That Comes In Handy

Across Birmingham’s downtown, through the center of the city,
you are topless and smiling. My pants are undone, and a less-than
throbbing penis slumbers in the midday sun. Traffic is all around
us. Your shorts are draped demurely across your lap, hiding fingers
tickling a sparse bush and eager lips. Not so much to go to climax,
more like idling and enjoying the feeling of slick lips and warmth.

“Yes, very. I’d like something to eat, first, though…”

Off the freeway at the next exit ramp is a Roy Rogers. Perfect.
We are fourth in line at the drive thru.

“Don’t you want to get covered up?” I ask.
“Why? I have nothing to hide. In fact,” as you climb into the
front seat next to me, “this might be kind of fun.”

Uh-oh. A girl’s voice asking for our order. We proceed. Some
people around, but no one looks our way. My heart beats a tad
quicker. Your nipples rise to the occasion, too.

Third in line. Still time to get dressed. Nothing.

Second. A nervous glance to me. Still time. Nothing.

“That’ll be 6 dollars and…” the clerk pauses, staring at you
mostly. A large grin on your face. Then she stares at me. A
grin on my face as I hand her a ten. Food and change come back
to me as her gaze locks on your breasts.

“Like ’em?” you ask.
“Yes, I hope mine are that big when I get older.”
“They are very nice…and sensitive, too. Watch.” For the next
minute, both hands lift and caress each lovely breast for our
junior partner. I glance at her, watching your every move.
A horn from behind derails our little scene.
“Thanks for stopping. Hope to see you again real soon.”
We drive off. Peals of laughter fill the van.
“Why did you do that?”
“I thought it would be fun. I was watching her mouth. It was
opening and closing…kind of when you got your first French kiss…
it looked like she wanted to suck on me for a moment there…
Jeez, that was dangerous…and FUN!”
“You’re becoming quite the exhibitionist today. Here’s your
“You can’t say you didn’t enjoy it. Look at your dick.” He has
risen to the occasion with quivering and a full head.

US331 into southern Alabama. Two lane road that turns a bit. No
one will bother us for a while.

“Ketchup for your fries?” I offer.
“Thanks. But mine are all gone. Can I have some of yours?”
“Sure. Help yourself.” A hand moves to the fries between my
thighs and drifts across the slumbering penis. An accident?
Perhaps. I think nothing of it. Still, the way your bosom sways
as you reach for more fries does waken him. I feel moisture there
as a ketchup pack pops, and I look down to see cold condiments
poured all over the head and shaft and bush.
“Gollee, that’s cold!”
“Here, let me clean that up for you. I don’t know _what_ happened
there. It _must_ have been an accident.” I hear the humor and
feel the flat of your tongue wrap around the side of my soft dick
from bush to head. Your breath warms the flesh and tickles my
brain with the promise of your moist mouth again.
“Got any more ketchup? This could be fun.”
I rummage for some more, trying to keep on the road with the effort
to locate packets and not pass out with the tongue lashing you are
giving me. Three more packets appear and disappear, coating my
quivering tool. Your tongue now slips down to probe my balls.
They squirm with the sensation. I groan with the feeling. My
free hand seeks again the pendulous breasts that brush my thigh.
Then they seek the globes of your rear. Middle finger in the
cleft and other fingers on either side. Your mouth leaves my
dick alone, and rolls to look forward, enjoying the attention.
I am inches away from your garden. I plan to stay away so as
to tease you. Now you do a half-roll and sit across both seats,
inviting my hands to sample your body front. What a feast. Would
that I could consume you all day and night.

Florida border. Now about an hour away. My hands have been busy
in their drifting from breast to nipple to nipple to breast to clit
to lips to thighs to stomach to deep inside and back to breast again.
It must feel like one large hand is touching you all over. I see you
push whatever part of your body is being touched, into my hand, wanting
the most in contact. I am eager to help but refuse to let my hands
caress you too hard. One of your hands has snaked around my hard dick
and is stroking slowly. Not to climax, but just to enjoy the sensation.
The familiar ache of balls ready to shoot builds as it has for the last
30 miles. It’s unbearable.

We both smell the ocean as we pull onto county road 30. Hands leave
genitals as you sit up and look at small waves rolling onto white
sand. Beaches are deserted but for a few snowbirds (older folk who
winter in FL).
“Here we are” as we pull into the condo’s driveway. This place is
REALLY deserted. Not a car for some time.
I marvel at your nude form as you walk brazenly into the carport and
open the door. Did you wink? I believe you did and a hand drifts to
your sex.
“Want to play?”
“Why do you think I’m warming myself up like this? Get inside here.”
I’m no fool. I chase you inside and wrap you in my arms, pulling all
of you into me. My tongue finds your mouth wanting mine, and they
touch. My hands grab both cheeks and weld your hips to my straining
member. I feel moisture on your bush. From me or you? I taste your
warm breath as the excitement builds.
You look around. “Where’s the bed? Over there?” as you lead me by
the dick, stroking me all the while. “Lie down, honey. I’m gonna
give you the ride of your life.” My pants and shirt are off in a flash,
and my dick is pressed between my hips and your wet sex. Your hand
goes between and erects my erection to part your lips. I look down.
With a dainty grip, my head is swallowed by two puffy, rosy lips, then
grasped by your opening. We are joined, but in the shortest way.

Now your hips roll in a small circle. I glance down and see your
garden slowly consume the stalk. It’s very slow and grueling work,
but a smile passes your lips. You look down for a progress report.
I take the opportunity to give your sensitive nipples a finger massage.
This pulls your head back, and both your hands cover mine and pull
them into your breasts, contacting all the flesh they can. Almost
all the way in…I feel the tips of your pubic hairs moving mine.
I rotate my hips from side to side as you start a front-to-back motion.
I can only guess what this does to your clit. I pull my hands from
beneath yours and replace your fingers to surround your turgid nipples.
My hands then resume their roaming, trying to touch all you at once.
My balls ache more with the release. Wetness covers my dick and sac
and starts to soak my bush. I feel a furnace around my twitching

“Wait. Butt cramp.” I freeze, as do you, as pain sears from my
rear end. You roll off with hands still tweaking two stiff nipples.
“Let me on top for a while” I ask. Thighs part wide for an answer.
My cock finds the bottom of you on the initial plunge. Now I can
give your clit the attention it deserves. I press both our bones
together slowly and trap your mound inbetween, rolling it with my
hips from side to side. Your hips rise and fall with the pleasure.
All thoughts of the cramp fade as my climax approaches. Now I slide
in and out with deep thrusts quicker and quicker enjoying the sensation
of wet and heat and squeezing and slickness and my balls move up and
my feet clench and my chest presses into yours and tension all through
my body and my dickhead swells up even more and two more thrusts and
I hold my cock deep in you and quiver as jet after jet of hot cum
shoot from me into your warm sex and now back to thrusting as the
initial onslaught brings still more cum from me and I slowly return
and remember that you haven’t come yet and I hold all my muscles tight
to stay hard for you and thrust some more against your mound ahhhhhh
that’s the right spot and you’re meeting all my thrusts and your hands
pull me into you and I press harder into you and is it possible that
I could come again yess yesssss I feel the welling up and the hardness
again and you feel it too with wide eyes staring into me the grasping
of your orgasm pulls cum from my dick again and goosebumps cover you
as we both collapse from the effort and sated sexual parts.

I lie on you with my flaccid penis halfway inside your palacial sex.
I’d like to stay hard enough to spend the day inside you. I reach down
and bring your breast to my lips and lick the softening nipple.
Sex with you is so good. I am jealous of your capacity. You probably
could go all night long
“That was a first for me…twice in rapid succession. You are a woman
of uncommon passion and love.”
“How did you do it? I mean, stay hard like that? It was wonderful
…you staying hard like that for me. THAT could come in handy
later on.”
I roll off and look at you. Warm brown skin. Bosom rising and falling
with each breath. Sparse bush covering a puffy pair of lips. Thighs
spread to receive the lover. Pink lips parted for a passionate kiss.
And the eyes, looking deep into mine with passion and contentment.
Lips press lips, and tongues gingerly touch ever so softly. Eyes close,
then open again to stare into mine. Your hand snakes down and closes
on my soft dick. It stays soft, despite your talented hand.

“No more for now for this guy. I need a little break. Let’s get dressed
and unpacked, and check out the beach. Think of this as a reconnaisance
run for later pleasures.”
“Deal” you say. It is going to be a fun week.