Sexy Chicks Fucked Me

It was late as I had worked four hours at the office after normal
closing time. I also stopped at my favorite pub and had two quick beers.
I jumped on the Interstate to head home. About five miles down the
road I thought the beers had gone to my head as it looked like I was seeing
double. There along side the road were two ladies both blond, tall, and well
As soon as they saw my car approaching they started waving like they
were in trouble. I naturally, being the nice guy I am, pulled over to the side
of the road. They both approached my window as I rolled down the glass. Sure
enough they were twins. I could not have told them apart except for the
clothes they were wearing.
They introduced themselves as Sheri & Sandi and were they ever knock
outs. As expected, they had car trouble and needed help. I checked their car
and found there was nothing I could do to help the trouble. I offered to take
them to a telephone or restaurant to try to get help. This pleased them and
they both jumped into the front seat of my car.
As we started off, Sheri reached into her purse and pulled out a flask
and offered me a drink of Wild Turkey. I took a swallow as did the twins. It
wasn’t long after that things got crazy. Sandi reached over and kissed Sheri
on the cheek and told her how much she loved her. Sheri seemed a little uneasy
as she told Sandi not to say that in front of a stranger. Sandi said I wasn’t
a stranger anymore and reach over and kissed me. About that time I saw Sandi
reach over and squeeze one of Sheri’s large tits. I could see Sheri squirm and
sort of push Sandi’s hand away. That did not have any impact on Sandi as she
quickly started to massage Sheri’s other large tit. What kind of girls did I
pick up?
It didn’t take long for Sheri to start to respond to her sister’ tit
squeezing. She reached over and rubbed Sandi’s leg where the opening of her
skirt showed milky white skin. Sandi immediately spread her legs which caused
her to hit my knee and speed the car up. She said it was not her fault that
her sister always made her pussy hot and her legs to spread whenever she
touched her. It was then that I looked over and saw that Sandi’s skirt had
moved up and I could see the curls of her almost white blond pussy. I was
getting a hard on like I hadn’t had for a long time.
Sheri’s hand moved up to her sister’s blond cunt and I saw her start
to finger her sister’s hole. I looked at Sandi and she had unbuttoned her
sister’s blouse and both of Sandi’s large pointed tits were now being cared
for by the smooth hands of Sandi. This was driving me and my cock crazy. I
told them they would have to stop or I was going to stop the car. They both
said “GREAT”, let’s pull over at the rest stop. Being the nice guy I am, their
wish was my command.
At the rest stop I found a area where no one was parked and stopped the
car. As soon as I put the car in park, the action began. Sheri got down on
the floor in a sitting position and spread her sister’s legs even wider.
Sandi then layed her head in my lap and started to unzip my trousers. I
thought I had died and gone to heaven. Sandi then removed my 9 1/2″ cock
and started to stroke it with her soft white hands. Meanwhile, Sheri started
to lick the blond slit between her sister’s leg. Sandi started to moan and
then put her mouth around the tip of my cock. I thought I was going to blow
my load right then.
I looked down and Sandi had pushed my cock down her throat until she
was using her tongue to tickle my curly hair around the base. The faster her
sister licked her pussy, the faster Sandi would pull my cock in and out of her
mouth. WOW what a pair! It didn’t take Sheri long to make her sister buck
rapidly as she was cumming with loud screems and a wetness that spotted the
seat. About that time I let go with a load that would have made King Kong
proud. Sandi drank every drop and then licked the tip to make sure she did not
miss any.
Sandi then suggested we move to the back seat as she wanted to stretch
her legs. I bet she did. So the three of us moved into the back seat. They
both took off all their clothes and help me to do the same. Sandi told her
sister to lay back with her legs spread wide. She then told me she wanted me
to fuck her while she ate her sister’s pussy. I was only happy to do as I was
instructed. Before you could count to three, Sandi had her head between
Sheri’s legs and was telling me to put my meat in her hot wet horny hole. I
certainly wanted to do what these young ladies requested. I pushed my cock in
Sandi’s cunt and was suprised to feel the tightness of such a wet pussy. These
girls must have trained their pussy’s to react to any situation. The muscles
of Sandi’s cunt almost pulled my cock from my body. It didn’t take me long to
start banging her as hard as my 9 1/2″ would go. I shot a load so hard you
could hear it hit the pussy walls inside. About the same time I was cumming,
Sheri screamed “Lick my cunt faster, OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m gushing with pussy
juice. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sister make me cum.” And she did!
I never thought I could have, but Sheri jumped up and started to suck
my joy stick until it was again at the full 9 1/2″. She then sat on my cock
while Sandi sucked on her large tits. She was stroking up and down so hard
everytime she went up she hit her head on the headliner. The whole time
Sandi moved from tit to tit and bit the ends of her sister’s long red nipples.
I came once more and filled the curly blond pussy full.
We all finally got dressed and walked to the restroom. I was bushed,
so to speak. I then drove them to the closest restaurant and from there we
called a mechanic. Needless to say I never saw them again, but my fond
memories will live forever.