Solo Masturbation Story

Jill attends Boston University and had been dating Eric for 3 months,
that is until yestrday when he broke up with her. He was seeing some other
chick on the side. Jill, a senior, and 21, had never had such good sex as
she had had with Eric. She already missed that part of their relationship.

Jill is a gorgeous 5’6” dirty bonde with medium length hair and a
perfect body. her legs are trim, yet quite toned and her ass was also a
magnificent sight. Jill has a pair of nice supple tits and a sexy belly
button. Let’s put it this way, Jill probably could have hooked up with
anyone she wanted too at BU. It’s a shame such girls are so picky! On
this Thursday afternoon, Jill had just finished her Biology lab and was
headded back to her dorm in the late afternoon cold- must have been 10
degrees. Her roommate, Jenn (another beauty), had already left for the
weekend to go to UCONN, where her boyfriend attends graduate school. Jill
was alone in the room and began to think of Eric and as she did, she felt a
slight tingling sensation between her legs. She turned on the TV and laid
her tired body on her bed to rest from the long day, when the phone rang.

“Hello, Jill said.
“Hey Jill. Randi, Heather and I are going to dinner, you commin’?” said
the voice on the other end. It was Jill’s friend Ellen.
“Jill thought for a second…”You know what, I think I’ll rest here for
now. I’m really tired, I had a long day in bio lab and I still have half a
pizza left from last night. I’ll just heat it up if I get hungry.” she
responded, and hung up. Jill wondered if her declining of the dinner
invitation was due more to the fact that she was tired, or because of the
increasing tingling between her legs. Jill rolled over and turned up the
heat in her cold room- then she fell asleep.

It was close to 6:30 when Jill woke up. It was dark outside and the
room was absolutely burning hot. Jill sat up on her bed and realized that
she was totally sweating. She decided to take a shower and change. As she
removed her clothes, she caught a glimpse of her lucious body in the full
length mirror. Jill stood in front of the mirror admiring her perfect body.
Slowly, her left hnd cupped her breast. Then she slid her right hand
down her belly to the top of her brown pubic hair. She instantly felt
sparks inside of her and reacheed out and locked the door. Standing there
in front of the mirror, Jill gently ran her fingers through her pubic hair.
She was teasing herself because this aching feeling inside her vagina had
begun and it was getting more intense with each passing moment. Jill felt
crotch getting more and more tense with sexual pleasure and she felt a wet
feeling in her cunt. Jill slowly moved her fingertips lower and loer until
she felt herself touching her full outer labia. She gently stroked them
and then pushed them apart to stroke her pink and wet inner lips. Jill
followed them up until her finger was resting on the hood of her clit. She
ever-so-gently tickedled her now growing clit until she felt her cunt cream
dripping down the inside of her left thigh. Jill’s head had tilted back
and her eyes were closed, but she moved to look in the mirror and sure
enough, her pussy was drooling down both inner thighs. She was in total
ecstacy with this feeling. Jill remembered that her best orgasms when
masturbating always came when she was lying on her back, so she stumbled
over to her bed, stopping on the way for her favorite vibrating dildo and
her roommate’s pillows.

Jill placed the pillows on her bed and lay down on her back, spread
eagled, totaly nude. She immediately carressed herself down to her hot,
wet cunt, and entered inside. She gently felt around wih one hand, while
playing with her left breast with the other. The sensations that Jill was
experiencing were unbelieveable. So much pleasure. Her twat was milking
her fingers and her clit was fully erect and begging for stimulation. Jill
obliged and gently frigged herself. As she did, she felt incredible
tension inside her crotch. It was so good. She had never felt such
incredible pleasure before. She was giving herself exactly what she
wanted. Her cunt was lubricating doubble-time and it was all gushing down
her crotch. Jill savored that wonderful sexy feeling of hot wetness beteen
her legs.

Jill’s back arched as she moved her clit in circles with her finger.
She felt the juice from her vagina oozing out and down her ass cheeks and
onto the silky soft pillows under her. She started breating harder and
harder and moving her sensitive clit faster and faster. Jill felt herself
getting closer and closer to an orgasm which was sure to be quite intense.
As she felt herself rising, she arched her pussy even more and began
bucking it into the air against her wickid finger. Sparks shot up Jill’s
spine as she felt herself coming to the brink of orgasm- that
unbelieveable point of incredible pleasure. Her whole body began to shiver
uncontrollably. She could feel her hard clit throbbing and pulsing with
each increasing heart beat. Her crotch was spasming hard and she darted
the fingers of her free hand deep into her cunt to feel the amazing
spasming and to relieve the pleasurable aching feeling that had begun deep
inside. It was unbelievably hot in there. Jill moaned louder and louder
with the inevitable orgasm and suddenly, her supple body tensed incredibly
hard. Jill let out a yelp, she had no control. Her pussy spasmed and she
went rigid with amazing pleasure. She cried out “Oh my god!!! and felt
herself convulsing. She shrieked as the release she felt was the most
incredible feeling she’d ever had. Jill’s orgasm was so intense that her
pussy actually squirted her hot juices out with each spasm. She was
cumming like a volcano! This beauty continued thrusting her fingers up her
twat as her shuddering continued for a good 30 seconds. She moaned over
and over. Jill just lay there for several minutes enjoying her sexiness
and the wet feeling between her legs. Her twat still belched forth its
lubrication and Jill loved feeling it ooze down her crotch.

When her body finally subsided, Jill thought to herself… “Hmmm. that
was nice.” She took a shower and dressed up to go out with her friends.

But that evening was going to be different. The girls had decided, over
dinner that they wanted to go to a male revue bar and watch the dancers.
Jill figured that this might make the girls horny and lead to a little
manage-a-quatre! It had happened before. but was Jill ready? She still
felt a little spent from her amazing mastubation session just 2 hours ago.