs and around my stomach being careful to avoid my crotch. I moaned

and writhed under her ministrations, thrusting my hips involuntarily

into the air. Finally, after one tongue excursion down my thigh, she

began tonguing my balls. She went back and forth between them getting

the hairs soaked with her saliva. She suddenly stopped, looked up at

me, and took my left testicle into her mouth. She sucked on it softly

and stroked it with her tongue. Letting it slide sensuously out of her

mouth, she repeated with the right testicle. She went back and forth

between them, sometimes using her mouth to fuck my balls, sliding them

individually in and out, in and out. She stopped, and taking a deep

breath, took both balls into her mouth at the same time, gently

stuffing them in with her hands. The sensation was overpowering. My

cock felt more engorged with blood than ever before; bouncing up at the

sky with every beat of my heart. I squirmed repeatedly underneath her

which seemed to drive her into a heightened frenzy. She kept sucking on

my balls like she couldn’t get enough, her eyes constantly open and

watching my reactions.

Suddenly, she pulled back slightly and let my balls pop out of

her mouth. She began running her tongue up and down on the

underside of my cock. Occasionally she would wrap her lips as much as

possible around the side of my cock and suck it or stroke her lips up

and down, pausing close to the head. She opened her mouth and placed my

cock inside on her tongue rubbing it all around without closing her

mouth. I’d only seen this done in porno movies and experiencing it was

almost unbearable. She grabbed my cock with her hands and closed her

mouth about the head, slowly sucking it in until she had about half of

it in her mouth. She kept it there, sucking on it like a popsickle, her

eyes glued to mine savoring my every reaction. She closed her eyes and

started stroking her head up and down on my straining cock, going

deeper and deeper with every stroke, until finally all of my cock was

buried in her mouth. She ground her face against my stomach, twisting

her head back and forth, then returning to fucking my cock with her

mouth. This sure wasn’t going to take too long. Nothing in my previous

experience could possibly prepare me for this! I could feel my balls

swelling, getting ready to expel my juices. I grabbed her head and

twisted it up without removing my cock and told her I was going to

come. I thought she would pull away and let me come in the air like in

high school but I was wrong. I removed my hands from her head as she

mumbled a negative and increased her sucking up and down. Again I

grabbed her head and started helping her up and down on my cock. The

pressure kept increasing and increasing until suddenly, I began to

come! She thrust her head down on my cock, taking it as deep as before.

I shot jet after jet of come into her throat while she continued to bob

her head up and down on my deeply engulfed cock. It was like I couldn’t

stop coming and she couldn’t get enough. As the flow lessened, she

pulled her head back and began running my still spurting cock around

her face. The muscles in my body were shaking from my tensing them.

Finally I stopped and she took my softening cock back into her mouth,

gently licking and sucking it. She used her fingers to wipe off her

face and sucked off the collected come. We both fell asleep.

I woke up about an hour later, saw the time, woke up Mary and

said I’ve got to get back on board ship. We dressed and I took

her home. I laughed when it turned out her home was only three blocks

away from the bar. I asked her why we didn’t go to her house and she

said she didn’t want her husband catching us! I couldn’t believe it! I

asked her if we could get together again and she smiled at me and said

Who knows? You can find me at the bar. She kissed me tenderly and

walked into her house.

I went back to the bar after we got back into port about 2

months later but she never showed up. I drove by her house but

it was up for sale. Nobody at the bar knew what had happened to her or

when exactly she left. I’m happily married now with a wife that

fulfills my every fantasy and desire so I have no need to look for

another woman. Still, I guess you never forget your first experience,

especially one as wild as that one was. I hated waiting until I was 19

but in hindsight, it was well worth it! The message? Don’t discount

older women. Their capacity to please can be overwhelming and their

capacity to give can be bottomless.

Thanks Mary, wherever you are. I’ll never forget you.