Sex at work

I woke up around ten thursday morning with a terrific erection. Today was a
vacation day, and I was sleeping in, dreaming of Christy W—–. Reaching
behind me I picked up the phone, dialed work, and asked for her.

“This is Christy,” she answered.

“Hi Christy, Dave,” I said.

“Hi Dave. How you doing?”

“OK. Say, can you come to see me right now? I live about half a mile from

“What? Now? What for?”

“I just woke up, and I was dreaming about you. I’ve got something here for
you, and I’d love to see you,” I said.

There was a pause. “Well . . . I guess I can take an early lunch. Where do
you live?”

Giving her directions, I lay back down and waited.

Fifteen minutes later my bell rang. Pulling on a light robe, I went to the
door and opened it. Christy was there, and I let her in. My cock was hard,
and I was naked under my robe. Closing the door, I stepped back and opened
the robe.

“This is for you,” I said, as she stared in surprise, then hungrily, at my
stiff member. She reached her hands down and took hold of me as I pulled her
coat off, then began to unbutton her blouse while she rubbed my cock. We
kissed and my prick throbbed in her hands.

I unsnapped her jeans, tugging them down, then pushing her panties down around
her knees, and looked at her skinny body with it’s large muff and slim legs.
I pulled her down to the floor and gently urged her on her hands and knees.
Pulling her jeans and panties off her legs and tossing them aside, I put my
hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks and looking at her vaginal and anal
areas as she turned her head to watch me. Her pussy lips, framed in pubic
hair, looked huge in contrast to her skinny legs, and I could see that she had
experience with anal sex – her asshole was stretched, and had the telltale
signs of loose skin caused by the expanding of her rectum to accept either a
cock or some other tool.

Opening her ass wide, I brought my mouth to her anus as she moaned in
surprise. I jammed my tongue into her anal canal, frenching her bottom and
rimming her tasty butt as she squirmed under my hands.

“Oh my God . . . Ohhh . . . Ohhh . . .,” she groaned.

“Yes, Christy, I dreamed I did this to you,” I said, pushing my tongue deeper
up her skinny behind. “And then I dreamed I sunk my cock to the hilt up your
lovely rear end.”

“Oh David . . .” she breathed as I ate her bottom.

“Stay right here,” I said, standing up and going into the kitchen. She
watched me, on her hands and knees, bare butt in the air, still writhing from
the feel of my mouth and tongue on her sensitive anal area.

Opening the refrigerator I took out some butter, closing the door. Her eyes
glazed in erotic anticipation as she saw what I had. Kneeling behind her, I
opened the stick of butter. I pushed it’s square end against her anus, and
she whimpered as I twisted and turned it until it slipped past her sphincter
and into her rectum. Pushing harder, I forced it up her behind and began to
fuck her with it, as it melted from her anal heat. I pushed the short stick
all the way into her rear and held it, then took my hand away and watched as
she squeezed it back out, and it fell on the floor.

Figuring her bottom was sufficiently lubed, I moved my rigid prick up to her
buttery anus. As she watched, mouth open, I slowly, in one long thrust,
pushed my stiff cock all the way up her ass. She yelped and jumped as I
jabbed deep into her rectum, then began to slide her buttered butt around on
my cock, grinding down on it, urging it deeper. Beginning a steady rhythm I
pulled out almost all the way, then slowly slid back into her ass, repeating
this until we moved together as my cock reamed her butt.

Holding her tightly to me and putting my arm around her waist, I lifted her
up, and we stumbled to the couch where I sat down, Christy impaled on my
member, her back to me. She began to ride my cock now, and I watched as her
slim hips and ass rose up, then lowered onto my stiff pole, taking it’s entire
length up her behind and grinding down, hungry for even more.

She leaned back now and lifted her slender legs onto the coffee table, and I
pounded into her asshole, thrusting deep and hard now as I caressed her
breasts and thighs, then reaching to her pussy and rubbing her tiny, erect
clit. The wet sound of my cock plunging in and out of her open asshole added
to our excitement as her buns slammed down on my groin.

Pushing to the hilt up into her behind, I felt my prick spurt it’s hot load
into her bowels, as she ground her ass down on my ravaging cock. Pushing her
forward again, she leaned over the coffee table and my cock hammered in and
out of her, continuing to spurt. Suddenly I pulled out of her gaping asshole,
and I pulled her around to face me. I pushed my squirting prick between her
lips, jamming it’s full length down her throat as she gagged and choked on the
semen that flooded into her mouth.

We both fell asleep after that, having moved into my big bed. About an hour
later I awoke, and looked down at Christy’s long body. I pulled the sheet
back, and she was on her stomach, long legs open as she slept.

Reaching under the bed I grabbed my three dildos. I took the smaller one,
and, greasing it up in the Vaseline jar, slipped it between her buns and into
her ass, fucking it deeper and deeper. Miraculously she still slept, although
she moaned and squirmed as I gently used the dildo on her. Pulling it out, I
grabbed the next one, the one that looked like a human cock. Greasing it up
the same way I inserted in her behind, holding her cheeks apart. Slowly I
slid the rubber dildo into her rectum.
Christy woke up, feeling the dildo entering her rear, and she looked back at

“Hold still, baby,” I told her as I fucked the rubber dick in and out of her
stretched rear hole. She moaned, swallowing the dildo with her ass, fucking
back on it, as I watched her slender tail accept the wide rubber cock.

Pulling this one out, I looked at her gaping rectum, which looked particularly
obscene surrounded by her slim cheeks. Now I grabbed the huge, black dildo.
Christy turned to look at me, eyes wide when she saw what I had.

“No, David, please . . .,” she whimpered, but I did not hear a sincere plea to
stop in her voice. Scooping out a big glob of Vaseline, I rubbed it on the
gigantic head of the black dildo. I placed this monster between her cheeks
and aimed it at her anus. It looked massive poised at the entrance to this
slender bottom. Pushing gently, I saw the dildo spread her anus, trying to
slide past her sphincter. It didn’t seem like it would fit, it was so big. I
pushed a little harder, and Christy whimpered as she tried to accept this
black monster up her butt. The head was halfway past her sphincter, but the
biggest part still had to go in.

“Relax, now, and pretend like you’re going to shit – push back,” I instructed

Christy took a breath, then I felt her begin to push backward. The edges of
her anus flowered out around the dildo as she strained against it. Leaning
into it, I shoved the dildo forward, and all of a sudden the huge black head
slipped into her anus, her sphincter accepting the intruder and closing around
the base of the head. Christy yelped and shuddered, and I held still as I
looked at the wide black dildo buried in her behind, caressing her ass and
soothing her.

Pushing her legs further apart, I began to shove the big dildo into her rectum
again. Now it slid further in, very slowly, and Christy struggled and
squirmed as the monster slowly sank into her rear. I twisted and turned it as
I pushed, easing it in inch by inch, watching the wide black shaft stretching
her asshole open as it plunged up her small bottom. I began to fuck it in and
out now, and Christy began a low, continuous moan as her butt swallowed the
huge black rubber dick. Pulling out and thrusting in, her bottom was dragged
around by the motion as I pushed the dildo all the way into her ass. I could
not believe the sight of this 12″ long, 3″ wide rubber meat buried in her slim

“Unnnngggghhhh . . . ow OW OW . . . unnnnnhhhhghghgh” she grunted in pain and
pleasure, her butt stuffed full.

“Oh, Christy, the sight of this gigantic black dildo up your ass is making me
so hot I can’t stand it. You should see it, splitting your cheeks and filling
you up,” I told her. Her only response was a deep, animal moan.

I began vigorously fucking her with the dildo, pulling it’s length almost all
the way out, then shoving it all the way back in, repeating this over and
over, her slender bottom being pulled back and forth by the motion. She
yelped when I plunged it to the hilt up her rectum, and I left it there,
buried deep up her ass, and moved around the bed to face her. As I looked
back at the sight of the wide black dildo disappearing between her slim buns,
I pushed my erect cock into her gasping mouth. Reflexively, she began to suck
as I pushed my cock down her throat, and as I felt the warmth of her hot
throat grabbing my prick I immediately squirted my load into her mouth,
pumping in and out between her lips as my sperm flooded past her tonsils and
down into her throat.