Two chicks posing nude

Deb met her a few
months ago and they hit it off right from the start. They get together
every so often to enjoy the pleasures that only two women can give each
other and from the stories Deb tells me afterwards they do enjoy
themselves. Anyway Deb asked Teresa if she would consider an evening of
fun and pleasure with the both of us. Teresa wasn’t too sure about the
idea but Deb assured her that she would have the final say so and that if
she only wanted me to watch then that is all I would do. So it was agreed
that we would meet for dinner and get acquainted and see where things led
from there. We met at a very nice restaurant in San Jose and spent the
better part of two hours talking and getting to know one another. By the
time we left the restaurant we were all very comfortable with each other
but still no decision had been made about what would transpire once we
reached the hotel. We got to the hotel and the two ladies changed into
their sexy lingerie and then got comfortable on the bed. I remained
dressed but did wander around the room taking Polaroid snapshots of Deb
and Teresa as they began to relax and started kissing and fondling each
other. Needless to say my blood pressure began rising quite rapidly. They
were kissing each other very deeply and were taking turns lying on top of
each other and doing some very sensual and erotic dry fucking. Deb moved
things on to the next level by moving down and removing Teresa’s panties
and then began to caress her pretty pussy with her fingers. She gently
spread Teresa’s thighs and began to lick her clit, all the while the
Polaroid was capturing the show and my cock was swelling in my pants. Deb
inserted a finger into Teresa’s now wet vagina and began finger fucking
her while at the same time licking feverishly on her swollen clit. Teresa
is a very HOT blooded lady and it wasn’t long before she was on the verge
of orgasm. One thing about Teresa that Deb had not told me was that when
she comes she has a tendency to lose control of her bladder. As Deb lick
and sucked her clit and massaged her vagina with her exploring finger
Teresa exploded in orgasmic ecstasy and showered Deborah at the same time.
I was not expecting this and I nearly lost it when it happened. That
combined with the fact that Teresa like Deb is a real screamer and the
entire scene had me ready to explode.

Then it was Teresa’s turn to eat a little pussy, something she obviously
enjoys. After sucking on Deb’s tits for awhile she slowly moved down into
position and buried her face in Deb’s pussy, licking and sucking her clit.
The old camera was clicking away and I was having a great time, but boy
was I getting horny. It wasn’t very long before Deb was moaning and
thrusting her pelvis up to meet Teresa’s probing tongue and finger.
Watching the two of them on that bed and Deb coming and Teresa sucking up
all that pussy juice, what a sight. I was at the end of my ability to
control myself. I began to feverishly remove my clothes and by the time I
was completely naked, Deb had regained her composure after a very intense
orgasm. She invited me over to the bed and once I was lying down she began
to caress and kiss my swollen, throbbing member. She was on her knees
between my legs and Teresa was behind her stroking and kissing her ass.
What a sight, my cock sliding in and out of Deb’s mouth while Teresa was
licking and kissing all over Deb’s body. The feeling was heavenly and Deb
began to massage my balls as she allowed my cock to go deeper and deeper
into her throat. At this point Teresa reached out and took my hand and we
began caressing each others fingers and hands. The touching moved up the
arms to the shoulders as she moved her upper body closer to mine. Deb was
continuing to lick and suck my cock and had gently inserted a finger into
my ass, OH WOW, was it feeling good. I began massaging Teresa’s tits and
then she leaned forward and began kissing me passionately, thrusting her
tongue deep into my mouth. I had my hand between her legs and was rubbing
her still sopping wet pussy. I slid my index finger inside her and was
rubbing her hard clit with my thumb. At this point she gave me one last
deep, wet kiss and then moved to position her pussy right over my face. I
raised my head slightly and plunged my face and mouth right into her
beautiful, juicy cunt. My tongue was flitting back and forth from probing
the deep interior of her pussy to licking her swollen clitoris. She was
gently rocking her hips back and forth to get the full effect of my
feasting mouth and I could feel her shivering as the tension began to
build in her. Deb told me later that she was watching me munching on
Teresa’s snatch while she was devouring my cock. It was wonderful, my face
buried in that gorgeous pussy and my cock thrusting deep into Deb’s mouth.
And then it happened, Teresa started to come. She was fucking my face like
a woman possessed and my tongue was grinding on her throbbing clit. As the
orgasm began to take control of her body and her pelvic muscles began to
spasm the flood started. I felt the warmth flowing over my face and chest
and then my cock began its on dance of ecstasy. Every muscle in my body
spasmed and my back arched as my cock exploded in Deb’s mouth, my cum
filling her mouth to overflowing. And as she swallowed my love juices,
Teresa collapsed from the strain of her own orgasm. We all laid
intertwined and spent for quite some time. Then the two girls began
playing again. First it was touching, kissing and tickling and slowly the
focus changed to more deliberate action. They each in turn brought one
another to orgasm via masturbation and then they took turns going down on
one another and again enjoying the pleasures of eating each others pussy.

Watching this exhibition of female sexual abandon had me hard as a rock
before I knew what was happening. By this time Teresa was lying on top of
Deb and they were in perfect alignment, face to face, tits to tits and
pussy to pussy. I was in a semi reclining position with my back against
the headboard right next to the two gorgeous naked sexy female bodies. My
hips were about level with their shoulders and I was watching intently as
they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues and slowly rubbed
their HOT pussies together. Teresa looked over at me and saw my erect,
throbbing cock. She reached over and took it in her hand and began to
stroke it gently. She then shifted her upper body towards me and began to
lick the swollen head of my cock. She said, “you taste delicious” and then
took my member all the way into her mouth as she lightly sucked. There was
a slow shifting of bodies as Deb and Teresa untangled from each other and
Teresa moved to position herself to concentrate on cocksucking. She spent
several glorious minutes sliding my cock all the way down her throat and
then she sat up straight and said in a very matter of fact way, ” I want
you to fuck me”. In a matter of seconds she was on her back and I was
positioned on top of her ready for penetration. Deb said, “let me help”
and grasping my cock in her hand guided it gently but firmly into Teresa’s
waiting pussy. Teresa wrapped her legs around my waist and stuck her
tongue into my mouth and I began thrusting deep into her wet snatch. While
I was driving my cock in and out of Teresa’s beautiful pussy Deb had
positioned herself in such a way that she was in position to slide a
finger into Teresa’s ass. I was unaware of these goings on but Teresa
responded to it like a wild woman. Her hips were thrusting up to meet my
cock as I drove it deep inside her and Deb was eagerly fingerfucking her
ass. As Teresa started coming I was unable to hold back any longer and I
filled her pulsating vagina with a tremendous load. The waves of pleasure
flowed over my entire body and my ears were filled with the screams of
Teresa’s orgasm. Once we had regained enough energy to be able to talk,
Teresa said, “I want more of that”. Not knowing what Deb had been doing
while I was busy fucking Teresa’s brains out, I didn’t know that she was
referring to wanting more up the ass. Once they both explained it to me, I
said I would be happy to oblige. Teresa’s plan was for me to enter her
from behind, her on her knees with her ass in the air. While I was fucking
her she wanted to eat Deb’s pussy. She and Deb got into position and I
just watch for a bit as Teresa licked and sucked on Deb’s clit. Then I
moved up behind her and slowly, gently penetrated her ass, going deeper
each time my cock moved in and out, until my entire length was buried deep
inside of her. As my cock slid in and out of her tight little ass she
began licking Deb’s pussy faster and faster. We had a mirror positioned so
that Deb could see me fucking Teresa from behind and we were all racing
towards orgasm at breakneck speed. Deb had the best view in the house and
with the assistance of Teresa’s talented tongue she was the first to go
over the edge and began moaning with orgasmic delight. This excited me
greatly and I began thrusting into Teresa’s ass rather wildly as I watched
and listened to Deborah’s screams of pleasure. The double action of Deb
creaming all over her face and my piledriving her ass sent Teresa into a
wild orgasmic frenzy and as her and Deb’s screams blended together I
exploded into her ass and then just held on for a wild ride. As my cock
slid out of her puckering rosebud my come gushed out and flowed down the
backs of her thighs. We finished the night with a long soak and grope in a
jacuzzi filled with bubble bath and then went to bed and slept intertwined
with me in the middle and Deb and Teresa on either side of me. That was
one hell of a night and I can’t wait to do it again.