Teen Sex Story

Having just been dumped by my girlfriend of two years, I had to get
used to jerk’n off to Hustler again. It can be pretty frustrating
when you’re 18 and you can’t stop those hormones from pumping in your
balls. It seemed I was always needing to relieve myself at least once a
day (sounds normal to me!).

I was heartbroken and tired of having to turn to the palm sisters each
morning so I decided to start looking again for a good woman who could
satisfy my desires and needs.

The new cashier we hired where I work, was a little on the short side
with shoulder length blonde hair, and deep blue eyes with a
mischievious glint in them. Up front she had a pair of 38’s that
looked soft but firm and an ass that was dying to be squeezed.

Sherry was my target and my arrow was getting hard.

During a slow spell in the store we started playing sledgehammer
baseball! We used a beach ball and a sledghammer to play with.
(no, we didn’t have a sports section!) I ended up breaking a decorative
chandolier with a hit to the deep right. Everyone in the game helped
me clean the mess up before all the floor managers came out of their
meeting. Sherry was in front of me as I stood up after picking up the
last piece. She gave me a deep hug and held me, squashing her warm
mammaries into my ribs. I didn’t want to come on too strong, so I let go
but she didn’t. She held me until my neglected appendage came to
life. She must have felt if for she looked up at me and smiled, then
walked away.

She left me standing there with a raging bull of a hard-on.

Ted, a friend of mine from the store was going out with one of the managers
who was also friends with Sherry. The three of them convinced me to
go out with them for a night of partying. At home, I jerked off to get
rid of any pent-up frustrations and also stop me from cumming too quickly
if, by chance I were to get lucky. Then I had a long shower, daydreaming
about the night’s possible scenerios.

Sherry and I got the back seat of the Malibu while we drove around
deciding what to do. Forty-five minutes and three screwdrivers later
we were down by the lake beside a motorhome watching the submarine races.
Ted and Jo-anne hit the beach while Sherry and I snuggled up in the backseat.

She was a hot chick with one thing on her mind, as I was about to find
out. She sucked my tongue as we kissed and grabbed my crotch trying
to pull my dick out of my pants. I removed my pants as she did hers
and I started to go for her fury pussy with my wild thing when she
asked me to fuck her tits first.

While she was sitting up in the backseat, I squeezed her mungous mams
together around my cock and pumped between them while she grabbed my
ass cheeks closer to her body. She tried to look down and see the
action and almost got her mouth stuffed with my now leaking cock head.

She laid on her back now with her head propped by the car as I straddled
her chest and fucked he tits pushing farther and farther up to her
mouth as my target. Seeing my dick head leaking some juice, Sherry
wanted it to stroke into her mouth on the up-stroke of her tit fuck.
Being of sound mind, I gave the woman her wish. This brought me to
the brink of insane pleasure.

I had to stop and cool it down but the hot little chick wanted it in
her mouth. It was now my turn to lay back and get worked on and boy
did she work on me. She wet down the head then sucked it into her
mouth while she kept a firm hand on my root. She whipped her tongue
around and around the head until I thought it would explode. Instead
it went a little numb. This let me enjoy one of the longest and
wettest blowjobs of my life.

She had my pecker buried half way into her head and started the old up
and down bobbing we all love. Ecstasy is the way that I would
describe her sucking. With my right hand, I buried my middle finger
up to the last possible knuckle and started plunging into her dripping
snatch. Her steady sucking turned into a whirl wind blowjob.

Her left hand had a good grip on my dick as her mouth had that steady
suction action that was slowly drawing a trickle of juice from my balls
into her throat. She was jacking her hand up as her sucking mouth came
down. She was getting tired now and couldn’t believe the staying
power I was displaying. Neither could I.

She started a harder, faster and more furious sucking action as her
right hand started kneeding the cum in my balls. Her tongue was
whipping up a froth on my pulsing purple head and I gritted my teeth
as I held off my milky lava.

“I’m going to cum … I’m going to cum”, I blurted. She stopped for a
moment and rested her tongue on my cockhead and looked into my eyes as
I panted. She looked like she wasn’t sure if she should continue.
In an instant, she resumed the fast and furious cock sucking with new
gusto as she made up her mind to finish me off in her mouth.

Enough was enough. I grabbed her head as I arched my body off the
seat and grunted with each sticky blast of cum from my twitching cockhead
into the farthest reaches of her mouth and throat. As I continued to
shoot wads into her mouth, she squeezed my ball sack with her right hand
and milk me with her left hand. She didn’t swallow any of my cum, yet.

Her mouth was savouring the sticky pool of semen that was now collected
in her mouth. Like a mouthwash, she swished it around in her mouth to
relish my cum’s taste. She seemed to enjoy it that way. I didn’t
mind either. She seemed to taste test it like a fine wine. After a
minute of this she was able to speak her first words since I had
filled her mouth with my meat.

“It has a nice salty tang to it with just the right amount of
viscosity. Not too tart and not too bitter. Just the way I like it!”